Saturn Pluto – reprise

These are older posts on Saturn Pluto.

‘Stray thoughts on Saturn and Pluto which come together as a conjunction in 2019. But also dominate the US Presidential Election 2016 chart, with each planet sitting on the point of a T Square.

* Two tough, essentially masculine energies.

* Saturn’s great strength in stability and structure is also a weakness when faced with situations demanding flexibility and compromise. Pluto in a slightly different way is also incapable of giving way gracefully. A world view based solely on power sees only the victorious or the oppressed. There can be no quarter given when compromise is seen as a sign of weakness, a lowering of defences as potentially life-threatening.

* Freedom of choice is not a Saturn–Pluto concept, so beliefs that do not fall in line with the established order, come under pressure.’

‘The only Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction, as we have coming up in 2020, that I could find over the past 300 years was in 1819/20. In fact it never came together as all three since the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Pisces of 19189 had separated before Jupiter caught up in 1820. When I have a moment I’ll try to delve further back in history. But of note (from wiki):-

‘The Panic of 1819 was the first major peacetime financial crisis in the United States followed by a general collapse of the American economy persisting through 1821. The Panic announced the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward a dynamic economy, increasingly characterized by the financial and industrial imperatives of laissez-faire capitalism. Though driven by global market adjustments in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the severity of the downturn was compounded by excessive speculation in public lands, fueled by the unrestrained issue of paper money from banks and business concerns.’

Interesting that the financial collapse – Saturn Pluto = deprivation – was followed by a resurgence from Jupiter. It was certainly a major turning point at least for the USA.’

Also broader background on Saturn Pluto : December 17 2016

Jared Kushner – facing greatest challenge of his life


Jared Kushner’s birth certificate has now been unearthed and he was born 12.05pm Livingston, New Jersey on 10th January 1981.

This puts his Sun exactly on a 20 degree Capricorn MC, so both will get the tr Pluto conjunction through 2018/19. Tr Pluto conjunct Sun is highly pressured and can feel trapped. Tr Pluto on the MC can bring reputations tumbling down at the start and usually accompanies a long period of many years thereafter searching for a new direction in life. Alternatively sometimes tr Pluto through the 10th can bring out a ruthless, power-hungry push for influence but that can run the risk of back-firing. What’s for sure is that it will be an exceptionally challenging and probably frustrating time for him. And he has his Solar Arc MC and Sun square his Uranus, exact in about 14 months time, ie. late summer 2018, which will knock his plans sideways.

He’s also got tr Neptune conjunct his Pisces Moon in 2018/19 and conjunct his Solar Arc Mars, which suggests an undermining family situation and confusion about future plans. Tr Uranus moves across his Ascendant from 2019 onwards which will see him stepping out more independently and having to re-image himself.

His natal Neptune is in the financial 8th which kind of figures; and that is picking up the tr Saturn conjunction twice again this year until October and then tr Saturn moves on to conjunct his Venus. So maybe secrets coming out into the open or financial plans not working out.

Salman Abedi – Capricorn + Mars Saturn


Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber, was born (acc to wiki) on 31 December 1994.

If accurate, then he’s a Sun Capricorn with Mercury Neptune Uranus conjunct in Capricorn as well, sextile Pluto Venus in Scorpio. What is striking in his chart, given the date of the atrocity and Ariana Grande’s chart as well, is Saturn in Pisces opposition Mars square a powerfully confident and over-pushy, might-makes-right Jupiter Pluto conjunction. His Saturn opposition Mars is sextile/trine his Sun, so a very marked signature for an assassin.

He certainly had no love for the country who took his parents in as refugees from Gaddafi’s Libya. His relationship chart with the UK has a hostile composite Mars opposition Sun Pluto.

The February Pisces Solar Eclipse, which was so strongly focussed on Manchester, was closely conjunct his Saturn.

Jordan & Syria – all uncertain in the fog of war



Damascus are claiming that Jordanian forces, backed by the USA, are preparing an invasion of southern Syria. This may be a propaganda line punted by Assad to firm up Russian support. Jordanian planes are already bombing ISIL targets and their forces have recently built a buffer zone of about 9 miles just inside the Syrian border. But the Jordanian military chiefs have been firm in their denials about any ground forces moving in and the war is unpopular domestically in Jordan.

The Jordan/Syria relationship chart shows signs of a deeper freeze from this July to October as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun opposition Jupiter; with a marked deterioration through 2018/19.

The relationship chart between King Abdullah of Jordan and Bashar Assad also shows the July to October period this year as aggravated; worsening through 2018 and more so in 2019/2020.

