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  • Ireland – a push to liberalise and humanise abortion laws

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      The old Roman Catholic imperatives still holds sway in Ireland where the Constitution denies access to abortion, except where a woman’s life, as distinct from her health, is at risk. It is not available in cases of risk to a woman’s health and wellbeing, or in cases of rape, incest or foetal anomaly. And Northern Ireland is no different. The Ireland Constitution which enshrines these mediaeval restrictions came into force on 29 December 1937, presumably at 12 am in Dublin, though abortion was a later amendment. This gives a Scorpio Moon trine Pluto in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces – and that is a bleak, tough, hard approach to femininity and women’s issues. The bleakest. That self-protective, overly-emotional Water …Keep reading »
  • Princess Aiko – trapped by her royal birth

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      Princess Aiko, daughter of the heir to the Japanese Throne Prince Naruhito, is known as the princess who never smiles and is evidently off school with stress and anxiety. Her mother Princess Masako, withdrew from public life for a decade suffering from stress after criticism of her producing a female child. Only male heirs can succeed in Japan. Princess Aiko born 12 December 2001 2.43pm Tokyo, does have a troubled chart with a trapped 8th house Sun Pluto Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Saturn Moon in Gemini, so very much tied into her mother’s depression and the suffocatingly restrictive atmosphere of her upbringing and ancestry. She also has an explosive, wants-to-be-free Uranus Mars in Aquarius square her Venus in Scorpio, …Keep reading »
  • Pete Burns – Joyce Wildenstein – in search of love, self and other

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        UK singer Pete Burns and star of Celebrity Big Brother, who was addicted to cosmetic surgery and had 300 operations, some of them to repair damage from previous ones, has died aged 57 from heart failure. He was described as a cross between Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker, a wild eccentric, though he turned himself latterly into a freak show with his distorted looks. Born 5 Aug 1959 11.30am? Port Sunlight, England (astrotheme) he had a maverick and flamboyant Sun Uranus Mercury conjunction in Leo; with a Leo Moon as well, perhaps conjunct Uranus. So he was always keen to stand out from the crowd. His autobiography was titled Freak Unique. He also had a really tough, dark …Keep reading »
  • Heathrow Airport – the fight begins

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      The UK Government has given its approval for a third runway at Heathrow Airport after decades of dithering. It will in theory bring £61bn of economic benefits and create up to 77,000 additional local jobs. Plus additional employment while it is being constructed. It would lead to almost 50% more planes over London and is likely to bring major challenges from campaigners before it is voted on in Westminster in late 2017/18. If it is built, it’ll be 2025 before it is ready. Heathrow was officially opened for civil aviation on 25 March 1946, having previously been used by the Aviation Ministry in two wars. This gives it an Aries Sun opposition Neptune and trine Pluto, which seems fitting …Keep reading »
  • Alistair Urquhart – surviving against the odds, again and again and again

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      Alistair Urquhart, whose autobiography of his war-time experiences as a POW of the Japanese on the Burma ’death railway’ was a best seller, has died aged 97. What is astonishing is not just that he survived an unthinkable three and a half years which killed many thousands, but that he lived, as so many of that generation seem to, to a ripe old age. He contracted cholera, malaria, beri beri and gangrene, was starved, beaten and worse. Towards the end of the war he was shipped off in a Japanese ‘hellship’ which was holed by a submarine and he ended in the sea covered in burning oil, went blind from the sun, was recaptured by Japanese and ended up …Keep reading »
  • Inauguration – Hillary high-stress; Donald cartwheeling

      The Inauguration chart (and therefore First Term chart) for whoever gets into the White House, assuming 12 noon or thereabouts, looks less aggressive than either GW Bush’s first term or indeed Richard Nixon’s. There is a risk-taking Uranus opposition Jupiter squaring onto a 9th house Pluto – so it will be control freaky where international affairs are concerned, arousing hostility. That emphasised Pluto could also point to bitter legal battles. There is a military Saturn square Mars, but it is not particularly highlighted. Saturn in the 8th suggests economic woes which would match the US Federal Reserve Bank chart which is showing major strain in late 2017 and through 2018. The Aquarius Sun is not well integrated into the …Keep reading »
  • Rodrigo Duterte – in full machismo gear

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      Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, is racketing around like a loose cannon, called Barack Obama ‘son of a whore’, threatening to separate from the USA and side with China, much to the horror and alarm of his own ministers, never mind US officials. He was sworn in at noon on 30 June 2016 in Manila, which certainly gives a divisive chart where close relationships are concerned with Uranus in the 7th in a stressed quincunx to a vengeful and determined Mars in the 2nd, suggesting he’ll goes his own way on trade and money-making ventures, though erratically. It is a materialistic chart with an Earth Grand Trine of Pluto trine Jupiter North Node trine a Taurus Moon – …Keep reading »
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