Next UK Government – fiery inspiration and Neptunian muddle


Assuming it’s a straightforward win (and indeed the decision to hold it is voted through tomorrow), the UK election should declare next day on June 9th. There’s no saying what time her Majesty will do the honours but I’ve set it for 12 noon. Hopefully a different time will give it more coherence. Looking on the brightest side (?) there’s a Fire Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries trine Saturn (Moon) in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo, formed into a Kite by Saturn Moon opposition a Gemini Sun. Fire gives confidence and inspiration, though not always practicality. The Kite gives it drive and focus, especially with sensible Saturn pulling its weight. Uranus Saturn is about mixing the best of the old with the best of the new, so can be constructive and moderate.

However the Sun squares onto Neptune and maybe the Full Moon as well, which is elusive, evasive, confused, lacking in willpower, gullible. It could at an absolute stretch be healing though it’ll be easily distracted.

Pluto squares Jupiter which is confident to over-confident; Mars in excitable Cancer is sextile Venus, but otherwise unaspected. Mars squares the Sun/Pluto midpoint and Saturn opposes the Sun/Mars midpoint both of which suggest obstacle courses with many setbacks. The Mercury is unaspected, which isn’t great for negotiations.

The start time will make all the difference since it may anchor down some of the loose ends onto the axis.


UK election June 8th – Theresa up, Boris down **updated



Enough already. Elections and referenda are breeding like rabbits. Theresa May has now summoned the British public to gather together their scattered wits on June 8th to pronounce on her fitness and – she hopes – give her a more substantial majority to plough through Brexit negotiations and lessen the pressure from hard-line euro-sceptics in her own party. Though because of the Fixed Term Act she’ll have to get agreement from two thirds of MPs when it goes to a vote tomorrow  at Westminster.

By June she’ll have lost the panicky-failure tr Neptune conjunct her Mars; and tr Pluto will be sextile her Solar Arc Jupiter and moving to trine her natal Jupiter from mid July onwards; plus a lucky, what-a-relief tr Uranus trine Jupiter/Uranus on the day. The only downer may be tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Mars but that depends on her birth time which we don’t know and could have passed at that stage.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, hasn’t much of encouragement on his chart (without birth time) and looks seriously stuck in July.

Tim Farron, Lib Dem leader, has win-some, lose-some influences. He has tr Uranus trine his Mars/Jupiter in the run up, but that has disappeared by June 8th. He does have a lucky relief tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter. But he has tr Saturn square his Pluto and opposition his Mars, just before which looks jammed in.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party, is not in a brilliant year overall with tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn and opposition her Mars – all pre and post-election.

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary and PM-wannabe ahead, looks beyond devastated in early June with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint; and tr Uranus square his Mercury/Uranus and conjunct his Mercury/Saturn. He’ll clearly not be pleased with the result but that could mean various things, including watching Theresa May getting into an unassailable position. Although he does have tr Jupiter moving through his 1st house to buck him up when he gets disheartened.

Oops, forgot Nicola Sturgeon, whose Scottish National Party has 56 MPs at Westminster. She has pledged to make the election about getting voters to back her plans for a second independence referendum. Her fear is a Tory landslide would force through a hard Brexit and impose more austerity.

Just to be tricky she has tr Uranus square her Cancer Sun immediately before the election, which is a wild card, can go either way; and a lucky tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter in early June, which looks better. However she also has tr Saturn in a blocking square to her natal Pluto and Solar Arc Mercury, squaring her Jupiter/MC; and tr Neptune opposing her Uranus/MC – none of which look like cheering news.

Trump timeline – upsets and undermining Neptune as polls slide **updated

With Donald Trump’s poll rating sliding I thought I’d re-run his influences of the moment from January 8th post. Only 45 percent of Americans now think Trump keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in February, a slide of 17 points. There’s a 7-point drop in those who think Trump can bring about the change the country needs, from 53 percent to 46 percent, and a 6-point drop in those who think that Trump is honest and trustworthy, from 42 percent to 36 percent.

At the moment: tr Uranus is square his Venus 8th April to 9th May, bringing emotional shocks and upsets. And April 6th to mid May, tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid July to end August, February, Nov/Dec 2018, which will bring disappointments, damage and loss, a deceptive mood around, undermining his enthusiasm and social standing.

Tr Uranus will trine his Mars in May bringing insecurity and a tendency to make macho gestures. That repeats in Oct 2017 and Feb 2018.

His Secondary Progressed Moon goes into his 12th house in June 2017 staying there till mid 2019. This tends to be a time of endings, introspective, escapist, can produce new behavioural problems if insights about self aren’t taken on board.

