Ronan Farrow – speaking truth to power



Ronan Farrow is the investigative journalist who swung a wrecking ball through the Hollywood glitterati and set off a tsunami of allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Farrow is the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen; and has a personal beef against Weinstein who rescued Woody Allen’s career after his acrimonious divorce from Mia and custody battle with allegations of child abuse flying (and denied). Ronan is estranged from his father now married to his stepsister, and protective of his sister Dylan who made the original allegations. Farrow claims that journalists and broadcasters have in the past ignored the allegations of sexual abuse by “powerful men” like his father, and Bill Cosby; and said that too often the legal system “fails the vulnerable” and reporters fail to give victims a voice “as they face off against the powerful.”

Born 19 December 1987 at 10.49am New York, (2 days after Chelsea Manning), he’s got five planets in crusading Sagittarius in his ambitious 10th house. His Moon is exactly conjunct his midheaven suiting him for a public career, with a collection of serious, well-organised Saturn, communicative Mercury, a rebellious/innovative Uranus and Sun all conjunct. He’s custom-built for hard-work and high ambitions. His 2nd house Jupiter in pro-active Aries is trine all his Sagittarius planets giving him confidence and luck. He’s also very angry, obsessively so, with Mars Pluto in Scorpio in his publishing/lecturing 9th house.

Woody Allen is also a Sun Sagittarius with Jupiter Mercury conjunct; and a Mars opposition Pluto; and the Mars Pluto theme repeats in their relationship chart with a hostile Pluto square Sun Mars.

Ronan at the moment has his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Moon and MC, so a significant moment in his career with more influence. Though tr Neptune is also square all three into early 2018, so not altogether easy. He’s also exactly on his first Saturn Return, which is a significant marker. Tr Saturn is now at its career peak in his chart for the next six or seven years. It won’t all be straightforward since his life especially at work will tend to go in ups and downs.

USA – reaping the whirlwind



Poor USA, what a perfect storm of rolling catastrophes, with a manic president wreaking havoc from the White House, unprecedented natural disasters, the worst ever mass shooting and now their favourite flagship industry sinking under a sea of sleaze. It’s almost karmic. Plagues, pestilence and famine in their modern-day equivalents.

The August Leo Eclipse did oppose the USA (11am) 5th house Aquarius Moon, which would point to the entertainment business being in a state of severe shock relating to attitudes to women (Moon); with tr Saturn square the USA filmic Neptune when the Weinstein scandal broke, which is in a showbizzy square to the USA Mars – pointing to a significant setback, anger and uncertainty.

The tr Uranus square Mercury opposition Pluto (2017/18) also probably has its part to play – having been around during ‘Troopergate’ in 1994/5, (Jupiter was in Scorpio in 1994), when sexual allegations against Bill Clinton first erupted, which arguably led four years later to his impeachment over Lewinsky. The tr Uranus square Mercury opposition Pluto was also around during Watergate and when McCarthy was stirring up hysteria about commies-under-the-bed .

What may also be a factor is tr Pluto edging its way towards its first return since the USA’s foundation. That doesn’t hit exact until 2022, but Pluto, being slow moving, tends to cast a long shadow in both directions. And what may be a precursor of scandals and confusion to come is tr Pluto trine the USA Neptune which will shake the USA Pluto as well since they are tied together in trine natally.

Tr Pluto trine the USA Neptune picks up from early 2019 till late 2020 – past experience would connect it to scandals, obsessions and megalomania. The last time tr Pluto hit that Neptune was in a conjunction in Virgo, along with tr Uranus, during the civil-rights and anti-Vietnam War turmoil of the mid-1960s. Then roll back one, to the 1930s Great Depression when tr Pluto in Cancer was sextile the USA Neptune and opposition the USA Pluto.

It truly is a significant game-changing phase in USA history, running over the next several years.

Rose McGowan – an angry Virgo letting fly



Actress Rose McGowan has been one of the leading voices calling out Hollywood for its attitudes over Weinstein’s behaviour. She was reported as having been in a settlement in the past for sexual harassment by him. Twitter suspended her account temporarily after she let off a blast at Ben Affleck, though the reason given was her inclusion of a telephone number in one tweet, which is against policy.

