China – pulling out of a trough slowly, aiming high



China is almost through its most difficult recent period as the tr Uranus square tr Pluto moved in hard aspect to the 8th house Libra Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Uranus in Cancer from 2010 with a final muddled tr Pluto square Neptune briefly this September to mid October. All of that would be restrictive financially and economically; with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the economic Venus earlier this year.

There’ll be some lucky breaks bringing good results and renewed enthusiasm with tr Uranus square Jupiter, up till March 2017. Perhaps some over-confident misjudgements also in 2017 from Solar Arc Mars square Jupiter, exact mid 2017.

Tr Neptune is now into the 2nd house of personal finances (ie. household finances) for two decades ahead which is not always helpful from a stability and security point of view; especially in 2017, into 2018 when tr Neptune opposes the 8th house Saturn.

Then they have the hugely confident and usually financially successful tr Pluto conjunct their Jupiter in 2019/2020. Admittedly tr Saturn will be in there as well, so it’ll be great in certain respects and very tight in others. But tr Jupiter moving into Capricorn for a Jupiter Return immediately after will bring them definitely on the right side up of the balance sheet.

The population may be restive around 2019 with tr Uranus square the Moon and since tr Pluto is moving through the China 12th, from 2011 to 2026 which can often indicate secret groups plotting against the status quo.

2021/2022 sees tr Uranus square the 7th house Mars Pluto in Leo so there will likely be hostile and aggressive interchanges with neighbouring countries.

Significant, radical shifts will come after the mid 2020s with tr Uranus moving into the China 4th from 2026 and tr Pluto moving cross the Aquarius Ascendant in 2027. More domestic unrest will meet initially with more heavy handed control. But there will be the hope with Pluto moving through the 1st of a different kind of China, less inward-looking and with more understanding of how it fits into the global scene.

Around 2030, tr Neptune starts several years of opposing the 8th house Libra planets which will bring back a lacklustre economic performance. So ups and downs but pulling out of the trough at the moment and moving forward on a positive if winding path.

Princess Beatrice & Eugenie – butterflies caught in a complex family net

Princess BeatricePrincess Eugenie


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are seen regularly at Royal events beside grandma, at charity and fashion events, and especially Beatrice, on frequent holidays. They are both registered as being in full time employment – Eugenie with an art dealer and Beatrice with a New York investment firm. But they clearly don’t work as most of the rest of us understand it. Maybe they just have more understanding bosses. Both appear to have long term boyfriends but with no wedding plans yet in view.

Beatrice, 8 Aug 1988 8.18pm London, has a 7th house Leo Sun Mercury square a 9th house Pluto and trine Mars in Aries. Her Mars in Aries in the 2nd is square a 5th house Venus Moon in Cancer opposition Neptune in Capricorn.  She’s quite a mix of dependent and submissive as well as feisty with that focal point Cardinal Mars making her impulsive especially where money is concerned, though one suspects more spending than earning it.

A 5th house Moon should make her fond of children and fertile – unless the childhood family get in the way which with a Neptune opposition and Mars square might well be the case.  I’ve always thought a 5th house Moon took their nurturing from children though it could also be from parties and pleasure. Eugenie and indeed Sarah Ferguson all have 5th house Moons, so there could be a sense of the children being the nurturers of mother. Which thought is also supported by a Moon opposition Neptune.

Beatrice does have tr Saturn moving through her upper quadrant for several years which could suggest heavier responsibilities at work, though sometimes individuals duck out of their Saturnine obligations until the first Saturn Return which in her case happens in 2017. There’s not much indication of a glorious romantic wedding anytime soon. Perhaps when her Progressed Moon moves across her Descendant in two plus years time.

Eugenie, 23 March 1990 6.58pm London, has a hard-working 6th house Aries Sun Mercury; with a 5th house Aquarius Moon Venus square Pluto in the 2nd.  Moon Venus can be tricky since it suggests the relationship with mother is a seductive one which doesn’t allow the child to be a child. She’s also got a tricky 4th house with Neptune Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius. Since she was the younger, she presumably arrived when the marriage was in difficulties with more strain at home.

She’ll be fairly compulsive about money, spending it and wanting control, partly a legacy from her irresponsible mother. Again there’s nothing much to suggest a wedding soon.  Indeed she’s coping with strained family issues for several years ahead which may divert her attention from herself. With tr Uranus moving through her 7th now she’ll want more freedom, not less, for several years ahead.

