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  • Liu Xiaobo – dying for his beliefs

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        There are fears that Liu Xiaobo, the renowned democracy activist and Nobel laureate, is close to death after being moved from a Chinese prison into hospital. He has served seven years of an 11-year sentence for inciting subversion of state power, after penning a democracy manifesto calling for an end to one-party rule in China and for the Communist party to uphold the constitution. He also served two years in prison after the Tiananmen Square protests and subsequent massacre. He has late stage liver cancer and questions are being asked about why he wasn’t given treatment sooner in the notoriously punitive Chinese prison system, which has seen other activists die while still incarcerated. Republican senator Marco Rubio, has asked …Keep reading »
  • Martin Shkreli – hated with good reason

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      A tainted jury pool is causing problems at the start of the Federal securities fraud trial of Martin Shkreli, infamous for raising the cost of a life-saving drug by 5000%. Comments from potential jurors who were excused included: “the face of corporate greed”; “the most hated man in America”; ”a snake”. He’s American born of Albanian parents, 1 April 1983, and appears to be his own worst enemy, calling members of Congress ‘imbeciles’ on twitter, who had objected to his price rise; and spraying Trumpian bile over others who had objected to his methods. He’s a Sun Aries with Mercury and Mars also in Aries, so no surprises he’s impulsive and reckless; with his Mars in a ruthless opposition …Keep reading »
  • Italy and the EU – tossing financial diktats aside

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            Forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for the debts of failed banks was supposed to have been outlawed in the EU after the 2008 cataclysm. So no surprises there are grumbling of discontent, especially in Germany, when Italy was allowed to do just that to mop up the mess after two regional banks threatened to implode. “Hedge funds have just made a lot of money, and the taxpayers are the big losers,” said one Italian banker. The furore over Brexit and some encouraging economic signs, have obscured the fact that the EU continues to struggle with intractable and probably insoluble fiscal problems. The European Central Bank 1 Jan 1999 12 am chart, has tr Pluto in …Keep reading »
  • DUP/Tory Govt deal – a mare’s nest

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        The DUP/Conservative Minority Government deal was signed around 11am this morning. It doesn’t augur too well with a slippery Neptune in the house of commitments and agreements; and the enraged/trapped Mars opposition Pluto squaring onto Jupiter. So it will create hostility – already brewing with Wales and Scotland angry that they aren’t getting the same massive £1 billion handout as North Ireland. There’ll be a good deal of game-playing, which the Northern Irish are much more experienced at; and they are not renowned for their discipline, so keeping them present and voting in support may not be that easy. The Deal Sun is square the Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as: “weak vitality, the inability to meet all …Keep reading »
  • Brexit – not a zero sum game, chaos on both sides

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            The Brexit talks got under way formally last Monday at 11am with a flustered David Davis emerging hours later alongside an icily urbane Michel Barnier, who is the chief EU negotiator. The chart has North Node conjunct the Ascendant hinting at a lack of a clear sense of what exactly the talks entail; and a 7th house Neptune pointing to disappointment in close relationships and a slipperiness about sticking to commitments. The Sun/Moon midpoint, which represents close relationships is square the Node, so running against the grain of the time; and semi-square Mars which is argumentative. What’s interesting is that the Talks Ascendant will get the full force of the August Leo Eclipse sitting conjunct – …Keep reading »
  • Prince Harry – lurching into another PR disaster

          Prince Harry has been making himself unpopular with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth by suggesting no one really wants to be monarch. Which given that she has sacrificed herself selflessly for decades is rather a slap in the face. And since he’s close to his brother, it also suggests William isn’t exactly enamoured of being next in line after Prince Charles. The monarchy has survived this far partly because of the Queen’s unshakeable sense of duty and partly out of the mystique which comes from absolute discretion. Not something the younger Royals appear to understand. Harry does have a natal Mercury square Uranus which will tend to make him shoot off at the mouth without thinking too hard; …Keep reading »
  • USS Fitzgerald – an incomprehensible failure

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        The collision of the USS destroyer Fitzgerald with a 730 foot-long container ship on 17 June 2017 at 1.30am off the coast of Japan, with the loss of seven lives, has sparked incomprehension in the naval world. The freighter stacked with 1000 containers seems to have been on automatic pilot. But the Fitzgerald should have had lookouts on watch on the port, starboard and stern, scanning the horizon with binoculars and reporting by headsets to the destroyer’s bridge. Radar officers on the bridge and in the combat information centre below should have spotted the freighter’s image on their screens. And under standard protocol, the captain should have been wakened and summoned to the bridge long before the ships …Keep reading »