Born 5 September 1973 11.38pm Ceraldo, Italy, she had a wild and wayout, peripatetic childhood, starting in the Italian Children of God cult with her family, though she says she was never abused; and later being a teenage runaway. At 15 she separated from her parents and went to LA, working as a child model and later in films. She had a three year relationship with rock musician Marilyn Manson.

She has a hugely complicated chart with a 4th house Virgo Sun trine Mars in Taurus trine a Capricorn North Node, which last is opposition Saturn. Earthy, practical, used to a tough life. Her performing 5th house has a complicated mix of Pluto plus Uranus Venus in Libra so she could almost have been a rock musician herself. But it certainly makes for a constantly changing emotional life. Her Sagittarius Moon is 7th house so she’ll need a partner for security. That sits on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Uranus Venus trine her Aquarius MC – she’s certainly well-designed for a public career with such an emphasised Moon. Plus she has two Yods – Jupiter sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn and Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. Both of these are difficult Yods, giving her a heavy burden to bear and a challenging life, as well as high energy and strong passions from her Mars.

Her immediate future looks mixed, with some highs and some tumultuous and frustrating times ahead. Her chart makes me tired just looking at it. What she really needs is peace but she probably won’t find it.

Bob Corker – telling it like it is



Senator Bob Corker’s anxiety about Trumpian lack of self-control leading to an accidental third World War over North Korea is all the more relevant given his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his closeness to Rex Tillerson. Tillerson has already been slapped down by Trump over NK, in a way which William Hague, former UK Foreign Secretary, said would have compelled him to hand in his resignation.

It also does not bode well for the Great Tax Change strategy which is the upcoming attempt to put at least one notch on the Trump Presidential belt. The GOP are increasingly restive about the president and split amongst themselves between the ‘not enough’ and ‘too much’ camps, as was the case over the Obamacare repeal.

Corker, 24 August 1952, SC, is a Sun Virgo with the generational Saturn Neptune in Libra square Uranus; but what marks his chart out is Jupiter in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio square Pluto – which is uber-determined, stubborn, confident and quite controlling. That T square sits with Corker’s Jupiter on Trump’s MC, his Mars on T’s IC and his Pluto conjunct T’s Mars in Leo. Jupiter on the other’s MC can indicate a desire to help the MC individual to acquire a sense of cultural and ethical responsibility in their work. His Mars on Trump’s IC will provoke angry and hurt responses about his inconsiderate behaviour. And the Pluto Mars clash will bring hostile and extreme reactions as Trump overreacts to attempts to coerce or manipulate him.

Their relationship chart has most notably an exact composite Mars Neptune conjunction so it’s a one-side-wins and the other-side-feels-crushed scenario.

There are GOP attempts to quieten Corker down at the moment, despite the fact that he’s clearly voicing widely shared feelings – Trump lies, the White House is an adult-day centre with those close trying to contain Trump, and everyone knows it. Where their relationship chart shows a real blow-up is late March 2018. Corker himself is powering ahead from February with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter, so he won’t be holding back.

The Trump relationship charts with both Republican Party charts, is downbeat now, worse from late October through November; with an escalation of conflict from March 2018 onwards and a chance of a complete rupture by mid 2018 onwards.

Kim Yo Jong – Libra charm with an afflicted Mars



Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korean leader, has been promoted to the inner circle as he seeks to tighten his grip on power. She is a computing graduate turned propagandist who is rumoured to be the brains behind his carefully constructed public image. She is on the US prohibited persons list for her role in human rights abuses

As ever details from inside NK are unverifiable and there are question marks over her birth date, though wiki has her as 26 September 1987. If accurate it makes her a Sun Venus in Libra square Neptune in Capricorn; with a confident Mercury in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries; and an unpleasant Mars in Virgo square Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. That last would certainly give her a temper and a cruel streak. In addition her Pluto in Scorpio is semi-square her Mars and conjunct her Sun/Saturn and Mars/Uranus midpoints, making her hard and ruthless.

