Fort McMurray – a disastrous wipeout

The catastrophic fire which has forced the evacuation of nearly 90,000 residents from Fort McMurray in Canada is expected to destroy most of the town.

Fort McMurray is an oil town in Alberta which has grown rapidly from a village when it was first incorporated on 6 May 1947 to a city.

The 1947 chart has a wide Fire Grand Trine (depending on start time), as befits an entrepreneurial place, of Saturn Pluto in Leo trine a Sagittarius Moon trine Venus (Mars) in Aries, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Neptune. That focal point and driving planet Neptune is being seriously hampered and under great distress from a Solar Arc Saturn conjunction at the moment. Tr Uranus is square the Solar Arc Sun; and the Solar Arc Moon may be opposition Saturn or Pluto or the Saturn/Pluto midpoint. So all devastating and bleak.

On midpoints tr Neptune is opposing the Mars/Saturn midpoint pointing to extensive losses; and tr Pluto will soon be square the Venus/Mars midpoint indicating great anguish.

There doesn’t seem to be huge loss of life but the way ahead will be filled with aggravation since tr Pluto will square the FM Mars in 2017/18 which is hugely frustrating. What will be helpful is tr Pluto trine the Sun this year and moving by 2020 to sextile the Jupiter in Scorpio which should see it commercially viable once more.


Donald Trump – the impossible just got real

It’s certainly an epoch for rank outsiders to sail home as winners. Last July Donald Trump was given a 1% chance of getting the Republican nomination and here we are – the unthinkable has to be thought.

The Daily Beast (admittedly biased) said he acted like a loser after the Indiana win, which cemented him as the GOP nominee, was announced. Even he didn’t expect to win when he set out and the question is – does he actually want it? He liked fighting as the outsider but having to act like a grown-up insider may be less palatable.

May was always the month when it would start to get more edgy and erratic for him. He has tr Uranus square his Mars/Uranus midpoint from May 8th to 28th; and then tr Uranus square his Saturn and Mars/North node from then till June 24th; after which he has tr Uranus square Sun/Mars and Venus/Saturn till early September. Then these influences reverse till late October. All of them are high-tension, irritable, stressful and insecure, prone to outbursts and impulse decisions and comments.

I was wondering on the off chance he won in November whether it would be like JFK who never expected to win and ended up in a panic since he’d been so busy fighting he hadn’t given running a government much thought.  But JFK’s Solar Return for that year has Jupiter in the 10th, generally a success marker.

Trumps’ Solar Return from this June is riddled with strained quincunxes and Yods – with Uranus MC sextile Sun Venus inconjunct a 4th house Mars; and a wide Yod of Mars sextile North Node inconjunct Uranus MC.  Plus Pluto in the 6th house of health. So the pressure will be getting to him.

On the other hand he does have his Solar Arc Sun crossing his Ascendant boosting his profile enormously from now onwards; with tr Pluto square the conjunction of his Solar Arc Pluto to Jupiter right through till the Inauguration and beyond. Plus his Solar Arc Uranus squaring his Midheaven.  So the astrology is clear that his life is changing direction radically no matter what happens.

The fight with Hillary Clinton, presuming she continues to garner votes, will be nasty.  Their relationship chart has an eye-boggling composite Mars conjunct Sun on one side and Pluto on the other with Pluto conjunct Saturn – and that is bitter hostility. With a composite Moon (HC on 8am BT) opposition Saturn Pluto square Jupiter which is bleak chill and a fight for the upper hand.

HC’s Uranus is conjunct his Sun; and her determined Mars Pluto in Leo is conjunct his 12th house Pluto – so it’ll get underhand.

He’ll be an inflammatory runner (already has been) given that his Gemini Sun is conjunct the USA 1776 Mars; his Saturn in Cancer is conjunct the USA Mercury and opposition the USA Pluto so causing gloom and resentment. His Neptune squares the USA Venus Jupiter – promising much but slippery. That added to his Jupiter conjunct the USA Saturn square USA Sun – fills out a picture of a candidate who is selling the hope of making America great again.

