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  • Andrea Bocelli – succeeding against the odds

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         Andrea Bocelli, who has brought pop levels of success to classical singing, has another album out which includes a duet with Ed Sheeran. Despite his blindness he lives an active life, riding his favourite horses, despite a fall last year which hospitalised him, and has been seen windsurfing, skiing and rollerblading in the past and travels extensively. Born 22 September 1958 5.15am Pisa, Italy, he had congenital glaucoma at birth and lost his sight totally after a football accident when he was 12. He started musical interests early aged six, learnt braille to read music, played the piano and other instruments and started to sing. After he finished law school, he was mentored by Pavarotti and his career …Keep reading »
  • Yayoi Kusama – a talent out of the ordinary

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           Yayoi Kusama, deemed one of the most influential living artists to come out of Japan, worked mainly with installations and conceptual art but has talents across a range of genre. Born 22 March 1929 in Matsumo, Japan, she had an abusive mother who sent her to spy on her father’s illicit affairs which gave her a lifelong fear of sex. When she was 10 she started having vivid hallucinations – flashes of lights, dense fields of dots, flowers that spoke to her – which became a source of inspiration for her later, in a process she called ‘self-obliteration’ – and in one instance when she painted her mother the dots obliterated her as well. When she was 13 …Keep reading »
  • UK 1927 – same but different

        I hate new dates for country charts.  Often they are thrown into the mix by people who are either: a) obsessive compulsive and just like to fiddle and be different from the crowd; b) get focussed on minor shifts in the country’s history, in this instance a name change – after a divorce you don’t get a new birth chart; c) or think because the chart in accepted usage doesn’t always throw up exact predictive timings it has to be wrong, rather than accepting that astrology is highly complex. What proves to be a tipping point is the consequence of multiple influences exerting (or accompanying) pressure as they move backwards and forwards on different cycles. So an actual …Keep reading »
  • Labour in a fix – Starmer on best form * updated

           The Labour leadership, Corbyn and McDonnell, are in a double-bind pulled between their longstanding dislike of the EU and their membership which favours a People’s Vote by nine to one with 90% wanting to remain according to David Lammy MP. Corbyn’s relationship chart with the EU has a bitterly hostile composite Mars opposition Pluto; plus a deeply suspicious Saturn Neptune square Uranus. McDonnell isn’t much better with a critical Sun Saturn; a power-struggling Pluto Jupiter; plus a few extra crossed stars. Keir Starmer, the Labour Brexit spokesman is rowing back on McDonnell’s odd claim that any people’s vote wouldn’t include a remain option. McDonnell isn’t winning much through this year and next with tr Neptune opposition his Mars …Keep reading »
  • Libra Ingress – wobbling on a see-saw

           The entry of the Sun into Libra (yesterday) was generally considered the most important of the four Cardinal ingresses in the year. How useful ingress charts are is a moot point, having been roundly dismissed by astrologers who studied them in depth across a range of events. But for what it’s worth, set for London, UK, this Libra Ingress chart does have Uranus conjunct the midheaven. The 10th house covers Royalty and the government with Uranus suggesting change or at least tensions breaking out. Uranus is in a Fixed Grand Cross opposition Venus square Node opposition Mars – so a mix of excessively stubborn and disruptive. With a downbeat Sun Mercury square Saturn; and an over-hopeful Jupiter trine …Keep reading »
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  • Sally Field – picking up the pieces

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           Oscar-winning actress Sally Field, is another one out with a misery memoir replete with family drama and damaging adult relationships. She was born 6 November 1946 4.23am Pasadena, California to a father who baled when he discovered his wife was pregnant by another man. Her mother was an actress with a drink problem who knowingly allowed her stepfather to abuse her for years. Sally started in television roles at 20 and, as with Jane Fonda, found her stride after meeting the acting coach Lee Strasberg. She garnered awards along the way for tv, film and stage performances and now directs as well. Her much publicized relationship with Burt Reynolds was a nightmare – he took hysterical fits if …Keep reading »
  • Lily Allen – telling it like it was

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         Lily Allen, a successful UK singer and TV presenter, has written a brutally honest (over-sharing according to the Guardian) memoir about her first 33 years. There’s drugs, drink, sex which was good, rape and indifferent, bulimia and erratic parents. Born 2 May 1985, no birth time, in London to a film producer mother and a Welsh-comedian father who left when she was young, she appeared first on TV aged 3, attended 13 different schools and was expelled from two for drinking and smoking. In her adult life she had best-selling albums, multiple relationships, a miscarriage and a still birth with post-natal depression, was stalked for several years and was recently diagnosed as bi-polar. An exhausting life. She’s a …Keep reading »
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