Ronnie Wood – new musical tearaways

Ronnie Wood Twins



Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and Faces received a birthday present a day early in the form of twin daughters, to add to his already large collection of children and grandchildren.

They were born 30 May 2016 at 10.30pm in London and have 6th house Sun Venus in Gemini opposition Saturn square a 9th house Jupiter opposition Neptune in Pisces; with Moon also in Pisces in the 3rd. So hard-working though exceptionally restless, flying off in all directions at once.  What will help to anchor them is an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Pluto trine Mercury in Taurus, focussed into a Kite with musical Neptune leading – so perhaps moving into the organisational side of the music business and travelling a good deal.


Australia Election – whirling uncertainty

Malcolm TurnbullBill Shorten



The Australian election is due July 2 2016 when the uncertain, anxious Saturn Neptune square is exact and pulling in Jupiter in Virgo and a Gemini Moon to make a scattered Mutable Grand Cross – so it’s likely to be going in all directions at once. There will also be emotional intensity and hope for a change with Venus (Sun) in Cancer opposition Pluto square Uranus; and a confident Jupiter trine Pluto. So a complicated mood.

Neither of the two main candidates has birth times which doesn’t help.

The present Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 24 Oct 1954, a bullish Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius opposition a lucky Jupiter Uranus, has little showing apart from a Solar Arc Pluto square Jupiter, sometime this year. That could make him successful; or make him overplay his hand and it backfires. Whatever happens will likely show up on his chart axis which we don’t know.

Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition, 12 May 1967, is a determined, innovative and idealistic Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Neptune, trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, with a hard-edged Saturn in Aries square Venus in Cancer and opposition Mars.

He has a real mixter maxter set of influences. Tr Pluto will be square his Mars which is deeply frustrating and aggravated. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune is in hard aspect to his Sun/Venus which suggests unpopularity and loss. And his Solar Arc Sun Mercury is square his Saturn around this year. But he’s also got a successful tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto a few days after the election; and a couple of useful, though mild, Uranus transits to two Jupiter midpoints.  So he won’t be wiped out. His great time comes in two/three or four years when his Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct his Pluto and Uranus.

Julian Castro – a visionary Virgo who packs a punch

Julian Castro


Julian Castro is a Democrat politician, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and in Obama’s Cabinet since 2014, who is being talked of as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton.

Born 16 Sept 1974, Texas, he’s a Sun and Venus in Virgo (not conjunct); with Venus opposition Jupiter square Neptune in Sagittarius; and his Sun sextile Saturn.  Sensible, hard-working, idealistic, at times over hopeful or gets carried away with his dreams (Jupiter Neptune).  He’s also got a powerhouse Mars Pluto in Libra, perhaps conjunct a Libra/Virgo Moon; with Mercury Uranus also in Libra. So a curious mix of understated Virgo, slightly over-charming Venus; plus a do-or-die determined Mars Pluto.

He doesn’t look too upbeat this year with tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter opposition his Venus; and tr Saturn square both. So muddled, uncertain and not sure of his popularity. He looks agitated in September to mid October with tr Pluto square Mars/Uranus which will be a real test of nerves.  And stuck in 2017 with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto.

He’s a so-so match with Hillary.  His Venus Sun fall in her 10th which is good career-wise (HC 8.01am bt); and his Saturn is trine her Venus Mercury in Scorpio which is also practical for work. But his Neptune falls in her first conjunct her Jupiter; and her Neptune is conjunct his Mars Pluto – which is less great, slippery and unfulfilled. Plus his Sun is square her Uranus which wouldn’t bode well for a close relationship.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun Venus; and the powerful composite Mars Pluto, which latter can turn hostile, though if they keep it together they could move mountains. However tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting on that Pluto and the Mars/Pluto midpoint through this year and over the election. Tr Uranus will square the composite Jupiter in December this year which will provide some luck, but too late to matter, unless HC wins.

Madeleine McCann case – no end in sight

Madeleine McCannGerry McCannKate McCann


The Madeleine McCann case drags on with no end in sight, cheering or otherwise. Goncalo Amaral, the original Portuguese police chief investigator has had his libel conviction overturned. He wrote a best seller called The Truth of the Lie which suggested the McCann parents were responsible for a  cover up. They are now appealing the reversal of their case in the Supreme Court.