The Trump/USA relationship chart has a powerful and controlling composite Sun trine Pluto but sextiling onto Saturn hints at a less than rapturous match. The composite Moon (USA 11am) opposes Mars – so angry women which makes sense given his contemptuous and demeaning comments to date which are only likely to worsen when he faces Hillary as his main rival.

Trump’s adviser has suggested that UK PM David Cameron apologise for calling him ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’ last December. That relationship is, if anything, worse than Hillary’s with Trump. A composite Mars Pluto conjunct Sun all square Saturn – is implacable dislike. There would be a sugar-coating of faux-charm from a composite Venus Mercury Jupiter but it wouldn’t extend very far.

Leicester Football Club – a Seabiscuit of a success

Well they’ve done it. To the hysteria of football fans across the UK, Leicester Football Club have become Premier League champions, the first major title in their 132 year history. When they started the season the odds of them winning were 5000-1 against.

This post from Feb 2016: Leicester City Football Club (I am informed) has shot from obscurity into the top of the English Premiership. This happy change of fate may or may not having something to do with moving to new grounds or the even better karma of King Richard 111’s remains being dug up recently in a car park nearby.

It was founded on 1 November 1884 making it Scorpio with an Aries Moon; and a Mutable T Square of Mars opposition Pluto (= much frustration) square Jupiter in Virgo ( = when focussed, finding success).

At the moment the Jupiter has moved by Solar Arc to pick up the lucky-break tr Uranus square last year and the multo-success tr Pluto conjunct Solar Arc Jupiter, this last extending through 2016 as well.  Plus in 2016/17 tr Pluto  will oppose the pushily confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint which tr Uranus has been squaring last year; and the Mars/Jupiter midpoint is also well placed to get a boost in 2016/17/18.

What is spooky is that Richard 111, born 2 Oct 1452 9.02am Framlingham, Eng, has his Midheaven conjunct the FC Jupiter – which could suggest he brings good luck for them. Though given his reputation it sounds like a pact with the devil. They will run into problems by 2019 with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct their Sun.

*  *  *

Claudio Ranieri, 20 October 1951, Rome Italy, their manager, is credited with their amazing turnaround. He’s a Sun Neptune Saturn in Libra, amazingly enough the same as King Richard 111. His Mars in Virgo is conjunct the LFC focal point Jupiter which would inject energy into their enthusiasm. Both he and the LFC have Venus in Virgo so hard workers; and both have Mercury in Scorpio as indeed did King Richard.  The relationship chart between Ranieri and the LFC has a high-energy Jupiter trine Mars, sextiling onto Uranus Saturn in Leo – so good for breaking new ground.  All a happy coincidence of serendipity.

BBC independence being threatened

There’s yet another rumpus about possible political meddling in the BBC – in the scheduling of programmes as well as governance, with a white paper on the BBC Charter due this month. Even the revered Sir David Attenborough has voiced fears about tampering with the UK’s national treasure.

The BBC, 14 Nov 1922 6pm London, is in an edgy year with tr Neptune moving through its 10th conjunct Uranus on and off till January 2017 which is highly strung and could well lead to inflated fears about loss of freedom. Plus tr Saturn is back for another square to that Uranus in August with tensions surfacing.

Plus tr Pluto is square the 5th house Saturn till early this December which is discouraging; and Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct that Saturn this year.  So stuck every which way.

And the thoroughly awkward September Virgo Solar Eclipse which is opposition Neptune square Saturn Mars in Sagittarius will rattle that 10th house Uranus in a major way. So there could well be a sense of having their wings clipped every which way.

Tr Pluto is also poised to move into their 8th house from later this year till 2025 which could be major financial headaches and restrictions.

All is not lost however, later in 2017 the Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct the BBC Mars for a real injection of enthusiasm and a morale boost.

The BBC have been involved in political wrangles of one sort or another ever since I can remember. They are tough. They’ll survive. If they run short of money they can always delete another layer of management which is still far too top heavy.

Jonathan Cainer – an exuberant Sagittarius

Jonathan Cainer, the astrologer has died suddenly of a heart attack, the second attack within a year. He was best known in the UK for his Daily Mail columns and radio and TV appearances, but his columns also went right round the world to an estimated 12 million readers who loved his whimsical style of philosophising.

