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  • Trump’s foreign policy starts to emerge

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      Donald Trump has stunned Beijing by speaking directly to the Taiwanese leader, which overturns four decades of US protocol on Taiwan. China sees Taiwan as a province, not an independent state. Taiwan does not have a formal mutual defence treaty with the US, and American commitments on the defence of the island are deliberately obscured. But as China’s military might grows, Taiwan relies ultimately on the US security umbrella in East Asia for protection from invasion. China was always going to be a Trump hot spot/aggression-zone with his Mars on the Descendant located to Beijing, with his Pluto also conjunct the Desc  (see relocated chart above). [US Presidents who went to war usually had a strong Mars line through …Keep reading »
  • James Mattis – monkish warrior

      James General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, the nominee for US Secretary of Defence, is highly respected within the armed forces in US and UK. Senator John MCCain said of him: “He is without a doubt of one of finest military officers of his generation and an extraordinary leader who inspires a rare and special admiration of his troops.” Born 8 September 1950, he is known as the warrior-monk-intellectual, having never married, being extremely bright and well read. The monk-intellectual is certainly reflected in his Sun Saturn in Virgo. The warrior also in his ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn and square Pluto. He is certainly more hawkish than the Obama Administration could cope with but for all his rather …Keep reading »
  • Questions & Comments

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  • Collective shifts & Narcissism

    Trying to trace the development of consciousness or cultural trends through astrology is complicated by the fact that what has affected the West in terms of outlook and lifestyle has not been mirrored in other societies. China, Middle East, Africa and Asia have in large part stayed closer to their historical attitudes. They may be changing now because of the incursion of Western media and the internet, but the old family and religious ties still have a strong grip. What is below is more thinking-in-process than anything too conclusive. Narcissism has been widely spoken off as the prevailing trend in the US and West in the 20th Century (Erich Fromm, Christopher Lasch). People have become greedy and vain. Narcissistic traits …Keep reading »
  • Donald Trump – facing up to Saturn

        Donald Trump has tr Saturn opposing his 10th house Uranus from 25 Nov to 3rd December (ie. now). It then opposes his North Node in Gemini from Dec 21 to 28th; is conjunct his Moon from 29th December to 5th January 2017; and then opposes his Gemini Sun 6th to 15th January. It’ll be interesting to watch how all that plays out. Saturn demands responsibility, self-discipline, gravitas and maturity. Media stories: “After meeting the President-elect last week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told USA Today the billionaire businessman was starting to appreciate the burden of the Oval Office. Mr Gingrich said: “He commented, ‘This is really a bigger job than I thought.’ Which is good. He should think that. …Keep reading »
  • Buzz Aldrin – always up for a challenge

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      Buzz Aldrin, now 86, the second man to walk on the moon, has been evacuated from the South Pole where was on a tourist trip, after falling ill. Born 20 January 1930 2.17pm Glen Ridge, New Jersey, he has a scientifically-inclined Sun Mercury in Aquarius in the determined 8th; with a self-sufficient Jupiter in the 12th in an adventuring sextile to an innovative 10th house Uranus; and square Neptune. What runs across his chart is a gutsy, never-say-die Mars in Capricorn opposition Pluto, so not short of courage but with a fair few demons to contend with. When he made his historic walk on 21 July 1969, his Solar Arc Jupiter had moved to exactly oppose his Mars, giving …Keep reading »
  • Shailene Woodley – Native American cheerleader

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      Award winning American actress Shailene Woodley, (Divergent series, Snowden etc) is an avid environmental activist and is campaigning against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is a 1,172-mile crude oil pipeline which Native American tribes say will harm drinking water and cultural sites on their land. Born 15 Nov 1991 in Simi Valley, California, she’s certainly a determined fighter with a powerhouse Sun Mars Pluto in Scorpio, plus a helpful and lucky Jupiter in Virgo trine a highly strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. She’s got some disappointments in 2017 but is also amazingly exuberant and not going down without having her say as tr Pluto squares three of her Jupiter midpoints. Unfortunately the CEO of the Texas company laying the …Keep reading »
  • Trump nominees – leaning towards Capricorn and Sagittarius

    Of the Trump nominees announced so far (bar three I can’t find dates for) – four are Sun Capricorn or five if you include Jared Kushner. Three are Sun Sagittarius including Bannon. Plus one Libra, one Gemini, one Aries. Three of the Sun in Capricorn individuals have Sagittarius planets and some of the Sags have at least one Capricorn planet. So those are clearly his two favourite signs. His Moon is in Sagittarius so he’ll be nurtured by that energy; and Capricorn is his 5th house so those will be play or speculation buddies. What is also notable are the Jupiter aspects in all of them – enormously strongly marked. Out of seven there are four with Jupiter in hard …Keep reading »