He was born 2 Oct 1959 so is a Sun Moon Mars Mercury in Libra as befits a justice-seeker; though he also has Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Neptune – so could get carried away with a sense of mission with idealistic/delusionary Neptune leading. His Mars is badly affected over 2016/17 with tr Pluto square and then Solar Arc Uranus conjunct in 2017. So his hopes of ducking out of hefty libel damages may be dented.

Kate McCann, 5 March 1968 6.50am? Liverpool, has been through a punishing time with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off her Saturn Mars in Aries over the past three years. Tr Neptune will conjunct her Pisces Sun from mid 2017 till late 2018 which is usually lacklustre. Though there’ll be some uplift from tr Uranus trine Jupiter in 2018/19.

Gerry McCann, 5 June 1968 7.45 am, Glasgow, Scotland, has a heavy chart with a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries in his 10th, which suggests a difficult life with out-of-the-ordinary events. That focal point Saturn has tr Uranus conjunct this year into early 2017 which will knock him onto a different track. Even more so from 2019 when tr Pluto is square his Saturn which will make 2019/2020 significantly challenging and discouraging.

Before then he has tr Neptune square his Gemini from mid 2017 till late 2018 and tr Neptune square his Mars in 2020 – so a longish run of panicky failure.

The strain on their marriage must be intense and there could be ruptures in 2017/18.

Madeleine McCann, 12 May 2003 6.14pm? Leicester, England. There are some emotional ups and downs on this chart in 2017; but the next major disruption will be around 2020 when Solar Arc Uranus squares Pluto. On the disappearance chart, 3 May 2007, there is some movement come late 2018/2019.

It is an extraordinary case which has caught the public imagination and polarised opinions like no other in recent years.  Madeleine’s 12th Harmonic (= victim/sacrifice) is horrifically strong with a Fixed Grand Cross of Mars opposition Saturn square Pluto opposition Moon. Not an easy furrow to plough, poor little mite.

David Cameron – fending off the daggers

David Cameron 2nd TermConservative PartyDavid Cameron


Tory tempers are getting very rattled and ratty as the Referendum date approaches (dear Lord make it soon before we all keel over from boredom, important though it is.) David Cameron is coming in for increasingly toxic criticism from his own party of the Brexit persuasion with open talk of a post-referendum leadership challenge, no matter what the result.

The Tories have always been better at beheading unwanted leaders than the Left, but when Maggie Thatcher was ousted there were obvious indicators on the Conservative Party chart, 12 Nov 1867 – tr Pluto conjunct the Scorpio Sun and in the run up conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus; with tr Neptune opposition Uranus. So turmoil, radical transformation and high anxiety.

There’s nothing remotely similar at the moment.

If I had to hazard a guess it would be 2018 when David Cameron’s 2nd Term chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, has the Solar Arc Pluto exactly square Uranus; with a year of rumbling discontent prior from tr Pluto square Uranus.  David Cameron’s relationship chart with the Conservative Party also has tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun in 2018 which looks like a definite separation.

There’ll certainly be some poisonous arguments and tensions through this summer and until late year with tr Pluto square the composite Mars on that relationship chart, but probably not terminal.

He’s having a slipping and sliding, panicky year with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn at the moment though that disappears from early June. He’s got that lucky Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in 3 months time but in effect now; and a minor uplift from tr Uranus sextile Jupiter/Node from June 25th.  And buoyant Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints through 2017.  Though I’d imagine post-No 10 he’ll not feel that deflated since a whole new world beckons with more global travel, more money and less hassle, no matter what he chooses to do.

When George Papandreou exited the Greece PM job his chart looked positively elated, which could have been mistaken for success in an election but was just sheer relief at being out of an unfixable mess.

Elizabeth Warren – a force for good

Elizabeth Warren



Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator, former lawyer and consumer protection advocate is being talked of as a potential VP for Hillary Clinton. She’d bring a much needed anti-Wall Street slant.

