Noor Salman – wrong choices

Noor SalmanOmar MateenOmar M comp Noor Salman


Noor Salman, second wife of the Orlando shooter, was born 26 May 1986 in San Francisco of Palestinian heritage and doesn’t appear to have been overly religious in an orthodox sense or political.  Though she seems to have been with her husband when he bought ammunition and went to survey the nightclub, so she may be charged as an accessory.

She’s a Sun Gemini opposition Saturn and inconjunct Pluto; with Venus opposition Neptune – so probably low self-worth and bad emotional judgement. Her Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct her Neptune now which will be panicky and uncertain; with bleak Solar Arcs over the next two years.

The relationship chart with her husband has an afflicted Mars which is inconjunct Venus, square Pluto and sextile Mars – so there would be a good deal of anger and hostility in their relationship. With a Mars Pluto hard aspect he may well have held all the power. .

Clement Freud – another fallen idol

Clement FreudWilliam Vahey



Yet another set of disturbing allegations about child sex abuse have emerged focussing on the late Clement Freud MP. His wife appears to accept them and apologised to the women involved, one now in her 70s who wanted to have her voice heard before she died.

The grandson of Sigmund Freud and brother of artist Lucian Freud, he was a popular, witty figure on television and in the House of Commons and was given a glowing eulogy by Gordon Brown when he died.

Clement Freud was born 24 April 1924 in Berlin and was a Sun Taurus in a stressed opposition to Saturn in Libra square Mars in Capricorn; with a Capricorn Moon. There would be a harshness about his childhood from that Mars Saturn which can be a signature for abuse, although it also carries other meanings and can act out in other ways.

Another stomach-churning case has emerged about William Vahey, an American serial child molester, born in New York on 7 May 1949. Despite being convicted for child assaults when he was 20, he was allowed to teach children all over the world and was still teaching in a private London school as late as 2013. Parents of children abused by him are now suing. He was described by the FBI as “one of the most prolific and heinous alleged predators we’ve ever seen”. He committed suicide in 2014 when the most recent investigation was ongoing.

He was a Sun, Venus and Mars in Taurus with Mars square Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun Venus square Pluto; with a Virgo Moon. His Mars was trine Saturn. So some similiarities.

I hasten to add before I get deluged by angry Taureans that not all, indeed 99.9% don’t turn out this way.  But heavily Fixed charts can sensualise affections. Vahey evidently started in his teens which would make one assume that what went on before was what warped him.

His father was a decorated WW11 pilot – Mars Saturn does have military associations but in his case it clearly got perverted into its much less palatable qualities.

EURO 2016 – proxy war games

Tri chart UK RussiaUK comp Russia1917UK comp Russia1991



As if football’s reputation wasn’t wrecked enough after the whole FIFA corruption scandal, there now appears to be armed combat breaking out in France between Russian and England supporters. The UK media have been careful to own up to drunk Brits but the real trouble appears to be the Russian ultras, extreme Right-wing militants, muscled and tooled up, who at home openly flaunt neo-Nazi flags and have turned many of their domestic games into war zones.

Putin has now slapped down their behaviour as Russia stands at risk of being disqualified, with 50 of their fans now on the road to deportation.

The Russia 5 Sept 1991 7.30am chart has a 12 degree Virgo Sun which is picking up the exact tr Saturn square and tr Neptune opposition, so panic and unease on the home front.

Why they have specifically targeted England matches isn’t clear but looking at the charts of the two countries, there is certainly no love lost.

The Russia 1917 chart has Pluto conjunct the UK MC and opposition the UK Sun and square the UK Uranus. The Russia 1991 chart has Uranus Neptune conjunct the UK 4th house Sun and IC, opposition MC and square the UK Uranus.  So all bad news. Both Russia charts have Scorpio and Leo planets which clash with the UK’s wide Fixed Grand Cross.