The USA/Russia relationship chart looks strained across this July to October patch as well, though there could be other reasons for that. Even before then it is sagging badly as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun Saturn from now onwards till late 2018.



Roger Moore – Venusian overdose of charm


Roger Moore, the suave, consummate English gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, who played James Bond after Connery and before that Simon Templar in the Saint, has died.

Born 14 October 1927 12.45am London, he was, not surprisingly, a Sun Libra with a 10th house Gemini Moon opposition Saturn square Venus in Virgo. Lots of soft charm and a way with women, seeing him through four marriages. He had a wide Yod of Mars in Libra (Sun) sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces in his 8th, so he would have the ability to project an expansive manner – and accumulate a good deal of money. He owned rights latterly in the Saint, which set him up for life with its global distribution and rolled through four high-paying Bonds.

But he also had steel in his spine, grit and determination from Sun Mars square Pluto.

Ariana Grande – broken and beyond words



Ariana Grande, the American singer who had just come off stage when the Manchester bomb went off outside the arena, was born 26 June 1993 9.15 pm Boca Raton, Florida. She is immensely successful with No 1 albums and singles galore and 7 billion viewers for her music videos. She is of Italian origin and started singing and acting as a child.

She has a hard-working 6th house Cancer Sun in an expansive square to Jupiter Moon in Libra, and a sensible trine to Saturn. She’s got a Mystic Rectangle of a 10th house Pluto opposition Venus in Taurus trine/sextile Mercury in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and Ascendant – so passionate, ultra-charming, quite controlling and highly strung.

What she also has is a Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Mars – so not dissimilar to the signature of the bombing (see below). In her case, the Grand Trine of Sun, Saturn and MC, is in Water which is creative and healing; and the Mars Saturn gives her drive and discipline to bring out its potential. Though her afflicted/emphasised Mars is in the 8th which can bring fairly tragic and risky experiences into her life.

There’s nothing much sparking up on her chart apart from tr Pluto trine her Moon/Mars midpoint, which would bring a great surge of anger and intense reaction. She will feel it badly given the water in her chart.

Relocating her chart to Manchester puts her highly-strung Uranus Neptune exactly conjunct on the midheaven; with an intense Pluto in the 7th – so it will be a location which evokes a storm of feelings in her. She has cancelled the rest of her tour.

Her Progressed Moon is about to go into her 8th house within weeks, staying for nearly three years, which will be a difficult time psychologically for her, as she tries to get her bearings. Though tr Jupiter moving across her midheaven later this year and through chunks of 2018 will bring her success.


Manchester bombing – an inflammatory Mars Saturn



Twenty-two people, including children, have been killed and 59 injured in a suicide attack at Manchester Arena. The blast happened around 22.30 pm local time yesterday at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande. Police said the lone male attacker, who died in the blast, detonated an improvised explosive device.

What’s around at the moment is a Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus Moon in Aries trine North Node in Leo, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Mars. The Fire emphasis makes it attention-seeking, brashly confident and Mars Saturn makes it cruel, associated in older astrology with assassinations and the military. Set for the time of the explosion Uranus Moon were on the IC located to Manchester with the Saturn opposition Mars across the horizon line (Ascendant/Descendant axis).

This above configuration stays in place for a while, though the Mars Saturn opposition will peak from the 29th of this month and then start to fade. Atrocities often occur before the exact aspect.

The February 2017 Pisces Solar Eclipse, set for Manchester, has an explosive Mars Uranus in Aries conjunct the MC opposition Jupiter IC square Pluto – so descriptive of the worst terrorist bombing in the UK for 12 years.  In July 2005  52 were killed and 700 injured in co-ordinated terrorist attacks on London transport. At that point there was also a wide Fire Grand Trine involving Mars in Aries and an approaching Mars square Saturn.

On the UK chart at the moment tr Pluto is still opposition the Cancer Moon, which invokes intense emotional reactions – and that sticks around till late 2018. The Solar Arc MC is also drawing closer to the exact square to the UK 8th house Mars, which as well as having financial connections, also tends to accompany dangerous situations when triggered. It is exact in three months.

Mike Pence – disasters and banana skins ahead



Amid the febrile and probably misplaced rumours about an imminent Trump impeachment, VP Mike Pence has raised eyebrows in launching his own PAC (political action committee). VPs don’t normally do it this early into a run and it is denied it has anything to do with his future political ambitions vis a vis the White House in 2020. Even barring an impeachment, health problems for Trump are not an outside possibility, given his age, unhealthy lifestyle and high-voltage Solar Arc Uranus Mars in 2018.