The August late Leo Eclipse, of course, is conjunct his Mars Ascendant so will be a considerable shake up, sparking his aggressive, combative tendencies. Around August as well his Solar Arc Uranus moves onto the same degree in conjunct to his Mars, though it’s not exact until 2018. This will bring a considerable shock to his system and could lead to even wilder reactions than usual.

July 7 to September 26 tr Saturn will oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon for a downbeat, face-reality and feeling under-nurtured mood; with tr Saturn also square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint = inhibited, difficulty making decisions, end of relationship.

Tr Pluto returns to square his Jupiter mid July to early September, and for a final time Oct 24 to Dec 6 – that will push him into a confidence overdrive, which could backfire, with more lines being crossed and rules tossed out of the window.

There will be a Jupiter upward blip with tr Jupiter trine/sextile his Sun opposition Moon, from 27 Aug to 6 Sept, but that will be minor.

In Sept/Oct tr Pluto returns from Dec 2016 to oppose his Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn as well as hit his relationship chart with Melania – so an aggravated, highly pressured, frustrating time.

On house transits: tr Jupiter going into his 3rd from late Sept 2017 for a year should make his everyday working relations easier. Tr Saturn moves into his 5th for three years in early 2018 which will damp his exuberance a touch, making everything feel like a slog.

Health-wise, all that pounding on his Mars will raise his adrenaline and maybe his blood pressure; Mars can be connected, especially in Leo, with heart problems in older people. His Sec Prog Moon going through his 12th conjunct his Pluto in Jan 2018 may also be a point to watch.

His Solar Returns have Pluto in the 6th for the year up to birthday June 2017, which is heavy pressure on physical health; then 2017 to 2018 Solar Return has Neptune in the 6th which is low energy. This upcoming Solar Return also has Uranus in the 7th for at least one partnership split and a mutinous Pluto in the 4th, so trouble on the domestic front and feeling cornered. When tr Saturn hits on his Sun and Moon across that July to September patch, it also squares his Sun/Moon midpoint, which is both the marriage significator and a sign of a politician’s popularity – so feeling unloved.

Prince Harry – brave in more ways than one


Prince Harry has courageously spoken out about the mental and emotional turmoil which surfaced in his late twenties when he was forced to face his unprocessed grief about losing his mother suddenly when he was 12. He said counselling and boxing helped him through. He is promoting the Heads Together mental health campaign, the London Marathon’s charity of the year, with Prince William and Kate.

He does have an intense, secretive 8th house Virgo Sun so would tend to hide his feelings away; and his Sun is square Mars in Sagittarius will give him an overflow of high energy and quite a temper. He is close to his family – grandparents with the 8th house emphasis, and father for stability with a 4th house Taurus Moon. But they’re very much of the stiff-upper-lip generation. His 12th house Neptune Jupiter would tend to make him avoid unpleasant feelings, either air-brushing the past with Jupiter or escaping into drink with Neptune.

He would be fond of his mother though it wasn’t an easy relationship, given her problems. Her Cancer Sun was conjunct his Descendant and her Venus conjunct his Moon, both of which are lovely. But her tumultuous, raging, chaotic Uranus Mars Pluto fell in his 8th which would stir up very uncomfortable emotions. Their relationship chart was a tremendous mix of – possessive, cool, evasive, volatile and adventurous. So his feelings when they did surface would be hard to handle.

When she was killed his Solar Arc Uranus just into his 12th squared his Sun exactly, so it would be a tremendous shock. His Solar Arc Neptune was sitting on his Ascendant then making him unsure of his identity and tr Saturn was opposition his Venus. So a devastating and sad time, made worse by the callous public’s need for a public parade, when he’d have been better hidden away at Balmoral.

Four years ago when he first started to allow himself to face his feelings, he was on his Saturn Return, the first maturing transit of life; with tr Pluto moving across his Ascendant which is often a time when people go into therapy to better understand themselves and their environment. Tr Pluto was also conjunct his Solar Arc Uranus and then Mars which would be challenging. There was also quite a Nodal crossover with his Solar Arc Pluto opposing his Taurus natal Node; and his Solar Arc Node opposing her natal Neptune. So quite a karmic time as if his destiny was prompting him onto a different path.

The younger Royals and indeed Camilla with her domestic violence and rape charity work, do seem to be making a decent fist of moving into the modern world and making a difference.

Marion Marechal Le Pen – a divided family



Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, niece of Marine, is more closely allied to the hard-right views of her grandfather Jean-Marie, which has caused an internal split within the French Front National, with some members feeling Marine has moved too much to the centre ground. Marion is evidently more charismatic than her aunt, rarely gets ruffled, is neat on her feet in debates – and holds more extreme anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration, pro-Christian views. Marine has suggested she’s too inflexible to have in her cabinet if she wins which hasn’t gone down well.

