Tom Hardy – turned his life around



UK actor Tom Hardy – Black Hawk Down, The Revenant, Mad Max, The Kray Twins, TV’s Peaky Blinders and at present in the savage BBC drama Taboo which he co-created with his father – revels in playing menacing roles. He’s even being mentioned as a future Bond.

Born 15 September 1977, he’s another Sun Virgo, like Rufus Sewell, Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons; but his chart is dominated by an adventurous and emotionally excitable Mars Jupiter in Cancer square Pluto, which gives him a reservoir of anger and a real edge of danger. His Mars Jupiter are also trine Uranus which again will stoke up his testosterone.

He had a tumultuous youth, being expelled from school, doing several short stays in prison and acquiring a cocaine habit that nearly killed him. He’s twice married and is now an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust which mentors the young.


Casey Affleck – talent shining through childhood demons

ca  ba


Casey Affleck has been getting rave reviews for his starring role in Manchester by the Sea, a brooding tale of an uncle left to bring up his nephew.

Born 12 August 1975 7.38 pm Falmouth. MA, three years after his brother Ben, he had an alcoholic father, whom his well-educated and theatre-loving mother divorced when he was 9.

He’s had a chequered acting career and personal life, appearing early on in Good Will Hunting with family friend Matt Damon and his brother Ben, then acting in a string of bad movies, plus making the bizarre mockumentary with Joaquin Phoenix, his then brother-in-law; plus having two sexual harassment suits which were settled out of court in 2010 re-appearing in the headlines as this movie becomes a success.

He’s got a trickier chart than his brother Ben – 15 Aug 1972 2.53am Berkeley, CA. Though there are some similarities. Both are Leo Suns trine Jupiter in a Fire sign; with Scorpio Moons. So confident entertainers with intense emotional lives. But Casey has Pluto and Uranus in his 8th, so he’ll be marginally more erratic, than Ben who has Uranus Pluto in his 4th. Though in both cases it points to major emotional upheavals and disruptions in their family lives. Casey said his grandmother was also alcoholic so that may account for his 8th house planets.

He also has a hard and determined Mars in Taurus in the 3rd sextile Saturn in Cancer, square Mercury and inconjunct Uranus – so he will have anger and self-control issues. Neptune on his midheaven certainly suits him for the film business, and he does have a charming Sun, Mercury, Venus in his 7th so can turn on smiles when necessary. His Jupiter opposes Uranus squaring onto Saturn in Cancer in his 6th which will have been discouraging in the early part of his adult career, but should be mellowing now through his middle years. He’s got initiative but won’t be too good at sharing the driving seat in projects.

Another actor with Uranus Pluto in the 8th is Kiefer Sutherland, who has the same troubled bad-boy-come-good-in-later-life pattern.

Casey Affleck should be working hard in coming years, with tr Saturn moving through his upper quadrant; with some highs this year from tr Uranus square his Jupiter; and even more success when tr Pluto is square his Jupiter. But as ever his tendency to attract the good and the bad together will be around as well.

Uma Thurman – shades of Melania – Sun Saturn in Taurus

ut ab syn  ut ab comp


Actress Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction, Dangerous Liaisons, Kill Bill – is involved in a messy court custody wrangle over her daughter with French financier Arpad Busson. She was born 29 April 1970 1.51pm Boston, MA (astrotheme) – three days after Melania Trump – so has the same stubborn/enduring Sun Saturn in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio; and the same showbizzy and excitable Mars in Gemini opposition Neptune, trine Uranus.

Thurman has been around with Busson since 2007, on and off through two engagements, and this followed two short-lived marriages for her to Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke.

It would never be an easy mix with Busson since his Sun Saturn in Aquarius squares her Sun Saturn in Taurus; with his Mars in Leo square her Saturn; and his Pluto Uranus square her Mars Venus in Gemini. So blocked every which way and angry.

Their relationship chart unsurprisingly has a composite Sun Saturn Mercury conjunction trine Neptune, which is better for business than pleasure or affection; with the composite Venus in an erratic, roller-coaster opposition to Uranus Pluto. There’s a hot composite Mars trine Venus and opposition Jupiter, so when it worked it would be a sparkling adventure. But  never designed for the long haul.

If her birth time is accurate then her Pisces North Node is in her 7th so her line of least resistance will be to slide back into independence.

EU – the technocrats at war inside the tent

eu ms syn  ms eu comp


There seems to be a softening in attitude in certain parts of the EU to Brexit. Michael Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has said he wants to secure easy access to the City of London, the UK’s financial centre by the 27 remaining EU countries after Brexit. “There will be a special/specific relationship. There will need to be work outside of the negotiation box… in order to avoid financial instability.”