Really they’d both need to cut the ties that bind them to their parents but in their position that’s not possible. Maybe they’ll get their acts together in their 30s, or more likely in Beatrice’s case with a Sun square Pluto in her forties.

Both have Mars Pluto aspects which will give them a degree of frustration about not being able to plough their own furrow.

Jason Day – Water Fire, ultra-determined and lucky

Jason Day

Jason Day is an Australian pro golfer, presently ranked as No 1. He was born 12 Nov 1987 2pm Beaudesert, Australia and has been golfing since he was a young child. He’s got a very intense chart with Sun Pluto Mercury spread out through Scorpio, all in his 8th.  But he’s also got a surfeit of Fire from Jupiter in Aries, a Leo Moon and Uranus Saturn Venus in Sagittarius, so he’ll be energised by that. His 2nd house Jupiter is in an adventurous opposition to Mars and trine Uranus MC Saturn so he’ll be lucky in attracting money and was clearly destined for a different kind of career. His Moon in flamboyant Leo is in the performing 5th – so he’s a curious mix of showy and very private.

He’s got a mixed year with exuberant patches and some muddled downers; is getting a grip of his destiny with tr Pluto sextile his Sun in 2017/18; and with tr Saturn in his upper quadrant until the mid 2020s there’s a lot of mileage ahead for him. Late 2017/`18 could be sticky when his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Saturn though that may just stiffen his resolve to work even harder.

Rafael Nadal – competing against the grain of Neptune & Saturn

Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal is a Spanish pro tennis player currently ranked No 5 with an impressive array of Grand Slam wins behind him.

Born 3 June 1986 6.20pm Manacor, Spain, he has tr Saturn now well into his lower profile first quadrant when it becomes more difficult to summon up the energy to train/play with the kind of drive he had in former years.

He’s having an up and down year with tr Neptune undermining some of his Mars and Sun midpoints as well as his Gemini Sun; and an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Neptune exact in 6 months. But tr Pluto is trine his Solar Arc MC all year so he’ll get some lift from that. He’ll be bullish through 2017; but 2018 is when he hits some really major roadblocks with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn and an accident prone Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars.

He’s been plagued with injuries in recent years and it is tough at the top, when even the fittest bodies start to object to years of punishment.

Gomorrah – the dark side of Naples

GomorrahRoberto Saviano


Gomorrah is the latest euro-noir, gritty TV crime drama series, made in Naples with a whiff of The Wire and The Sopranos about mob organised crime. It was based on a non-fiction book and the screenplay written by Roberto Saviano about a Mafia-type secret crime syndicate, the Camorra, which has been around since the 16th century.  Since its publication he has been living under police protection.

Saviano was born 22 September 1979 and is a serious Sun Saturn in Virgo as befits a factual writer. He has Mars in Cancer widely square Pluto and trine Uranus so will be attracted to risk.

His creative 5th Harmonic is strong though strained with two Yods; as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H. His determined 8H, victim/healer 12H and writer’s 21H are also marked.

Gomorrah was first transmitted in Italy on 6 May 2014 so has a downbeat Taurus Sun opposition Saturn; but it also has the Cardinal Grand Cross of a confident Jupiter opposition Pluto square Mars opposition Uranus – so a good context for a complex, murder and brutality drama.

It’s now into its second series and seemingly going strong.  Though Mars moving to close the square to Pluto by exact in 2017 may throw up a few obstacles to future plans.

Prince Andrew – not listening to the Eclipse message

Prince Andrew


Prince Andrew is in the headlines again for his Kazakh connections including his sale-of-the-century of the marital home to an oligarch and a business deal he allegedly attempted to broker while acting as UK trade envoy.

Born 19 Feb 1960 3.38pm London, he was removed from his trade envoy role after some previous rumpus which saw his relationship with his ever-protective mother the Queen stretched to breaking point.

He has a 7th house Pisces Sun at zero degrees opposition Pluto square a 4th house Scorpio Moon – so definitely attached to family and also to a public lifestyle and attention. He has a children and party-loving 5th house Jupiter in Sagittarius in an entrepreneurial, over-confident and demanding Fire Grand Trine to Uranus in Leo trine an Aries Midheaven. Plus a socially-ambitious Mars Venus in Capricorn in the 6th; with Saturn also in Capricorn.