Marion was born 10 December 1989 1.05am St Germain en Laye, France has a quick-witted 3rd house Sun Sagittarius and an intense 8th house Moon in Taurus. It’s a see-saw chart with a disruptive 4th house Mercury Uranus Neptune Saturn in Capricorn opposition a lucky Jupiter in the 10th; and Moon opposition Pluto in Scorpio with Pluto in turn conjunct Mars in Scorpio, so definitely a ruthless streak, though also fairly chaotic. With a charming Venus in Capricorn in the performing 5th house. Her Sun is unaspected so she won’t have a clear sense of her identity or how to integrate her Sun into the rest of her chart.

Her grandfather’s Sun Venus are conjunct her MC in her 10th so no surprises he is the inspiration for her political career; with his controlling Pluto Mercury conjunct her 10th house Jupiter. There’s not the same closeness with her aunt, whose Pluto Uranus are conjunct Marion’s Ascendant, making her feel oppressed and tugged around.

Both relationship charts between Marion and Marine and Jean-Marie have composite Sun Pluto conjunctions, so she’s fairly controlled by both of them. Though there’s a better ideological and communication fit with Jean-Marie, with a composite Air Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with a PR-friendly Venus on the composite MC.

There’s a suggestion that she’ll be a force for the future, which with her Jupiter in the 10th could be true in the later stages of her career.

Turkey – moving away from liberal democracy



Turkey’s referendum to increase presidential power has resulted in a narrow win for Recep Erdogan, which could keep him in power till 2029. Though the opposition is challenging the result. It leaves the country more divided and unstable with fears that it will make the president’s position too powerful, amounting to one-man rule, without the checks and balances of other presidential systems such as those in France and the US. The constitutional changes will allow the president to scrap the role of prime minister, be able to directly appoint top officials, be free to intervene in the judiciary and to decide whether or not to impose a state of emergency. Since a coup attempt last July, tens of thousands of people have been arrested, and at least 100,000 sacked or suspended from their jobs.

The next presidential election will be in late 2019, which, if Erdogan wins, will see him in situ for two five year terms thereafter. Shades of Putin.

The Turkey 29 Oct 1923 8.30pm Ankara chart looks on high alert with tr Neptune conjunct Uranus exactly now, until late 2018; with tr Neptune moving to conjunct the MC (start time being accurate) in 2018/19 and thence through the 10th for many directionless years. There’s also a jolting tr Uranus opposition Mercury Saturn, exactly now, recurring this December and January 2018. Plus a trapped, frustrated and enraged Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto, exact in 2 months’ time, but in effect now, describing the mood of the country.

Erdogan’s Presidency chart, 28 Aug 2014 2pm Ankara, does have an over-controlling focal point Pluto but it squares unstable Uranus – and that comes exact by Solar Arc mid to late 2019, so the next election may not be quite in the bag yet. This chart also has an unpleasant and ruthless Mars Saturn in Scorpio, which tr Pluto is sextile 2016 to 2019, so repressive measures are likely to continue.

His own chart, 26 Feb 1954, is mixed with a major upheaval in 2017/18 as tr Pluto opposes his Uranus; fanaticism with tr Uranus opposing his Neptune in 2017/early 2018; a high risk, dangerous Sept/Oct this year with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto midpoint; and a soaring-confidence, over-pushy 2018/2019 with tr Pluto opposing his Jupiter/Pluto which will give rise to conflicts and could backfire on him.

Billy Connolly – Sagittarius turning tears to laughter



Scots comedian Billy Connolly is celebrating 50 years in showbusiness with a TV special this week to mark his career with Dame Judi Dench and Sir Elton John expected to be there to do the honours. Connolly is best known for his improv standup global tours and playing Queen Victoria’s close companion after Prince Albert died in the film Mrs Brown.

Connolly has been with actress turned therapist Pamela Stephenson for nearly 40 years; he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years ago which has stopped him playing the banjo and touring.

Born 24 Nov 1942 4.30am Glasgow, he was abandoned by his mother when he was four, his father away fighting in WW11, and was looked after by aunts who were unkind. His father abused him physically and sexually when he was 10 to 15 years old, which was the subject of a memoir he wrote.

His Sun Venus are in Sagittarius (a typical comedians’ sign) opposition Uranus Saturn in Gemini; with his Moon in Gemini conjunct Saturn. He says he has struggled for most of his life with low self-esteem because of his childhood. Plus Pluto square Mars, pointing to the brutality he suffered.

He has a talented Half Grand Sextile of Saturn Uranus sextile Pluto sextile Neptune sextile Sun Venus, so he managed to turn the wreckage of his early years into performance art. Plus a lucky Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven.

