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  • Justin Bieber – hitting the wall

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      Canadian singer Justin Bieber has cancelled the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour because of “unforeseen circumstances”. He has performed more than 150 shows across the globe on the tour since March 2016, grossing $93 million for the first half of 2017. He apologised to fans who had booked 14 dates in Asia and North America, coming up over the next three months. He was born 1 March 1994 12.56am Stratford, Ontario (astrotheme) and is a Sun Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Despite the expansive feel of those planets, he doesn’t have an easy chart with his Sun conjunct Saturn; and Pluto Node in Scorpio conjunct his Ascendant square Mars Mercury in Aquarius – while this …Keep reading »
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  • Sergei Magnitsky – at the heart of the Russia affaire ** updated

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      The drip drip of toxic info keeps coming about the Trump dynasty’s Russia connection. This is just background about one, now deceased, piece of a jigsaw that is slowly coming together, involving Russian money-laundering through the New York property market and through the German Deustche Bank, already under investigation for same, whom certain Trumps had significant dealings with and loans therefrom. Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer/accountant, arrested after accusing Russian officials of tax fraud. He died a year later in custody after beatings in 2009. As a result of his death, the Magnitsky Act came into being which put banking restrictions on Russian officials implicated in human rights abuses. It’s those sanctions which Putin is keen/desperate to get …Keep reading »
  • Princess Diana – an awkward remembrance

          Princess Diana is being thrust back into the spotlight in a documentary featuring Prince William and Harry baring their grief at her loss to mark the 20th anniversary of her death. While it is understandable they should want to remember her in the best possible light, doing so in such a public way does seem a tad insensitive given the damage she wreaked on Prince Charles and the monarchy. And their father doesn’t get a mention. Her Cancer Sun fell in each of their respective 7th houses, so she would feel like a partner – and especially for William with his New Moon in Cancer conjunct her Sun; Cancerian men always being mother-oriented. He also shares her …Keep reading »
  • Jacob Rees Mogg – a leader for a previous century

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      MP Jacob Rees Mogg’s name is being bandied about as a possible rival to David Davis for Theresa May’s job should he step down. It seems to be a surprise to him that he might be a consideration and indeed to the wider public who see him as a fuddy-duddy living in a time warp. Born 24 May 1969, he was Eton-educated, became a financier, is a practising Roman Catholic who voted against same-sex marriage, is for zero hours contracts, a Euro-sceptic who campaigned for Leave; and last but not least he extols the virtue of his nanny whom he took out canvassing with him and she looks after his six children as she did him as a child. …Keep reading »
  • Al Franken & Kamala Harris – rising Democratic stars

        Al Franken was a satirist and comedian, a staple on Saturday Night Live for 15 years before he got serious and became a Junior Democratic Senator for Minnesota. He kept a low profile for his first term as he learnt the Washington ropes, but now on his second lap he’s become the ‘breakout star’ of the confirmation hearings, skewering several of Trump’s nominees. A CBS political corr said of him: “Perhaps the SNL writer-turned-progressive pugilist is the ideal Democratic politician for the Trump era. Like the president-elect, he excels at insult comedy. Also like Mr. Trump, he can come across as kind of a jerk, although that’s likely to be considered less of a liability than it has …Keep reading »
  • Brand Beckham – hitting a mid-life crisis

          As Brand Beckham grows stronger and more lucrative the lifestyles of David and Victoria appear to be drifting apart. She’s full-time fashion designing while he oversees a ‘monster’ business empire, plays with their four kids and seems bored with post-football life, so is constantly off partying. Both of them are on their mid-life crisis of tr Uranus opposition their natal Uranus, which is affecting Victoria more since she has a complicated Air Grand Trine of Uranus trine Saturn Mars in Gemini trine Aquarius Moon, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition her Aries Sun – so hugely talented, disciplined and driven, emotionally cool. But the tr Uranus opposition running this year into early 2018 is rattling up …Keep reading »
  • Mark Zuckerburg – from zero to hero

          Mark Zuckerburg has now overseen his baby Facebook officially hitting 2 billion monthly users, making it the largest, most influential social network in the world. A Harvard dropout, he co-founded Facebook in 2004 aged 19, and is now worth $63.3 billion, the world’s fifth richest man. He and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lifetimes. Born 14 May 1984 Boston, Massachusetts (2.30pm astrotheme), he’s got an ultra-determined, fiendishly stubborn chart with a Taurus Sun and Venus opposing a raft of Scorpio planets – Mars, Moon, Saturn with Pluto also in Scorpio opposition a late Aries Mercury. If the birth time is accurate it puts his Scorpio planets …Keep reading »