His chart relocated to Kazakhstan puts Jupiter on the IC which would certainly make him feel at home there; and it also puts slippery Neptune in the financial 2nd.

The Virgo/Pisces Eclipses over the past eighteen months have been rattling his Virgo North Node perhaps sending a message about re-visioning his life and changing course. This September’s Lunar Eclipse will be sitting right on top of his Node; and the earlier very tricky September 1st Solar Eclipse will be conjunct his Pluto which will also be a sharp wake up call.

Tr Neptune is just into his 8th house of business finances which is often when secrets emerge into the open.

Tr Uranus will conjunct his Midheaven from late this June, off and on for a year which will force a sudden change of direction, all the more robustly since it will affect all of his Grand Trine.  I would wonder about health issues emerging in a couple of years since he has tr Pluto and his Secondary Progressed Moon both into his 6th then; plus Solar Arc Sun squaring his 6th house Mars; and tr Uranus also square his Mars Venus.

He’ll find it draughty when Prince Charles takes over since there’s little love lost there with a composite Sun Mercury Mars sextile Saturn and a chilly Moon square Saturn.  Even his sister Princess Anne looks exasperated and disappointed with their relationship chart getting tr Saturn conjunct the composite Mars this year; and tr Neptune square following on in later years.

Norbert Hofer – far-right loses Austria Presidency by a whisker

Norbert Hofer


Austria and indeed Europe have been saved from the first far-right Head of State as hard-line anti-immigration Norbert Hofer (Freedom Party) lost the Presidential election on the postal vote. Though it was a close run thing – 49.7% to 50.3%. He’s pro-Germanic, wears emblems redolent of the Nazis and slogans such as freedom, fatherland.

Born 2 March 1971 Vorau, Austria, he’s a Sun Mercury in Pisces square Neptune Jupiter in Sagittarius – so he’ll have the Piscean obsessive attachment to a vision of what he sees as the ideal.  He has a hard Moon Saturn in Taurus with Venus in traditionalist Capricorn trine Pluto; and Mars in crusading Sagittarius as well.

Tr Neptune is conjunct his Sun at the moment which is not helpful for election wins; as well as tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune ditto; and a discouraging slog tr Pluto trine Saturn – exact at the moment.

But he’ll not be down for long. He’ll surge ahead within a few days, be bullish through the autumn and has a fair amount of popular mileage ahead.

Roger Federer – coming to a crossroads

Roger Federer



Roger Federer, currently ranked as No 3 in tennis, and regarded as one of the greatest players ever, is beginning to feel the strain of his age after two decades of punishing his body. He’s withdrawn from the French Open, having pulled out of the Madrid Open earlier this month as well, due to injury.

Born 8 August 1981 8.40am Bale, Switzerland,  he’s got a run of disappointing and unsettling transits to midpoints through this year and in some ways worse in 2017. In 2016 he’s got the enthusiasm-dampening tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting his Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Saturn; with an insecure/operation and accident-prone tr Uranus square his Mars/Node.  In 2017 tr Pluto moves on to square Sun/Neptune and trine Sun/Pluto – so much confusion and pressure.

Plus his progressed Moon is now moving through his 6th house of health for another 18 months, which is often when health issues emerge.

His Progressed Pluto will conjunct his Uranus, exact in 6 months which does suggest a major change in his life. That added on to tr Uranus opposition his Pluto this year – would all point to difficult decisions being faced.

Jordan Spieth – a Mars Saturn setback

Jordan Spieth



Jordan Spieth, American pro golfer who had stratospheric success in 2015 suddenly lost form through this year’s Masters.

Born 27 July 1993, he is a Sun Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra, so a warm-hearted, enthusiastic personality.  But he’s highly strung with Uranus Neptune in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo and opposition Mercury in Cancer.

What’s wrong this year is his Solar Arc Saturn opposing his Mars which does suggest a major setback and gnashing of teeth.  Plus tr Uranus has been squaring his Neptune Uranus nad Mercury which may have also been a distraction.  His midpoints also are not great in 2016 with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on his Mars/Saturn and tr Uranus opposing his Mars/Pluto – so it’ll feel like a catastrophe.

The next two or three years won’t be that easy with tr Pluto opposing his Mercury and conjunct his Neptune Uranus and trine his Mars from 2017.