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  • Caruana Galizia – killed for outing corruption

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          A political blogger who triggered an early election in Malta when her investigation of the Panama Papers pointed the finger at government officials has been killed in a car bomb. PM Joseph Muscat who won despite corruption allegations (all heavily denied) condemned the act as barbaric. Caruana Galizia was born, aptly enough, a mere month before Malta got independence on 26 August 1964. She has a Virgo Sun opposition Saturn square a confident Jupiter in late Taurus; with her Sun conjunct Uranus which was in turn conjunct Pluto Mercury all in Virgo – communicative, keen to upset the status quo; she also had a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in cancer trine an idealistic Neptune in Scorpio. At …Keep reading »
  • Gerard Butler – Mars colliding with his Harley Davidson

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        Scottish actor Gerard Butler has been taken to hospital after crashing his motorcycle in LA though his injuries are apparently not serious. He came to renown after Attila and The Phantom of the Opera and played in several dragon films, as well as Coriolanus; his latest sci-fi epic Geostorm is about to release. Born 13 November 1969 5.21am Paisley, Scotland, he’s an intense and filmic Sun Mercury Neptune in Scorpio; with Venus in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus in his 7th square to Mars in Aquarius in his 4th, a testament to a tricky childhood with parents splitting when he was 18 months old, and he only met his father again when he was 16. His Capricorn Moon …Keep reading »
  • Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander – powerful Aries matched with upfront Libra

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          Michael Fassbender has married Alicia Vikander on the Spanish island of Ibiza whom he met while filming The Light Between Oceans three years ago. He’s got a sterling track record of Inglourious Basterds, 12 Years a Slave and Steve Jobs though his recent Snowman has had poor reviews. Alicia Vikander, eleven years younger, has still managed to accumulate a handful of acclaimed performances in Testament of Youth, Anna Karenina, The Danish Girl. He’s born 2 April 1977 12.30am Heidelburg, Germany; she 3 October 1988 Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s quiet a feisty match since he has an Aries Sun opposition Pluto on his midheaven, while she is a Libra Sun opposition Mars in Aries. He’ll be keen on control …Keep reading »
  • Kurdistan – a centuries long battle for freedom

          Iraqi government forces have captured key installations outside the disputed city of Kirkuk from Kurdish fighters, in what threatens to be a new conflict in Iraq. Both sides are seen as Western allies since the Kurds were key to defeating ISIS. The Kurds recently voted for independence; the Iraqi government wants the oilfields and a unified country. An additional complication is that Iraqi Kurds see themselves as part of Greater Kurdistan, territories of which are in Turkey, Syria and Iran, so a Kurdish victory in Iraq could de-stabilise the whole of the Middle East. The carve up of the defunct Ottoman Empire by the Brit and French super-powers of the day during WW1 took no account of …Keep reading »
  • Mata Hari – a wild and wayout Leo

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        The most iconic spy of all time – Mata Hari – was executed exactly 100 years ago today. Prior to WW1 she had been a legendary ‘femme fatale’ of ‘Belle Epoque’ Paris, where her she more or less invented the striptease as a form of dance and her lovers included ministers, industrialists and generals. Then came the war and information replaced sex as the currency of the moment. Historians argue over whether she was a German spy or a double-agent and she may have died as a scapegoat, sacrificed, some say, because the French needed to find a spy to explain their succession of reverses in the war. Born Margarethe Zelle on 7 August 1876 1pm Leeuwarden, Netherlands, …Keep reading »
  • Tom Hanks – Hollywood’s Mr Normal

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          Actor and director Tom Hanks with credits and awards galore – Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Band of Brothers, Saving Mr Banks – has now produced a collection of short stories. Untypically for Hollywood he appears to live an enviably quiet domestic with his second wife whom he married in 1988. Born 9 July 1956 11.17am Concord, CA, he’s a Sun Cancer (like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise) with a Water Grand Trine of Sun to Mars in Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio, making him private, emotionally self-protective, creative and a healing presence for others. His Saturn is in an enduring square to a confident Pluto conjunct Jupiter; his Leo Moon is conjunct Uranus, suiting him …Keep reading »
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  • Gary Goldsmith – a right royal embarassment

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          Every family has one. But a black sheep must be toe-curlingly embarrassing for a family as socially ambitious as the Middletons. The Duchess of Cambridge’s uncle Gary, brother to Carole, has been arrested charged with assaulting his wife following a night out at a London charity event. According to the Daily Mail, they are said to have had a furious row about his alleged cocaine use before he punched her in the eye with his left fist and left her unconscious after she struck her head on the pavement. The taxi driver who had brought them home intervened and phoned the police. Goldsmith, 29 April 1965, is an indulgent Sun Venus in Taurus; with a volatile and explosive …Keep reading »