Born  22 June 1949, Oak Hill, OK, with a possible rectified time of 1.51pm, she’s an innovative Sun Uranus in Cancer in a sensible sextile to hard-working, meticulous Saturn in Virgo; with Jupiter trine Mars (Mercury) in Gemini. The Cancer Sun will tune her into the public mood and she’ll be a good communicator.

In addition she’s got a Yod of Saturn sextile Sun Uranus inconjunct Jupiter which has the potential to make her a force for good out in society. And the Solar Arc positions of that Yod put her Sun Uranus on HC’s MC (8.01am BT). So it might just be – stretching a point – that Hillary gives her the opportunity and platform that she needs to get her ideas across.

Her Saturn is also conjunct Hillary’s MC which will give gravitas and an element of practicality and common sense. EW’s Jupiter is square H’s Scorpio Sun which will be morale-boosting.  But it’s a very intense, slightly unsettling relationship with EW’s Sun Uranus in H’s 8th; and EW’s Taurus Moon square H’s Mars Pluto Saturn in Leo, so wouldn’t make EW feel that comfortable especially where HC’s 8th house issues are concerned – business finances etc.

The relationship chart does have an adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus so at one level it might appeal. But there’s an exact composite Mars square Neptune which suggests an ego-mismatch, so when one succeeds the other feels diminished. Though having said that candidates don’t necessarily have to get on with their running mates since they are picked for reasons other than compatibility.

Just to be tricky on election day Elizabeth Warren has two contradictory influences.  One is tr Neptune square her Mars which is a definite lose-lose, panicky indicator.  The other is a ‘lucky break’ tr Pluto square Jupiter/Uranus which has been seen over election wins.

Other favourable influences: – If the rectified birth time is sound, then her Solar Arc Moon is just into her 10th and her Solar Arc Pluto is sitting on her Ascendant, both of which suggest prominence and influence. Plus tr Jupiter will be crossing her Ascendant just before the Inauguration which is also a confidence plus point.

So there are some encouraging signs but I’d still have  considerable worries about that tr Neptune square Mars.

Rio Olympics – zika fears fuel calls for pull-out

Rio Olympics


The run-up to every Olympics is plagued by panics over terrorism, unfinished stadiums, and inadequacies of the local hosts. Now health specialists have said the zika virus will make the Rio Olympics unsafe since the half million visitors could spread it globally when they return home. They want it moved or cancelled but that seems unlikely to happen.

The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 8pm on 5th August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which gives a strained 6th house Leo Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune opposition Pluto, and the Sun exactly on the opposition to the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Ebertin says of Sun=Neptune/Pluto, amongst other attributes: ‘peculiar diseases’.  But even without the prospect of an as-yet incurable virus, it will induce paranoia and confusion. There’s also the high-anxious, uncertain T square of Neptune opposition Mercury (Venus North Node) square an accident-prone and bad-tempered Saturn Mars in Sagittarius.

On the upside there’s a welcoming 7th house Moon Jupiter in Virgo in a confident trine to Pluto so the hosts will put on a good display as might be expected from the carnival capital of the world.

Johnny Depp – seemed a good idea at the time

Johnny DeppAmber Heard


Actor Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands etc) is being sued by his wife of fifteen months, actress Amber Heard, for divorce.

It was always an odd match with Depp on the rebound from Vanessa Paradis; and Heard, so attached to her pet dogs she smuggled them into Australia. Plus his career is not flourishing with five commercial flops in a row.

He was born  9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, KY; and she 22 April 1986 Austin, TX. He’s a Gemini Sun with a Capricorn Moon and she’s a Taurus Sun with a Libra Moon – at that level it’s OK. But Her Mars is conjunct his Moon; her Uranus opposes his Sun and her Saturn is square his Pluto Mars Uranus – so an irritable, high-tension mix.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus opposition Moon which is lovely; but also a chained-together-and-resenting-it Saturn square Pluto; and an argumentative Mercury opposition Mars.

They were married on 3 Feb 2015 in LA at the time of the Full Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter opposition Sun, so on a wave of enthusiasm, but perhaps not entirely on the same wavelength. With an ethereal, illusionary/ delusionary Venus Neptune square Saturn.