Born 18 Dec 1957 8am in London he had a powerfully and successfully placed Jupiter in Libra on his midheaven which was on the focal point of a mini Grand Trine to a Sagittarius Sun on his Ascendant trine Pluto. His Pluto was also in an ultra-determined square to Mars in Scorpio with Moon also in Scorpio.

He also had spiritual, creative Neptune in his 10th on the focal point of a T square to a 2nd house Venus in Aquarius opposition an 8th house Uranus – so he would have insight into what lay beyond reality from an 8th house Uranus and the ability to turn his Neptunian talents into financially beneficial results.

He had a strong, though stressed, get-it-together 5th Harmonic; an enthusiastic and risk-taking 9th Harmonic; and a notable ‘actor’s’ 15H.

What was on his chart at the moment shows little indication of illness, except for the March Solar Eclipse being square his 12th house Saturn. Indeed his Solar Arc Jupiter was within 8 minutes of a degree (less than a tenth of a degree) conjunct his Sun, having just crossed his Ascendant, which would normally indicate a major boost.

His Progressed Moon was in his 1st inconjunct his Uranus, but that’s mild enough.

On midpoints tr Neptune was square his Sun/Mars midpoint which can bring illness or weakness, but again not a startling influence. Tr Pluto had been squaring his Mars/Pluto midpoint over the recent past and last year tr Uranus was in opposition – and that is a stronger indication of considerable strain, though not exact at the moment.

Quite often when people die with major Jupiter influences it’s almost as if they knew it was the right time.

Tr Saturn was going through his 12th, aiming to cross his Ascendant early next year so he would be feeling like winding down and perhaps sensing that old ambitions were no longer holding his enthusiasm.  And tr Pluto is hovering on the cusp of his 2nd house which normally indicates financial matters but can also have associations with physical matters. And now that I look his Solar Arc Mars was also square his natal Jupiter this year. So it’s almost as if there was too much Jupiterian expansion going on and it did rule his Sun and Ascendant.

Seems rather ghoulish to be peering into the astro-reasons but if anyone has any insights do post.

There do seem to be an extraordinary number of celebrities passing on this year. Rather unsettling.

New Moon in Taurus – a Jupiter Pluto feast

There’s a New Moon in Taurus this Friday at 16 degrees Taurus which is in an Earth Grand Trine along with Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter and North Node in Virgo trine Pluto – so at the very least it should give a confidence boost. Jupiter Pluto is known as having the ability to make thoughts things. So Jupiter produces the idealism, the vision and luck and Pluto gives the push to turn the idea into a tangible result. It forms into a Kite with a Jupiter opposition Neptune, making Neptune the driving planet – so maybe en epiphany of sorts, spiritual or creative.

It won’t all be totally wonderful, of course, since Saturn is square the Jupiter opposition Neptune which is very up and down, panicky about failure, neurotic; and there are five planets retrograde – Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury which will slow down progress, maybe even making it more an internal than an external event.

Be interesting to see how it plays out.  Do post with any reactions to it.

Lewis Hamilton – swamped Mars and Capricornian woes

Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver isn’t having a great season (I am reliably informed by googling) with engine troubles and track mishaps, and now his second penalty.

Born 7 January 1985, he has an ambitious and lucky Sun Jupiter in Capricorn opposition a Cancer Moon. Though his Sun has the tr Pluto conjunction exact at the moment and on and off till late 2017. So a pressured time in what is a highly pressured lifestyle. He’s also got Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun this year which may also put him off his stride. Plus a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct his Mars until mid Feb 2017 – it’s that which is likely to be causing him most trouble since its works against ego-ambitions and success. Tr Saturn is also square that Mars till this September which is associated with setbacks, irritations and sometimes accidents.

However he does have tr Uranus square his Jupiter from May 8th for three weeks and returning on and off till March 2017 which will give him some upbeat patches.

Nicola Sturgeon & SNP – triumphant but not unchallenged

Nicola Sturgeon is sailing into the Scottish Elections on May 5th in the enviable position of having no solid opposition in voter terms. All the polls indicate a clear majority to cement what has been a successful term for her at least in PR terms since she took over as First Minister on 20 November 2014 at 10.15am in Edinburgh.