This follows on from Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor’s comments this week: “If you rely on a jurisdiction (the UK) for three-quarters of your hedging activities, three-quarters of your foreign exchange activity, half your lending and half your securities transactions, you should think very carefully about the transition from where you are today to where the new equilibrium will be.” Carney also said a hard Brexit would hurt the EU more than the UK. It’s tricky to establish exactly what the UK’s net contribution to the EU is since figures vary wildly depending on who is using them as rhetorical leverage. Possibly in the region of eight and a half billion pounds (having removed the rebate). Since many of the EU countries take rather than give to the EU coffers, it will have a sizeable impact.

Whether or not all the top EU bureaucrats will be on the same page as Barnier is questionable.

Der Spiegel this week described Martin Selmayr, head of cabinet for European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, as the most powerful bureaucrat in Brussels, with some even going so far as to say that he is the true leader of the European Union. And he is determined to play a greater policymaking role in future. They described him variously as the Rasputin of Brussels and Juncker’s Doug Stamper á la “House of Cards.”

Born 5 Dec 1970, Bonn, Germany, he’s a Sun Sagittarius like Juncker, with a determined Saturn in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio which is square a devoted-to-a-cause North Node in Aquarius.

His Pluto is conjunct the EU Ascendant exactly so he’ll appreciate the prospect of controlling its image and identity; with his Venus in Scorpio tying into the EU Grand Cross, exactly opposition the EU Moon and square its’ Uranus. His Mars is conjunct the EU Jupiter Neptune, so tending to push for overly ambitious financial schemes that may end in Jup Nep bubbles bursting.

Tr Neptune will square his Sun this year until 2018 giving him a few sinking moments; with a highly strung and highly insecure tr Uranus opposition Mars and Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Neptune in 2018. So not all going his way.

His relationship chart with the EU is under challenging pressures and sagging more than somewhat with tr Pluto sextile the composite Mars Neptune, and tr Neptune opposing Uranus in 2017 and Pluto in 2018/19. Plus a separating tr Saturn conjunct the composite Sun Venus Mercury in 2017 into 2018.

Mind you, Juncker and the EU are also not exactly singing off the same hymn sheet over the next two years (see previous post Jan 3); and Juncker’s relationship with Selmayr is also heading downhill.

Barnier and Juncker certainly don’t get on with a hostile composite Mars opposition Pluto, trine/sextile Saturn Neptune and a power-struggling Jupiter square Pluto. And the Barnier/Selmayr relationship chart is equally under argumentative, jolting and sinking influences in 2017/18.

The USA isn’t the only region in political disarray.

Kamiyah Mobley – stolen yet loved, with three strained Yods



Kamiyah Mobley who was abducted when she was 8 hours old has now learnt that she was brought up by a kidnapper. She was born 10 July 1998 at 7am Jacksonville, Florida, and was taken from the hospital. From reports it seems she had suspicions and gave a DNA swab to the Missing Persons bureau, but still seems very attached to her ‘adoptive’ mother who is now in prison, awaiting trial.

If ever Yods made sense this is one case that certainly does with all their discomfort, strain, a sense of not fitting in and dramatic game-changers. She has three Yods: Mars in Cancer sextile North Node in Virgo inconjunct Neptune; Saturn in Taurus sextile Mars inconjunct Pluto; Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars.

At the moment she’s on her Nodal Return; with two of the Yod focal points in their Solar Arc positions picking up key transits – of tr Saturn conjunct Solar Arc Pluto and tr Uranus square Solar Arc Mars.  Usually when Yods click into gear there are heavy influences on them, pushing them into the next more focussed phase. And the challenging, transformative tr Pluto  opposition her Cancer Sun is exact this month as well, continuing on and off throughout 2017.

Her ‘victim’ 12th Harmonic is strong; with a cruel Sun Mars Saturn; and a protective/possessive mother Moon Jupiter Pluto. So the good and not so great side by side.

It’s an almost impossible dilemma for a teenager. How do you cope with something like that? On top there’s the unanswerable puzzle astrologically. What if she hadn’t been kidnapped? She’d still have had that highly stressed chart which would have attracted other grating and sudden life changes.

Isabelle Huppert – due for even more success



Isabelle Huppert, a French screen and stage actress, with an illustrious career strewn with awards, is reckoned to have been at her best in the psychological thriller Elle this year, winning her a Golden Globe award.

Born 16 March 1953 2.40am Paris, France, she’s another Pisces with Jupiter in Taurus in her entertainment 5th house; and an iconic Pluto in the 8th which squares Jupiter and trines Mars in Aries, so she certainly projects a powerful image. She has a well-organised, hard-working Saturn and creative Neptune together on her midheaven.

She had tr Uranus square her Solar Arc Jupiter over the Globes; and February for the Oscars looks even more confident, successful and promising with tr Pluto starting a two year trine to her Jupiter; and tr Uranus opposes her Sun/Jupiter as well.

Anthony Armstrong-Jones – a Pisces overflowing with creative talent

aaj pm syn  aaj pm comp  pm pt comp


Anthony Armstrong-Jones, former husband of Princess Margaret, a society photographer and film maker has died aged 86. A talented designer, he also co-created the London Zoo aviary and an electric wheelchair. He himself was partly disabled from childhood polio.

