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  • Neptune in Pisces – reprise

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    This is a rerun of a previous post  Neptune is such a slippery influence it’s always tricky to pin down, so interesting to see how it worked out in action. November 16 2015 post: I’ve been pondering on ISIL and the chaos they are inflicting both in the Middle East where it has carved out an empire the size of the UK, and the more recent Russian plane and Paris atrocities. The rise of Al Quaeda through the 1990s culminating in 9/11 felt like a Pluto in Sagittarius phenomenon – rigidity of religious ideology. ISIL/Daesh seem to be of a different order, their barbarity criticised even by Al Quaeda hardliners. What keeps niggling at me is Neptune in Pisces (2011 …Keep reading »
  • Libya – fertile breeding ground for jihadists

    Comments by the Manchester suicide bomber’s sister that his deadly attack was in revenge for western military attacks in the Middle East are being shouted down as ‘abhorrent’. But it is undeniable that stamping out terrorism demands a two pronged counter-attack of a) in the short term, preventing it by whatever means necessary and b) in the longer term, understanding the root causes and removing them. Abedi was Libyan, a country since Gaddafi’s toppling in 2011, mainly as a result of NATO, French, Brit and US action, which has fallen into anarchy in a multi-front civil war. Patrick Cockburn writes: ‘The Libyan uprising was reported as a simple-minded clash between good and evil. Gaddafi and his regime were demonised and his opponents …Keep reading »
  • Saturn Pluto – reprise

    These are older posts on Saturn Pluto. ‘Stray thoughts on Saturn and Pluto which come together as a conjunction in 2019. But also dominate the US Presidential Election 2016 chart, with each planet sitting on the point of a T Square. * Two tough, essentially masculine energies. * Saturn’s great strength in stability and structure is also a weakness when faced with situations demanding flexibility and compromise. Pluto in a slightly different way is also incapable of giving way gracefully. A world view based solely on power sees only the victorious or the oppressed. There can be no quarter given when compromise is seen as a sign of weakness, a lowering of defences as potentially life-threatening. * Freedom of choice …Keep reading »
  • Jared Kushner – facing greatest challenge of his life * updated

      Jared Kushner’s birth certificate has now been unearthed and he was born 12.05pm Livingston, New Jersey on 10th January 1981. This puts his Sun exactly on a 20 degree Capricorn MC, so both will get the tr Pluto conjunction through 2018/19. Tr Pluto conjunct Sun is highly pressured and can feel trapped. Tr Pluto on the MC can bring reputations tumbling down at the start and usually accompanies a long period of many years thereafter searching for a new direction in life. Alternatively sometimes tr Pluto through the 10th can bring out a ruthless, power-hungry push for influence but that can run the risk of back-firing. What’s for sure is that it will be an exceptionally challenging and probably …Keep reading »
  • Salman Abedi – Capricorn + Mars Saturn

      Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber, was born (acc to wiki) on 31 December 1994. If accurate, then he’s a Sun Capricorn with Mercury Neptune Uranus conjunct in Capricorn as well, sextile Pluto Venus in Scorpio. What is striking in his chart, given the date of the atrocity and Ariana Grande’s chart as well, is Saturn in Pisces opposition Mars square a powerfully confident and over-pushy, might-makes-right Jupiter Pluto conjunction. His Saturn opposition Mars is sextile/trine his Sun, so a very marked signature for an assassin. He certainly had no love for the country who took his parents in as refugees from Gaddafi’s Libya. His relationship chart with the UK has a hostile composite Mars opposition Sun Pluto. The February Pisces …Keep reading »
  • Jordan & Syria – all uncertain in the fog of war

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          Damascus are claiming that Jordanian forces, backed by the USA, are preparing an invasion of southern Syria. This may be a propaganda line punted by Assad to firm up Russian support. Jordanian planes are already bombing ISIL targets and their forces have recently built a buffer zone of about 9 miles just inside the Syrian border. But the Jordanian military chiefs have been firm in their denials about any ground forces moving in and the war is unpopular domestically in Jordan. The Jordan/Syria relationship chart shows signs of a deeper freeze from this July to October as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun opposition Jupiter; with a marked deterioration through 2018/19. The relationship chart between King Abdullah …Keep reading »
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  • Roger Moore – Venusian overdose of charm

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      Roger Moore, the suave, consummate English gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, who played James Bond after Connery and before that Simon Templar in the Saint, has died. Born 14 October 1927 12.45am London, he was, not surprisingly, a Sun Libra with a 10th house Gemini Moon opposition Saturn square Venus in Virgo. Lots of soft charm and a way with women, seeing him through four marriages. He had a wide Yod of Mars in Libra (Sun) sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces in his 8th, so he would have the ability to project an expansive manner – and accumulate a good deal of money. He owned rights latterly in the Saint, which set him up for life …Keep reading »