On the composites: UK and Russia 1991, there’s a bleak, unyielding composite Sun Saturn sextile Pluto; and an angry, volatile composite Moon Mars square Mercury which tr Uranus is hammering at the moment.

The Russia 1917 UK relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun Uranus which the tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting exactly at the moment; and tr Uranus is square the composite Venus, throwing up emotional tensions.

As if the world didn’t have enough problems at the moment. Sport is supposed to be relaxing fun.

Omar Mateen – out of control anger

Omar Mateen


The Orlando shooter has been named as Omar Mateen, born 16 Nov 1986 in New York, to Afghan immigrant parents.

He had a very intense, angry chart with a Scorpio Sun Mercury possibly opposition a Taurus Moon and square Mars in Aquarius. Such a Fixed focal point Mars is headstrong, single-minded, a bulldozer – which certainly can have a good outcome if handled properly but here clearly not. He also had an intense Venus Pluto conjunction in Scorpio; a volatile Uranus sextile Mars; and a scared-of-failure Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces. Many of the violent Muslim fundamentalists have a Pisces connection in their charts.

His midpoints are stark with his Sun conjunct his Saturn/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints which would give him a hard, unsentimental streak. His Mars is also square Saturn/Pluto which would make him unafraid of danger and prone to sudden acts of violence. Both his Sun and Mars also aspect his powerfully confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

Tr Uranus was exactly sextile his Mars now which is excitable. More pointedly tr Pluto was conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as – ‘brutality, the rage or fury of destruction, the death of a great many people.’

There is utterly nothing to be said to sum this one up. The world really is sinking into a cauldron of fire.

Princess Diana – a triumph and a tragedy

Princess DianaUK 1801Princess Diana Death


The Virgo Solar Eclipse which occurred three days after Princess Diana’s death in 1997, repeats this September 1st at the same degree, though in a different Saros Series.

I would confess I don’t understand Saros Series but am happy to accept Bernadette Brady’s expertise which indicated the 18 North Saros Series of 1997 had Mercury conjunct Pluto; and Uranus on the Mars/Saturn midpoint (presumably from its first occurrence in 1060 AD). That suggests ‘a high stress level, and illness or accidents, a great deal of physical concern’. (The Eagle and the Lark).

This year’s 9 degree Virgo Solar Eclipse is in the 19 North series which is less stressful, though concerned with seeing an old situation as it is, coming down to earth with a bump to face reality.

Nudged on by an email after Muhammad Ali’s death, it seemed worthwhile revisiting Diana, another tragic figure, lauded for her humanitarian efforts despite her flaws, and the extraordinary outburst at grief when she died.

Born 1 July 1961 7.45pm Sandringham, England, she had a sociable and empathic 7th house Cancer Sun and Mercury trine Neptune; with her healing-the-sick (and neurotic) Saturn/Neptune midpoint exactly conjunct her Sagittarius Ascendant. Her dreamy, helpful, watery Sun Mercury trine Neptune, sextiled onto a midpoint of Pluto (conjunct Mars) in Virgo. This would give her influence, a liking for control, a capacity for being ahead of her time but also a harder edge and attract her to charities involved in darker and riskier causes like AIDs and landmines. As well as giving her the stomach to observe heart operations.

Her Uranus was in her 9th conjunct her destined-to-be-a-leader North Node in Leo, along with Mars Pluto – so global communication and influence would be her dream.

She had an indulgent side from her sexy, indulgent Venus in the 5th trine Saturn, so she’d always be trying to make up for the affection not forthcoming in her lonely childhood. Her Venus was also on the point of a Fixed T Square to Moon opposition Uranus so she’d always be unsettled in her love life, constantly on the move.

Her Sun was conjunct the UK 1801 midheaven so she was an important figure for the country, constantly tilting at authority with her Uranus conjunct the UK 11th house Saturn; and her Moon in the UK’s romantic 5th.

