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  • Mike Pence – disasters and banana skins ahead

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            Amid the febrile and probably misplaced rumours about an imminent Trump impeachment, VP Mike Pence has raised eyebrows in launching his own PAC (political action committee). VPs don’t normally do it this early into a run and it is denied it has anything to do with his future political ambitions vis a vis the White House in 2020disasters and bana skins ahead. Even barring an impeachment, health problems for Trump are not an outside possibility, given his age, unhealthy lifestyle and volcanic Solar Arc Uranus Mars in 2018. There’s no birth time for Pence, so timings are iffy, but he does have Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus anywhere from 15 months to two years ahead. …Keep reading »
  • US & UK politics – paranoia and polarisation

    Politics has overtaken the Kardashians, Royal romances and sporting hostilities as the toxic topic causing uproar at water coolers and tearing apart family relationships and friendships. The degree of polarisation is worrying both in the USA and the UK. Trump supporters are still standing by their man, dismissing all criticism as ‘just noise’, and blanking out most opposing opinions by only getting their ‘news’ from nakedly ideological outlets, which makes it less likely that they’ll encounter any other viewpoint – or be able to distinguish truth from falsehood. In the UK, the Brexit campaign, run on the basis of outright lies, with no voting rights for UK ex-pats, was won by the slimmest of majorities (hell mend David Cameron, doubly …Keep reading »
  • Pippa Middleton – a day to remember

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          Pippa Middleton was married yesterday to hedge-funder James Matthews, around midday. She looked wonderful in a classic wedding dress with mini-pages and bridesmaids and sister Kate in attendance to make last minute adjustments. The wedding chart has a grandstanding Pluto in the 5th square Jupiter in the 2nd (no expense spared) in an indulgent and slightly frivolous opposition to Venus in Aries. So definitely for show. There’s also an inspirational and attention-grabbing Fire Grand Trine of North Node in Leo trine Uranus trine Saturn, formed into a wide Kite by Saturn opposition Mars – so a mix of vitality plus, quite self-involving, adventurous and hard-edged. There’s also an oddly out of sync Moon Neptune in Pisces in …Keep reading »
  • Julian Assange – still blockaded

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      Julian Assange is in a defiant mood as Swedish authorities drop his rape charges saying he won’t forgive his incarceration in the Ecuador Embassy for five years. Though he’s not free and clear yet since he still faces charges in the UK for ducking bail which can carry a one year jail term, never mind any US moves to extradite him. He’s got a successful and bullish tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter through this June, and on and off till late 2018. But he’s also got tr Saturn square his Pluto and opposition his Venus now up to November this year which will damp his ardour. 2018 has some exuberant highs and some extremely anxious moments as well; with …Keep reading »
  • Chris Cornell – loss for music

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      Chris Cornell, 20 July 1964,  singer/songwriter and one of the architects of the grunge movement has died in an apparent suicide, although his widow has suggested it may have been more to do with his anxiety medication than a deliberate attempt to end his life. He was a late Sun Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon; Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo; with a Fixed T Square of Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune square Mercury in Leo; and Mercury sextile a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars conjunction in Gemini – so a curious mix of light and shade, high spirits and depression. The Saturn opposition Pluto does have a tendency to the glooms; and a focal Fixed sign Mercury on …Keep reading »
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  • Robert Mueller – an unusually popular choice

          Former FBI Director under GWB and Obama, Robert Mueller, has been chosen by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be Special Counsel looking into alleged Russian interference in the November 2016 presidential election, including possible co-ordination between Russia and members of the Trump campaign. He has also been instructed to look into any obstruction of the probe itself. So a wide-ranging remit. The appointment has been welcomed by both Democrats and Republicans, and has to some degree rescued Rosenstein’s reputation for having been used as a patsy to legitimise the firing of James Comey. According to reports, the White House didn’t know until the order was signed. Mueller, 7 Aug 1944, is a Sun Pluto in Leo; with …Keep reading »
  • Cary Grant – finding solace in fantasy land

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      One of the Hollywood greats, Cary Grant was debonair and sophisticated, an accomplished charmer on screen, but behind the false glitter of the movie business and his manufactured persona lay a sad story. Born 18 January 1904 1.07am, Bristol, England (biography), he had an alcoholic father, a mentally unstable mother who was despatched without warning to an asylum when he was 10, though before then she introduced him to song and dance. He was abandoned to grandparents when his father remarried, joined a vaudeville theatre company, and moved to the US when he was 16. His damaged childhood left him unable to form emotional attachments and he went through five marriages in his insecurity. At one point he used …Keep reading »