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  • Ryanair – O’Leary having to put his money where his mouth usually is

          Ryanair, the Irish-based budget airline which has made a success out of treating passengers like milk cows have landed themselves in a shedload of trouble by cancelling hundreds of flights summarily, costing over 300,000 agitated travellers and holiday makers money and gross inconvenience. The excuse is a muddle in pilots’ rotas but industry insiders say it’s more to do with Ryanair working conditions leading to an exit of pilots. They’ll be forced to foot a bill of £18 million in compensation. Michael O’Leary, the loud-mouthed chairman, is concerned about the effect of Brexit with the possibility of EU countries withdrawing permission for UK planes to land; and saying he’d have to move his business entirely onto the …Keep reading »
  • John Kelly – going through hell, will he keep going? *update

        John Kelly looked pained and despondent during Trump’s ‘I may start World War 111’ UN speech, even more dejected than he had at the Charlottesville ‘both sides are to blame’ speech. One reporter said he looked as if he were living through ‘an existential crisis.’ He’s certainly at an all-time low exactly now with a confusingly uncertain and debilitating tr Neptune opposition his Saturn now until early October, and returning in January 2018. Plus tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn midpoint this month till late October, which is a discouraging slog and can feel like imprisonment. From September 28th tr Saturn will square his Mars for two weeks which is highly irritable, prone to setbacks and missteps. That last …Keep reading »
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  • Mexico earthquake – New Moon trigger * update

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          On the New Moon following the August Solar Eclipse, an earthquake in Mexico has killed over 200 including 20 children with 30 missing when their school collapsed. The August Eclipse 28 days back when located to Mexico City put the Eclipsed New Moon on the midheaven, making it a location likely to experience significant events. Fairly frequently the next New Moon acts as a trigger. Mexico is prone to earthquakes with an even stronger one earlier this month which killed 90. (See post September 8 2017) The transiting North Node was then, and still is, exactly conjunct the Mexico Mars in Leo which was rattled by the Eclipse. Mexico, 15 September 1810 11pm Dolores Hidalgo is picking …Keep reading »
  • Jon Hamm – success comes at a high price

        Catapulted to success in Mad Men in 2007, Jon Hamm (Don Draper) had a whirling dervish dash through 8 years of awards, adulation, an avalanche of publicity and a relentless work schedule. When it finished two years ago he signed into rehab for alcoholism and his marriage broke up. It took its toll. Born 10 March 1971 in St Louis, Missouri, he was brought up by his divorced mother from aged two, was handed at 10 years old to his trucking company, hard-socialising father when she died, and was farmed out to friends’ mothers in his teenage years. His Sun Mercury in filmic Pisces certainly fits him for the movie business; but they oppose Pluto and square Mars …Keep reading »
  • JLo & A-Rod – a fiery romance

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          Jennifer Lopez the mega-successful and multi-talented singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, is now hot dating Alex Rodriguez, the former pro baseball player, once a Madonna squeeze. JLo and A-Rod are both fiery, attention-demanding Leos so it’ll be a tug of war at times as to who gets centre-spotlight. JLo, 24 July 1969 maybe 1pm, (though even the date is questionable) is on this data a Sun Mercury in flamboyant Leo sextile a lucky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus and in a hard-working square to Saturn in stubborn Taurus. She most likely has an intensely passionate and secretive Scorpio Moon, conjunct Neptune and Mars, so emotionally volatile; with her Venus in social-butterfly Gemini in a passionately jealous square to Pluto. …Keep reading »
  • Bernie Sanders – caring Virgo with a gritty Mars

        Bernie Sanders has been pushing for a new Medicare government-run healthcare plan, cutting out private insurance, in which everyone would be covered, although it isn’t clear how the trillions of dollars in new spending would be financed. It’s a European/socialist type scheme which is unlikely to play well in the US and which even countries who’ve been running such a setup for decades are now finding overly expensive. Sanders, born 8 September 1941 with a speculative time of 12.27 pm New York, came up through old-school socialist activism, had a complicated early emotional life about which he dislikes comment and did not hold down a steady job until he won his first election aged 40. He had a brief …Keep reading »
  • Jennifer Lawrence – the mother of all duds or a classic?

          The worst movie ever made or a masterpiece? The jury is out on Darren Aronofsky’s mother! starring Jennifer Lawrence. A gonzo horror movie, a paranoid nightmare, claustrophobic, panic-inducing, hyperventilating, surrealist cinema that starts out like Polanski’s Repulsion and winds up closer to Apocalypse Now. And some of those descriptions are from reviewers who liked it, unlike audiences who walked out en masse from screenings. According to the star, it’s about the massive biblical theme of the rape and torment of mother earth condensed into a narrative about a house and a couple. Jennifer Lawrence, 15 August 1990 8.17pm Louisville, Kentucky, has found her niche in dystopian movies like Hunger Games or playing deeply troubled women. She grew up tough and …Keep reading »