There’s no birth time for Pence, so timings are iffy, but he does have Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus anywhere from 15 months to two years ahead. This will certainly send an electric shock through his life, and that could be good or bad. Plus he has tr Uranus opposition his Solar Arc Pluto in 2018 which is also a major upheaval. This year is majorly fraught with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn (= rolling catastrophes) and trine his Mars/Neptune (= dreams dissolving) – and both of these run till late 2018. Plus he has tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Saturn running from now till late July, and on and off till late 2018, which usually accompanies career losses. Plus a really lacklustre, not-winning tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun from May 2018 till late 2019. Though tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter will give him some cheer in 2018/19. But even if he did step up, he would not be a happy camper. He’ll recover by 2020/21 with tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter.

His wife Karen, also no birth time, is also facing a major setback, possibly in 2019 with Solar Arc Saturn square her Scorpio Sun. Though that can also be too much work. Some highs in 2018/19 with tr Pluto sextile her Sun/Jupiter; and considerable frustrations by 2019/2020 as tr Pluto trines her Mars in Taurus.

Pence’s relationship chart with Trump is aggravated at the best of times, though no doubt kept firmly under wraps, with a hostile, power-struggling Mars Pluto conjunction – so when it blows apart it will be nasty. It looks highly confused between them this year, worse in 2018/19; though 2019 could bring relief from the chains that bind.

Karen dislikes Trump even more obviously with a composite Mars Uranus square Saturn Neptune. Their chemistry is bubbling uncomfortably through this year; in the freezer late this year; and into devastation territory by 2018.

Two thoughts strike me. One – in the event of the Trump campaign being discredited over Russia, Pence might well be implicated since he’s been in since the start. Two – if Trump gets a whiff of disloyalty or any perceived attempt to oust him and install Pence instead, the daggers and blunderbusses will come out.

US & UK politics – paranoia and polarisation

Politics has overtaken the Kardashians, Royal romances and sporting hostilities as the toxic topic causing uproar at water coolers and tearing apart family relationships and friendships. The degree of polarisation is worrying both in the USA and the UK.

Trump supporters are still standing by their man, dismissing all criticism as ‘just noise’, and blanking out most opposing opinions by only getting their ‘news’ from nakedly ideological outlets, which makes it less likely that they’ll encounter any other viewpoint – or be able to distinguish truth from falsehood.

In the UK, the Brexit campaign, run on the basis of outright lies, with no voting rights for UK ex-pats, was won by the slimmest of majorities (hell mend David Cameron, doubly so for punting the referendum in the first place and not putting a 60% threshold on it.) The Remainers think the Brexiters are delusional as well as mendacious, harking back to the glory days of empire – which aren’t coming back. The Brexiters think the Remainers’ fears are of no consequence – more noise. Neither side listens to the other.

The USA is in some ways is easier to understand given the tr Uranus square the US Mercury opposition Pluto in 2017/18, which historically has inflamed far-right views. And the US anyway has always had a unique strand of virulent anti-government sentiment, which has now become more mainstream, blossoming into paranoia about the ‘deep state’.

Much is being made in the liberal media about the present Trump campaign Russia connection having parallels with Watergate, though Trump is no Nixon. Where the connection exists is that Trump got elected on the back of Fox News support, which is largely the brainchild of Roget Ailes, a Nixon adviser (heavily Taurus). Another Nixon adviser, Pat Buchanan, was a great polariser, who recommended using race and class conflict as a campaigning tool (Scorpio with a divisive Uranus in Taurus on his MC). So Trump’s victory was re-running the old script. When Watergate pulled Nixon down, Buchanan said – it goes against the political will of the people.

Watergate escalated through 1973, ending in Nixon’s resignation in August 1974. This was the period some see as the most significant time in the UK’s 20th Century history. Over the 1973-74 winter, under Edward Heath’s government, there was a State of Emergency, the Three-Day Week and endless power-cuts with trades unionists rising to prominence. The middle-classes were in a state of mounting paranoia about the UK becoming a proto-communist country.

There were specific influences then to the UK chart – Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the 11th house Saturn in Leo (= the legislature, testing the power of parliament). But what both the UK and the USA were facing was tr Saturn in Cancer square tr Pluto in Libra – with tr Saturn in hard aspect to each country’s Sun.

At present tr Saturn is moving towards the end of its Sagittarius stint and heading to join Pluto in for Capricorn from this New Year, though not reaching the exact conjunction to Pluto till 2019. Before then tr Saturn will oppose the USA Venus Jupiter in 2018 and then the US Sun in early 2019 – so relatively similar to 1974, though not exactly so, since tr Pluto is further on. Tr Saturn will conjunct the UK Sun in December 2018, when the detail of Brexit will be clearer.

So 2018/2019 are likely to be the years when the sh** hits the fan after a time of trial requiring endurance and perseverance.