Her term chart has tr Uranus trine Jupiter picking up a couple of days after the election which certainly looks elated. Though there’s a less cheerful Solar Arc conjunct Saturn exact in four months’ time; and heavy weather in 2017/18 with tr Pluto conjunct Mars which looks highly frustrating and irritated.

Her personal chart, 19th July 1970 3.16pm Irvine, Scotland, has tr Jupiter in her 10th until mid July which is generally successful and high profile. And a definitely upbeat tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus in June to mid July, repeating on and off till late 2017. Tr Uranus is trine her MC come this June which suggests a positive change of direction for her.

But she’s also got a handful of points between 10 to 15 degrees Virgo which are catching the tr Neptune square tr Saturn square tr Jupiter – so it won’t be smash hits all the way. There will be dashed hopes, some setbacks, some failures as well as triumphs.

She’s still held back to some extent by tr Saturn in her first quadrant for several years yet which tends to militate against great achievements. And her Progressed Moon goes into her 12th in less than six months, staying for a couple of years, which can be inward looking and conflicted.

The two SNP charts of 14 Dec 1933 and 7 April 1934 both have Cardinal Grand Crosses involving Mars Pluto Uranus and Jupiter and both are being hard-aspected by the tr Uranus square tr Pluto through this year and the next several years as well.  Jupiter involved in the mix makes it tricky to gauge, since its’ luck can pull a rabbit out of the hat, but there will still be a considerable amount of angst and aggravation as tr Pluto hits the aspect to Mars especially in 2017/18.

The fall in oil prices and subsequent cutback in the Scottish oil industry has hit the economic arguments for independence badly. And as continued devolution puts more power in Holyrood’s hands there is less room to use the Westminster government as the scapegoat for all blame. How the glaring problems of the Scottish NHS, education and police are handled will become a testament to the SNP’s ability to govern competently.

UK Labour Party – pro-Palestinian or anti-semitic?

There’s been a row rumbling about anti-semitism in the Labour party, the left-wing UK main opposition, which has now erupted with an MP and a prominent senior member suspended as a result. Traditionally Labour has been pro-Palestinian which has led it in the past to share platforms with Hamas and Hezbollah, militant organisations who grew out of the mistreatment of the Palestine people, but are now proscribed terrorist groups. But Labour’s dislike of Israeli government policies has escalated in some quarters into wilder anti-Zionist conspiracy-theory territory and Jeremy Corbyn is now facing calls to stamp on the problem once and for all.

Astrologically it isn’t surprising the Labour Party, 12 Feb 1906, is opposed to Israeli attitudes given that the LP’s Aquarius Sun Venus and indeed Saturn in Pisces all oppose Israel’s Mars in Leo. The LP’s Mercury opposes Israel’s Saturn Pluto and the LP’s Uranus opposition Neptune square Mars in Aries is in hard aspect to Israel’s Venus square Neptune; and the LP’s Pluto is conjunct Israel’s Uranus. So a bad-tempered, hostile and incompatible mix.

The relationship chart has a fight-for-the-upper-hand composite Sun Mercury square Pluto; and a doubt-ridden, suspicious Saturn square Neptune.  The composite Pluto is being assaulted by a tr Pluto opposition this year; and there’s a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter from June onwards as well.

Some are suggesting it calls into question Corbyn’s leadership, stirred on by John McDonnell who’s now manoeuvring to stake his claim should a coup occur. Corbyn’s leadership chart, 12 Sept 2015 11.42am London, is certainly looking on a downhill slide this year and insecure from early May onwards. But the real risk for him comes in 2017/18.

The rift between Corbyn and McDonnell will become more obvious from late this June as tr Uranus starts to square the composite Sun.

Ken Livingstone, a close Corbyn ally, who has always been a loose cannon and a motormouth, 17 June 1945, stepped into support the first suspensee and got himself a dose of the same after some ill-chosen remarks about Hitler. He has an overly confident Sun Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter; with an intemperate Pluto square Venus Mars in Taurus. He’s facing one of the worst years of his life with his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Saturn; and Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Jupiter – major setbacks and enthusiasm-dampening. It may see his exit from politics altogether – maybe. Though tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in 2017/18 will probably pull him back into the fray.