When he was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2012, tr Neptune was square his Sun Venus Uranus and then Saturn; with his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Neptune along the way – so an undermining time.

He’s got tr Uranus square his Jupiter later this month for an enthusiasm boost; and hopes he can return to touring if new medication works. Though with tr Neptune moving to square his Moon in 2018 he won’t be as energetic as he was.

There’s a fair amount of Saturn cross-overs in his relationship with Pamela Stephenson, as with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. She was born 4 Dec 1949 and is a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius square Mars Saturn in Virgo, so would have her own demons to work out. His Saturn opposes her Sun and her Saturn squares his Moon. There’s a Yod in their composite chart of Saturn sextile Moon inconjunct Venus – which would bring strains initially but clearly settled down.

Goldie Hawn – meditating her way to eternal youth



Goldie Hawn is back on screen after a 15 year absence playing Amy Schumer’s mother in Snatched, a comedy about a young woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend just before the pair are due to set off on an exotic holiday and persuades her risk-averse mother to accompany her on the trip instead.

Now an incredible 71 years old and still looking 39, she’s been talking about her interest in meditation, her Hawn Foundation Mindup programme to help traumatised children cope by meditating; and her 34 year old partnership with actor Kurt Russell, after two failed marriages.

She was born 21 November 1945 9.20am Washington DC with a Jewish mother and a Presbyterian father and her only ambition was to be a dancer. But Hollywood grabbed her and she was very bankable for three decades.

She has a friendly and intense Sun Scorpio in the 11th in a practical trine to Saturn in Cancer; with Jupiter conjunct her MC trine Uranus, so lucky breaks would come easily to her. She also has a megaton Mars Pluto in Leo in her 8th – often bubbly blondes who never seem to age like normal people have heavy charts. Her Mars Pluto squares a seductive Venus in Scorpio.

Kurt Russell, 17 March 1951 10.42am Springfield, MA, is a Sun Jupiter in Pisces opposition Saturn; with a Cancer Moon; and Mars and Venus in Aries trine Pluto.

Their Water sign Suns click, though it won’t always have been the easiest of relationships with her Saturn conjunct his Moon and square his Venus. But he is quite Saturnine with his own opposition; and his Saturn is sextile her Sun. Usually long running relationships require a fair amount of Saturn to give them durability.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus; although the composite Sun is on the focal point of a Yod to Uranus sextile Saturn, which would give rise to strains. But they will communicate well with an Air Grand Trine which will help. Plus a successful Jupiter in the 10th opposition a happy-family 4th house Moon square a filmic Neptune.

Harper Beckham – mini-entrepreneur to be reckoned with


Harper Beckham, all of five years old, now has her own patented trademark in the UK and Europe. It will allow her (Mum?) to bring out branded products including toys and clothing, and also protects Harper’s name in the entertainment industry. The names of Victoria and David Beckham’s three other children have also been registered.

Dynastic commerce wherever you look.

Harper, 10 July 2011 7.55am Los Angeles, looks the most likely of the clan to overtake her mother’s success in time. She has Jupiter in Taurus exactly conjunct her MC trine Pluto in the grandstanding 5th; with Pluto in a Cardinal Grand Cross opposition Venus in Cancer square Saturn opposition Uranus. Hugely restless, overflowing with initiative, grittily stubborn, determined to be seen as a person of substance, who’ll have a life sparkling with luck and revolving crises from the Grand Cross.

Not that the other three Beckham boys are short of Jupiter’s bounty. Brooklyn has Jupiter in Aries conjunct his Descendant trine Pluto. Romeo has Jupiter in Leo in the 10th trine Pluto. Both he and Brooklyn have the ‘rock star’ Uranus in the 5th as well. Cruz looks the quietest of the four but still has Jupiter in his hard working 6th in Libra sextile Pluto and trine Venus. [Chart details on]

Victoria Beckham, if 10.07am is a sound birth time, has Jupiter Venus on her MC which would fit with a successful and superficial life in the fashion business. David, pa, has a Jupiter in Aries opposition Pluto square Saturn. So a definitely expansive and pushy family.

Mind you nothing comes without a cost. None of them have easy Moon aspects. Victoria has an Aquarius Moon trine Mars Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus. Brooklyn has Moon Mars square Uranus; Romeo Moon Saturn trine Uranus trine Venus; Cruz Moon Saturn on his IC. Harper has least in the way of Moon problems with her Scorpio Moon trine her Cancer Sun; though her Moon does hard aspect her Saturn/Node and Uranus/Pluto midpoints, which suggests a cool, unsettled emotional life and mother. David has a Moon square Uranus and otherwise unaspected.