The outpouring of grief after her death put the country practically into a national psychosis, which puzzled and alarmed me at the time. Looking at the UK chart what leaps out is that Diana’s Sun was conjunct the UK Neptune/Pluto midpoint. At her death tr Pluto was opposition the UK Solar Arc Neptune which was in turn square the UK Pluto. Neptune Pluto has a range of meanings but amongst them are certainly a tendency to madness, obsession, confusion – as well as scandal and a tendency to blow an ideal up to stratospheric proportions, hence its connection to megalomania. So all of that was triggered when she died.

There was also a tr Saturn square the UK 10th house Cancer Moon which has the more mundane and painful effect of mourning through loss. The 10th house Moon is associated with the ruling classes.

Her Harmonics are interesting with a strong 7th, which can be spiritual and creative but can also be mentally unstable.

A very strong 8th Harmonic – “A fated number. “Karmic debt”. Soul wounds, bad luck or loss may follow this number, which also gives an abundance of strength and stubbornness in the face of difficulties. The road to success is often bumpy and hard, and if it comes easy, or at all, it will not necessarily bring happiness.”

A potent 9th Harmonic which is both a do-gooder and indulgent.’ Also notable were her self- destructive 10H; a healing/victim 12H; and actress 15H.

Strongest of them all was her superstar 22H – “So called Master Number, which means that it is a difficult number to live up to. The positive aspects of number 22 is powerful imagination and/or strong leadership. The negative aspects are despotism or immorality. From a different position, 22 warns against lack of discernment, of being overconfident, relying on the wrong persons, and being deceived.”

A complicated woman with a good deal of light and just as much of shade. She was thrust into a situation where she could help millions of people but couldn’t quite escape from her tragic flaws and perhaps the weight of the world’s expectations. Neptune can be a hard taskmaster when it creates an illusion.

Orlando – brutality and tragedy in a sociable city

Orlando ShootingOrlando Florida


A shoot-out and hostage situation at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida has left at least 50 dead and many injured. It started at 2am local time this morning when retrograde Mars was in the 8th on the focal point of a Yod to Uranus sextile Venus Sun.  So vengeful Mars in Scorpio was very hyped up – in its natural home the 8th, stressed and overly aggressive because of the Yod. Tierney remarks of a Yod focal point Mars: ‘He may exhibit displaced anger, aiming his hostility at inappropriate targets.’

The gunman was shot by police after three hours and although it is being marked at this stage as domestic terrorism, the motivation isn’t known.

Orlando was first incorporated on 31 July 1875. As befits a town called either City Beautiful or Theme Park Capital of the World attracting 60 million visitors a year, many of them families, it is Sun Leo square a filmic Neptune; with a frivolous Jupiter square Venus Mercury Moon in Cancer.

There were also a clutch of quincunxes at its inception. Jupiter was inconjunct Pluto; and there was a Yod of Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct Venus in Cancer. So there’s a darker, more strained underside.

Tr Uranus is exactly square that focal point Venus at the moment, bringing an emotional shock of some severity, triggering the Mars and Saturn quincunxes. Tr Uranus is also exactly semi-sextile the Orlando Pluto and sextile Saturn.

Usually when Yods are triggered by transits there is a distinct change of direction afterwards.

Annie Proulx – wedded to her writing

Annie Proulx


Writer Annie Proulx has another novel out, a 700 pager, and aged 81 seems as bright as ever. Her short story Brokeback Mountain was made into a movie; and The Shipping News which won her a Pulitzer was also filmed.

Born 22 August 1935 in Norwich, Connecticut, she has an unaspected Sun Leo of a reclusive variety, since she revels on living independently, until recently in isolated Wyoming.

She has a creative Saturn in Pisces opposition Mercury Neptune in Virgo perhaps square a Gemini Moon – so has the qualities of a writer with a Virgo/Gemini mix.  Her Mercury is also trine Uranus in Taurus, sextile an enthusiastic and confident Mars Jupiter in Scorpio, so her meticulous communication skills are highlighted.  Plus her Uranus trine Neptune is also blessed with an artistic bent.

