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  • Prince Andrew & Kylie – good tabloid fodder

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        Prince Andrew, so reports go, is dating and consoling Kylie Minogue, after her split from her fiancé. Sounds like a celeb magazine fantasy but who knows? Maybe his nose is out of joint over Prince Harry’s showbiz significant other and thought he’d try some one-upmanship. He’s a Sun Pisces, Scorpio Moon with Venus Mars in Capricorn; while she is a Sun Moon Mars Venus in Gemini – so a chalk and cheese, Water Air mix. His Pluto squares her Venus Sun so there could be an attraction – with a degree of control and possessiveness on his side. Her Saturn in self-reliant Aries and MC square his Venus, which isn’t so great. Their relationship chart has a composite …Keep reading »
  • Iran elections – hoping for a reformist

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      Presidential elections in Iran will be held on May 19th with six candidates having been passed by the Guardian Council, who vet all applicants and refuse as suits them without explanation. None of the three likeliest have much showing on their charts (without birth times). Hassan Rouhani, present President and a reformist, is a Sun Scorpio square Pluto, with Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus. His Jupiter is conjunct the Iran 1 Feb 1979 9am chart MC and Venus, so would be a popular choice. And his Sun is conjunct the Iran 1979 Uranus, so could for reform. If he does get in, then he has a tough road ahead around 2019/2020. Ebrahim Raisi, 14 Dec 1960, a cleric, is …Keep reading »
  • Ilie Nastsase – Moon Mars in full flow

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      Ilie Nastase, the Romanian former No 1 tennis player in the 1970s has been blotting his copybook with racist remarks about Serena Williams’ pregnancy and letting fly with expletives at the GB v Romania match, where he is Romanian captain, which saw him ordered off court. Born 19 July 1946 7am Bucharest, he’s got a volatile chart, especially where women are concerned, with an 8th house Pisces Moon opposition Mars in Virgo square Uranus – so tending to explode at the slightest trigger. Born five weeks after Donald Trump, he’s got a hates-failure Sun Saturn in Cancer square Jupiter; with an exuberant Jupiter trine Uranus, sexiling onto a Leo Ascendant. At the moment his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct …Keep reading »
  • Solar Arcs – cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman

             This is in no way definitive but a thought to ponder. Solar Arc Directions give a chart which indicates the stage of life an individual or country is at. Sometimes I’ve seen relationships where one person’s Solar Arcs had powerful cross overs with the other’s natal chart, which suggests a link which is significant for that phase of life but may not necessarily hang around for ever. I wondered if it would helpful in the chawsome business of political prediction. Taking Tony Blair as an example since he has an accurate birth time as has the UK. When he was elected in a landslide in May 1997 his Solar Arc MC was trine the UK natal …Keep reading »
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  • Jon Ossoff – tilting at Trump’s windmill

      In a Congressional election in Georgia, in the past solidly Republican, deemed to be a barometer of the country’s reaction to Trump’s presidency, the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff scored over 48% of the vote, as opposed to his runner up Karen Handel with under 20%. But he fell short of the 50% required for an outright win so it will go to a run off between the two on June 20th. She will now pick up many of the votes that went to the other 16 candidates in the first round. Collectively the Republicans got 51.2%. Jon Ossoff, 16 Feb 1987, is a film maker, with a background in economics, foreign service, national security, civil rights and anti-corruption organisations. He’s …Keep reading »
  • Caitlyn & Kris Jenner – those who live by the sword ……

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          Publicity – good, bad and indifferent – is all grist to the Kardashian mill. So how much of the outrage being voiced about Caitlyn Jenner’s about-to-be published ‘sensational’ memoir The Secrets of My Life, is being hyped for the cameras and how much is genuine personal hurt it’s tricky to say. Do the Kardashians have a private life? They confide their innermost secrets to an audience of 1.5 million. Caitlyn Jenner, 28 Oct 1949 6.16 am Mount Kisco, NY, has now undergone full sex reassignment surgery and wants to spill the beans about the 22 year long marriage to Kris, which she (Kris) says (on camera) is the final straw. Both Caitlyn and Kris are Sun Scorpios …Keep reading »
  • Aaron Hernandez – talented body, demons in his head

      The death in prison by apparent suicide of Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL player, has laid bare the contradictions of a life sparkling with sporting talent, worth $41 million to the New England Patriots, which was wrecked by a trail of shootings, murders and drugs. Born 6 November 1989 in Connecticut, he played football at school and college, was involved in a bar fight and drive-by shooting before he was 20; was investigated for three more murders in his early 20s, including the murder of a friend for which he was convicted. Observers talk of his ‘dead eyes’, lack of remorse, narcissism, of ‘something missing’ inside him. He had some chart – with an intense Sun Pluto Mercury in …Keep reading »