Early 2018 looks risky, uncertain and frustrating for her with tr Saturn square her Sun and conjunct her Neptune; as well as tr Pluto gearing up a head of steam to trine her Mars from late March for 18 months and square her Solar Arc Mars as well. All of that looks trapped and dangerous; as her brother’s Leadership chart which is the one sensible chart we have is going through a major crisis. From April 2018 tr Neptune starts to square her Saturn until late 2019, which will add to her confusion as her securities are undermined.

Raising a rumpus – Trumpesses at war



How delicious as light relief. A wife and ex-wife fighting for the title of First Lady. Ivana Trump, mother of Ivanka, Donald Jnr and Eric, is pushing her new memoir Raising Trump and says she has a hot line into the White House and is really the important wife having been first one. A spokeswoman for Melania Trump has tartly described her comments as “attention seeking and self-serving noise”. Oops.

The two are certainly not bosom buddies with Melania’s Mars square Ivana’s Saturn; M’s Saturn square I’s Venus and Pluto; and M’s Neptune conjunct I’s Moon. Their relationship chart has a blocked, chilly composite Sun Venus square Saturn; with a strained Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct the composite Venus. If Ivana’s birth time of 12.55am is accurate, then Melania’s Pluto sits in her 10th square her 8th house Uranus – so Ivana will feel constantly put down and highly unsettled by her.

They’ll be even more at daggers drawn and icy in 2018 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and tr Saturn square the composite Sun Venus.

In many ways Ivana was a better partnership fit for Donald with her Pisces Sun Mars falling on his Descendant; and she shares a Sagittarius Moon with him. Melania is much earthier with a Sun Saturn and Mercury Venus in Taurus. This third marriage is more about keeping up appearances than his first; with less passion and fun.

Hollywood – blitzed by bad publicity



Hollywood is being rattled by a full-scale media inquisition about which of the main players knew about Weinstein’s behaviour and why they didn’t speak out. Not that the press is blameless since it’s a story some have sat on for years. Shades of Jimmy Savile.

Hollywood, 1 February 1887, incorporated under Jupiter in Scorpio coincidentally, has an emotionally unpleasant and power-hungry, not to say perverse, Venus in Aquarius conjunct Mars in Pisces square Neptune Pluto. The August Leo Eclipse opposed that Venus, the effect of which is to feel unloved by everyone.

What is instructive are the relationship charts between the leading ladies whose careers benefited from his talents and Weinstein. Almost all have afflicted Mars or strong Pluto elements. Helen Mirren disliked him with a composite Mars Saturn trine Venus, feeling his cruelty. Charlize Theron and Kate Winslet were hugely unsettled by him, not able to be in the same space for long with composite Saturn Uranus Pluto Venus aspects. Renee Zellwegger was frightened of him, as was Kate Winslet with a composite Mars Pluto. Nicole Kidman had to grit her teeth, regarding his bleakness as a necessary evil. Meryl Streep was certainly aware of his controlling tendencies; and Judi Dench also sensed the power imbalance though she’d be past an age when she’d be at risk.

Hillary Clinton was less afraid of him, with a friendly composite Sun Venus, though they wouldn’t survive in the same space for long with an explosive composite Mars square Uranus.

His present wife Georgina Chapman, a fashion designer and actress, with whom he has two young children, was born 14 April 1976, and is a Sun Aries perhaps opposition a Libra Moon square Saturn in Cancer. Low in self-esteem and driven to succeed with such a strong Saturn. Her Venus in Aries opposition Pluto square Mars in Cancer would attract her to a dramatic emotional life with a powerful/dominating partner, given the Mars Pluto square added onto Saturn. Weinstein’s Jupiter is conjunct her Sun, so he or his influential position would boost her morale; though with his autocratic Saturn square Uranus sitting exactly on her Pluto square Mars, there home life would have some very rough edges. Their relationship chart has a composite Mars Pluto opposition Venus which is a touch alarming; with Venus trine Neptune hinting at illusions and delusions initially.

Their marriage from reports is holding together at the moment though I’d be surprised if it made it through the next two years intact.