He’s just lost his mother so the timing seems unfortunate. He’s got his Solar Arc Saturn square his Moon and conjunct his Jupiter – so in mourning and deflated. It’s all the more of a game-changer since his Jupiter is on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune and will pull on all three planets – confused and uncertain vis a vis domestic/family issues and discouraged about money, his Pluto being 2nd house. There was no pre-nup and she’s evidently claiming spousal upkeep or somesuch. After 15 months?  Whatever happened to feminist integrity?

He does have Saturn in his 7th so close relationships will always involve effort for him.

Addendum: There are accusations of assault and denials flying around with a temporary restraining order against Depp to keep him away from his about-to-be-ex-wife. But the judge ruled against her claim for spousal financial support and to have her legal fees paid.

She’s a Sun Taurus opposition Pluto, trine Mars Neptune in Capricorn; with Mercury in Aries square Mars Neptune. He’s got a Mars Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo with Pluto trine Moon. So both have anger and control issues. Her Sun is conjunct his MC and her Pluto is in his 4th – so she’d be attracted to his status but find that tensions and power struggles in his domestic life, partially stoked by her, would cause problems.

He looks jammed up this year with tr Saturn square his Pluto in August and tr Neptune opposition his Pluto from Oct to Jan 2017 – so pulling down his influence. Plus the September Solar Eclipse will be conjunct his 2nd house Pluto so the financial ramifications may grate. But he’s got a bullish tr Pluto trine Sun/Jupiter to bounce him up this June and on and off till late 2017.

He does have tr Neptune moving into his 8th now and tr Pluto in his 6th – so health and his grasp on reality and practicalities may prove to be a problem ahead.

There’s no birth time for her, but if anything, she looks more downcast in the years ahead with a discouraging tr Saturn square her Jupiter exact at the moment and again in Oct; and bubble-bursting, financially disappointing tr Neptune conjunct her Jupiter from mid 2017. Losses also in 2017 from tr Uranus square her Jupiter/Saturn; and really stuck, aggravating Solar Arcs in the three years following.

France – Socialist Government facing angry workers

Manuel VallsFrancois Hollande


The French government, as expected, is beginning to row back on their much-needed labour reforms in the face of the usual, aggressive worker solidarity out on the streets. There is serious disruption with strikes and blockades at oil refineries, nuclear power stations, ports and transport hubs. And only two weeks to the Euro 2016 football championships to be played in venues all over France.  That was already creating security headaches but no petrol or trains? Quelle horreur.

The reformist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, 13 August 1962, 8pm Barcelona, Spain is looking very lack-lustre across the summer with tr Saturn square his Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto, so his urge to power is meeting a solid roadblock. Tr Saturn is also conjunct his MC in July with tr Neptune square, on and off till early 2017 – so all bad news on the career ambition front.

His Term in office started on 31 March 2014 with a pro-active Jupiter opposition Pluto square Sun Uranus in Aries – so bullishly confident with a drive to put new measures in place.  The Jupiter has moved by Solar Arc to oppose Pluto exactly now so his optimism was clearly misplaced.

Francois Hollande’s Government chart, 15 May 2012 10.45am Paris always did look to be facing a stressful time throughout with a strained Yod of Pisces Moon sextile Sun Jupiter in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra. The focal point Saturn is being hit amidships come late June by tr Uranus in opposition so yet more tensions will erupt.

Much the same is reflected on his natal chart, 12 Aug 1954 12.10am Rouen, France, with an emotionally intense, and again over-confident, tr Pluto conjunct his 8th house Moon and trine his Solar Arc Jupiter; with high anxiety in the final days of this month and through June; with more upsets late June through July.

He has two major configurations in his chart – one a Cardinal T Square of Moon opposition Jupiter Uranus square Neptune; and a mini-Grand Trine of Mars trine Pluto (Sun) in Leo, sextile Neptune. His Neptune is being hammered around now for the next few weeks, upsetting both configurations; and then tr Uranus squares his Uranus. He was already the most unpopular President ever and this was his last hope Cabinet. It isn’t that the labour reforms are anything but long overdue but he hasn’t the grit to face down a lengthy grid-lock.

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