The Telegraph wrote at the time a semi-authorised biography of him was published in 2008: ‘The couple had married in May 1960 and their louche and, at times, reckless lifestyle of drug- and alcohol-fuelled affairs – and their fondness for mixing with actors, artists and pop stars – meant that the couple came to epitomise the “Swinging Sixties”. There’s also a story that New York that the hostess asked Princess Margaret politely how the Queen was keeping. “Which one?” she is reported to have replied with her typically razor-sharp wit. “My sister, my mother or my husband?” He never denied being bi-sexual.

He was born 7 March 1930 6.15 am in London and had a charming and creative Sun Venus in Pisces in his 1st – Pisces is very much a photographic and filmic sign. His Sun Venus were trine a charismatic Pluto in Cancer in the party-loving and entertaining 5th house. His changeable, restless Gemini Moon was conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune on his Descendant, so he would like to spread himself around and find absolute commitment tricky. His 5th and 7th Harmonics were strong.

Their marriage came rapidly after Princess Margaret’s previous flame Peter Townsend, from whom she was then separated, found himself a bride.

It wasn’t a relationship that was exactly overflowing with deep affection, The relationship chart has a composite Venus Saturn in the 10th, square Uranus, opposition Moon and trine Neptune; with the composite Sun square Neptune – so illusory, arty and ultimately disappointing, with status being important.

He was probably more enamoured at the start than she was since her Sun Venus fell in his 7th and her Jupiter fell in his 5th. They did produce two talented and remarkably well-adjusted children, all things considered, in Sarah Chatto and David Linley.

Princess Margaret’s relationship with Peter Townsend, was much more passionate with a Water Grand Trine of Venus trine Pluto trine Uranus, and a Moon Jupiter conjunction. A wide-ish T Square of composite Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto, was probably what got in the way of them marrying which seems now that new records have been published, to have been her decision.

Jeremy Corbyn – arabesque to fouette

jcl15  jcl16  jc


Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour leader, theoretically in opposition, who has been driving his party to despair, has managed to shoot himself in the foot by doing a pirouette on a new policy initiative on immigration and wages all in the same day. Yes, no, maybe.

Depending on which of his leadership charts you look at: 12 Sept 2015 11.42 am London or 24 Sept 2016 12.51pm – there’s a slightly different timing on his exit which is fervently prayed for by those who wish to see Labour back in power sometime in the next decade.

The first leadership chart suggests increasing instability of the topple-of-perch variety starting this March and extending on till late 2018 as tr Pluto is square the Uranus. The later chart puts the date more into 2019 though with a fair few sinkers in 2017 and bad-tempered setbacks along the way. Both charts have a strong Jupiter in the 10th which moving by Solar Arc to conjunct the Moon in the earlier chart and the Sun in the later through 2018 into 2019, which may provide a cushion.

His own personal chart, 26 May 1949, is depressed this month with tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Saturn midpoint, repeating till late 2017; with a truly challenging, enraging frustrating tr Pluto trine his Mars in Taurus in 2017/18. 2018 will find him more muddled and sagging with tr Neptune square his Venus Mercury.

Keir Starmer, being talked of a more electable successor looks in a good position come 2019/2020 with a sprinkling of Jupiter around his midpoints.

Esteban Santiago – Uranus Neptune gone off track




Esteban Santiago, 16 March 1990, is the most recent in a long line of mass shooters in the US and more worldwide. He killed five and wounded eight at a Florida Airport last week; and appears to have suffered delusions and hallucinations since returning from Iraq five years ago.

He’s a Sun Mercury in Pisces in an emotionally intense trine to Pluto (Moon) in Scorpio, and sextile bleak Saturn in Capricorn; with the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Aquarius. So quite a mix of highs and lows in his chart.

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter also had Uranus Neptune in Capricorn with Mars in Pisces; as does Dylann Roof, just sentenced to death for the Charleston church murders, who has Uranus Neptune possibly conjunct a Capricorn Moon, and Mars Mercury in Pisces trine Pluto.

Omar Mateen, the Florida nightclub killer, on the other hand is marginally more like Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. Both have/had a heavy Scorpio influence on their charts. Mateen – Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius and Pluto Venus Mercury also in Scorpio. Cho – Mars Pluto Saturn in Scorpio.

Santiago has had some tough years recently with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune; Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto. As well as the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Uranus Neptune in the past five years which would have been highly disorientating.

At the moment he’s got tr Saturn trine his Solar Arc Sun moving to square his natal Sun; His Solar Arc Sun is approaching the square to his Saturn; and there’s an excitable tr Uranus conjunct his Solar Arc Mercury; a delusional Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Venus – and a confident, power-surging tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter this month. So basically depressed and very hyped up.

Uranus Neptune can have a tinge of genius about it, and be creatively inspired; but some of that generation will suffer from mental disorders, since it tends to be fanatical and loses touch with common sense.