Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Brexit – not a zero sum game, chaos on both sides

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            The Brexit talks got under way formally last Monday at 11am with a flustered David Davis emerging hours later alongside an icily urbane Michel Barnier, who is the chief EU negotiator. The chart has North Node conjunct the Ascendant hinting at a lack of a clear sense of what exactly the talks entail; and a 7th house Neptune pointing to disappointment in close relationships and a slipperiness about sticking to commitments. The Sun/Moon midpoint, which represents close relationships is square the Node, so running against the grain of the time; and semi-square Mars which is argumentative. What’s interesting is that the Talks Ascendant will get the full force of the August Leo Eclipse sitting conjunct – …Keep reading »
  • Prince Harry – lurching into another PR disaster

          Prince Harry has been making himself unpopular with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth by suggesting no one really wants to be monarch. Which given that she has sacrificed herself selflessly for decades is rather a slap in the face. And since he’s close to his brother, it also suggests William isn’t exactly enamoured of being next in line after Prince Charles. The monarchy has survived this far partly because of the Queen’s unshakeable sense of duty and partly out of the mystique which comes from absolute discretion. Not something the younger Royals appear to understand. Harry does have a natal Mercury square Uranus which will tend to make him shoot off at the mouth without thinking too hard; …Keep reading »
  • USS Fitzgerald – an incomprehensible failure

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        The collision of the USS destroyer Fitzgerald with a 730 foot-long container ship on 17 June 2017 at 1.30am off the coast of Japan, with the loss of seven lives, has sparked incomprehension in the naval world. The freighter stacked with 1000 containers seems to have been on automatic pilot. But the Fitzgerald should have had lookouts on watch on the port, starboard and stern, scanning the horizon with binoculars and reporting by headsets to the destroyer’s bridge. Radar officers on the bridge and in the combat information centre below should have spotted the freighter’s image on their screens. And under standard protocol, the captain should have been wakened and summoned to the bridge long before the ships …Keep reading »
  • Trumpcare Mark 11 – a blood-sucking endeavour

      Pushing Obamacare through the shredder is aimed at a Senate vote as early as next Thursday, just as the bitter and enraging Mars opposition Pluto is at its most toxic. Though it isn’t clear if there are enough votes to get it passed. A few Senators are resisting since they think it does not go far enough. Background for non-Americans: There are two driving forces: 1. Republican majorities in both chambers want to erase the central concept that health care is a fundamental right, not a privilege depending on one’s income. Medicaid at the moment serves almost 70 million people, providing health care for the indigent, disabled and working poor. Additionally, about 20 percent of spending goes to provide …Keep reading »
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  • Nancy Pelosi – Democrats losing the faith

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        Democrats licking their wounds after the failure of Jon Ossoff to win the congressional seat in Georgia in a strongly Republican area have turned their ire on House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. The New York Times describes her as “one of the most successful congressional leaders in the modern era. She is the Democrat most crucial to determining whether her party can take back the House and torpedo President Trump’s agenda.” But some want her gone. Born 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, MD, she’s a Sun Aries trine Pluto, with Jupiter also in Aries; and Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Mars spread out through Taurus; and her Saturn square Pluto – so quite a steamroller of energy and relentless determination. Although …Keep reading »
  • Boris Johnson – Mair-ed and snared

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          Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary with the Trump hair,  has joined Diane Abbott in the car-crash interviews stakes after a punishing doing-over by Eddie Mair about the Queen’s Speech, when he sighed, hummed and hawed, shuffled his papers and didn’t appear to have a clue what he was supposed to say. Boris isn’t in a good place at all at the moment with tr Pluto in a catastrophe-ridden square to his Mars/Saturn midpoint; and his scatter-gun Mutable T Square of Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini, having moved by Solar Arc to collide with tr Uranus hard aspects. His horror influences will run through 2018, if anything getting worse, as he picks up a totally-trapped …Keep reading »
  • Al Jazeera – a thorny problem in Middle East schism

          The worst political crisis among Middle Eastern Gulf countries in decades is escalating despite US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s plea for reason and caution. Having effectively blockaded Qatar, four Arab states have now sent a list of 13 demands to be met if sanctions are to be lifted. Amongst them that broadcaster Al Jazeera is shut down; ties with Iran to be reduced and a Turkish military base closed – all within 10 days. The Saudi-led allies order it to cut ties with extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, end the funding of terrorism, and hand over terrorists. None of which leaves much wiggle room for negotiations. Qatar, which has sought to raise its profile …Keep reading »