She has a ‘Mystic’ Rectangle of Saturn opposition Mercury Neptune which is sextile/trine a Uranus opposition Mars (Jupiter). There’s nothing very mystic about the effect of this configuration. Often the oppositions are tricky to balance and she has had three failed marriages.

Her writers’ 21st Harmonic is very strong with a T Square of Neptune opposition Venus Mars Uranus square Pluto – so passionately enthusiastic about her craft, a risk-taker, creative and influential. There’s also a Sun Saturn opposition Jupiter – serious and confident, though scared of failure.


EURO 2016 – sporting fever and high tension

EURO 2016


EURO 2016, the European football championships start tonight in Paris at 9pm amidst terror threats as well as national strikes affecting transport and rubbish collection. Matches will be played at nine different locations across France including Marseille, which like Paris, has a large disaffected Muslim community.

The start chart does have tr Mars retrograde exactly conjunct the Mars on the France chart so a tense time. Mars will go direct on June 29th, 12 days before the finish so be interesting to see if that has an effect.

Otherwise the neurotic Saturn square Neptune is exact, tied into a T square by Jupiter in Virgo, with scattered, edgy Saturn in Sagittarius leading, conjunct the Ascendant which will damp down enthusiasm. Unsettled Uranus is in the domestic 4th which makes sense, square Pluto in the 2nd which in turn trines Jupiter – so someone will be making money out of the chaos.  Mars in the hidden 12th opposes Mercury – much argument, heated debate.

Though a charming, sociable Sun Venus in the 7th square Jupiter will make for a veneer of enjoyment.

It will be tense since the Sun opposes the Mars/Pluto midpoint, which could point to accidents, violence (tho’ that could be drunken fans).  Both Saturn and Neptune are in aspect to the Sun/Moon midpoint which you sometimes see in disasters with relatives mourning loss.  Though that could also be football widows getting zero attention for a month as their husbands stay rooted to the game.

Brock Turner – the dark side of student life

Brock Turner


Brock Turner, 1 Aug 1995, a Stanford University student and swimmer, has been imprisoned for six months on three counts of sexual assault. Passing students found him having sex with an unconscious woman and rescued her. The charges were pled down from rape and his father’s pleas to the judge for leniency have been met by strong criticism.

He’s a Sun Venus and Mercury in Leo; with Sun Venus trine Jupiter (conjunct Pluto), sextiling onto Mars (Moon) in Libra. He’ll certainly be showy and lucky with Leo planets and Jupiter, with an athletic, competitive, assertive Mars highlighted; and confidence aplenty from Jupiter Pluto.  He’s also got a tough Saturn in Pisces trine Pluto sextiling onto a highly strung, can-be-fanatical Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

Houses would make a difference as to how this energy is played out and the Moon position, if near Mars, would make for anger issues around women.

What are more enlightening and odd, are his midpoints. Both his Sun and Saturn are in aspect to his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which would certainly give him a tendency to over-indulge in alcohol. Neptune Pluto can be other-worldly, not quite rational and there is sometimes a hint of megalomania in the background.

More pointedly his Venus squares his Mars/Pluto midpoint. Mars Pluto is the rape signature in astrology. And his Pluto opposes his Venus/Saturn midpoint which suggests a core loneliness and is often seen in the charts of ‘sex addicts.’

His 7th Harmonic which can sometimes point to instability has Saturn tied into Venus, Mars and Pluto which looks emotionally conflicted. His self-destructive 16th Harmonic is very strong tying in Venus to Saturn and Uranus – so arguably autocratic; and Neptune to Pluto Mars which is perverse.

What a horrible world it has become for young people. We all drank too much at university but I don’t recollect any disastrous life changing consequences that seem to be almost common place now.