Fashion designer, Donna Karan, 2 October 1948, has attracted a storm of criticism for appearing to support Weinstein and suggesting women need to look at how they flaunt their sexuality. She has the same ruthless and unforgiving Mars in Scorpio square Pluto as he does; and being a Sun, Moon in Libra may favour the masculine rather than the feminine viewpoint. Libra women, such as Maggie Thatcher, tend to idealise their father and ignore their mother. She says she was quoted out of context which is the usual excuse; but she wouldn’t get on with Weinstein at close quarters with his Saturn conjunct her Sun Neptune with his Uranus square.

Jupiter in Scorpio – sex, money and secrets



Jupiter moves into Scorpio tomorrow for a 12 months’ stay. It’s not entirely obvious that its’ recent sojourn through Libra did much to bring harmony to relationships. Though one astrologer brightly suggested that what Jupiter, the truth-sayer did, was illuminate where relationships were out of balance. Perhaps the tr Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto was what did the damage – shining the spotlight on unfulfilled promises, on those who take too much for granted and, as ever, with Jupiter veering to the negative, inflated self-righteousness.

Scorpio in a nutshell is the sign of sex, death and taxes – or more broadly, intimate passions, secrets, depth insights and the occult, joint finances and transformation. It is intensely emotional, self-protective and obsessive. It’s not an together happy combination since Jupiter represents Zeus, ruler of Olympus, the god on the mountain top up in the clouds; and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, god of wealth and the underworld. Maybe Zeus will throw down a thunderbolt or two to expose the dark and dirty secrets of financiers.

Looking back on previous Jupiters in Scorpio, every 12 years, the one surprising common factor appears to be women coming to the fore.

1958 – first Afro-American woman hired as a flight attendant. Women sit in the UK House of Lords for the first time.

1970 – Women’s Strike for Equality celebrating the 50th Anniversary of US right to vote. Women’s lib disrupt Miss World. First women’s only tennis tournament. The Pope deems two historic saints, St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena, as Doctors of the Church (=v. imptnt saints).

1981 – Women admitted to holy order for the first time in Church of England.

1993 – Whoopee Goldberg hosts Oscars. First hearing-impaired woman becomes Miss America.

2005 – Angela Merkel becomes Germany’s first female Chancellor. Also there is the first democratically elected female head of the state in Africa.

The EEC also came into being on the 1958 Jupiter in Scorpio; with the Maastricht Treaty establishing the EU in 1993. NAFTA was also agreed in 1993 which makes more sense of Scorpio’s interest in joint finances.

Perhaps the Harvey Weinstein scandal breaking now is timely with Meryl Streep finally stepping up to condemn him. No doubt others will follow.

Vladmir Putin – Hillary’s loss, his gain



Was Russian interference in the 2016 election motivated as much by Putin’s personal and perhaps misogynistic grudge against Hillary Clinton as the desire to see the compromised Trump shoehorned into the White House? That’s what she’s been saying on her book tour, believing he actively disliked her. And perhaps getting his own back for her criticism of his ‘dishonest and unfair’ elections.

Their relationship chart would certainly back this up with a composite Sun Mars Neptune in their relationship chart. Sun Mars makes for competitive ego-clashes; Mars Neptune for an only-one-of-us-can-win scenario. There’s also a struggle-for-the-upper-hand, game-playing composite Jupiter opposition Pluto.

When Trump won last November, tr Jupiter was conjunct Putin’s Libra Sun, allowing him a small surge of triumph; and tr Uranus was trine his MC (on 9.30am birth time) and Pluto, opening up all manner of new possibilities for him.

Hillary’s Uranus opposes his ultra-determined Mars in Sagittarius, which would trigger his anger when they were together. With her elusive Neptune conjunct his Sun. If his birth time of 9.30am is sound, then her Saturn Pluto (Mars) is conjunct his MC which would make him feel consummately put down as if she was trying to lord it over him. His Mars is in a ruthless and controlling trine to Pluto and his Pluto is in a might-makes-right square to his Jupiter. So he’s not exactly a reconstructed metrosexual.