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  • Kim Wall & Peter Madsen – edgy at close quarters

          A maverick inventor, a sunk submarine and a dead female journalist all add up to quite a mystery off a Copenhagen island. Initially Peter Madsen claimed he dropped Kim Wall onshore, but now says she died in an accident onboard his vessel, and that he dumped her body in the sea. A torso minus head, legs and arms has now been found though not yet identified. Madsen, 12 January 1971, has now been accused of negligent manslaughter and police suspect he scuppered his privately-built and crowd-funded submarine deliberately. He has a reputation as a loner, hot tempered especially with journalists who give him a bad press, but not violent. He’s a Sun Capricorn in a controlling trine …Keep reading »
  • Jerry Lewis – a unique talent

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        Jerry Lewis, the comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer, director has died aged 91. He was a ‘defining figure in American entertainment’ on Broadway, in films, nightclubs and on television, adored by some and disliked by others for his zany performances. Born 16 March 1926 12.15pm Newark, New Jersey, into a vaudeville family, he was often left as his parents went touring. He became successful early in a duo nightclub act with singer Dean Martin and later after they split branched out on his own to a prolific and long-running career, which had its ups and downs but he always bounced back. He had Sun Uranus in Pisces on his midheaven, so definitely quirky and went his own independent way; …Keep reading »
  • Solar Eclipse 1878 – illness and political corruption

        Eclipse excitement is at its height across the USA, as it was with the UK August 1999 Eclipse. Despite fears of momentous events, if this one follows the 1999 one, nothing much of significance may happen immediately. Though it’s interesting to look at what events occurred close to a previous USA Total Solar Eclipse on 29 July 1878, seen across southern states. There was a tornado in Connecticut 10 days later which killed 34. More tragically that year there was an outbreak of yellow fever in the Mississippi Valley which killed over 13,000. The previous winter had been abnormally cold and was followed in Texas by a plague of grass-hoppers. Politically the USA was sinking into the ‘gilded …Keep reading »
  • NAFTA – Trump’s trade policies raising hackles

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            ‘I’ll do what I want and you’ll do what I want then I’ll be happy’ appears to be Trump’s Make America Great again strategy as the Canada, Mexico, USA NAFTA trade agreement, now 25 years old, opens for renegotiation. Trump has called NAFTA the worst deal ever and threatened to tear it up unless a better agreement can be negotiated for American workers. North of the border, a top Canadian union boss said; “ We’re a polite nation, but we’re not a stupid nation” to the suggestion that the USA wants more access to government procurement contracts in Canada and Mexico, while restricting businesses through so-called Buy American laws. South of the border, Mexican hatred of …Keep reading »
  • Ruth Pfau – a Virgo healer

          Bringing leprosy under control was the lifetime achievement of German doctor and nun, Ruth Pfau, known as Pakistan’s Mother Teresa. She has died aged 87, leaving behind 150 clinics treating the disease which she set up over her 50 years in the country, and was given a state funeral. Born 9 September 1929 in Leipzig, Germany, she suffered her home being destroyed during WW11, escaped to the west when Stalin moved in and studied as a doctor. She felt a religious calling and converted to Catholicism in the 1950s when tr Pluto was conjunct her Neptune; and was sent to India where chance stuck her in Karachi and she stayed. Like Mother Teresa she had a Virgo …Keep reading »
  • Robert Redford – marked out for fame

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        Robert Redford, actor, movie producer and environmentalist, best known for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, All the President’s Men and Out of Africa, as well as for launching his Sundance Festival for Indie films, is 81 this week. Born 18 August 1936 at 8.02pm Santa Monica, California, he’s always looked like a golden boy but has had a fairly tumultuous life. His first child died of sudden infant death, his son has had life-threatening health problems and his daughter was involved in a near-fatal car crash. His late teens was marred by the death of his mother which turned him to drink and lost him his college education, after which he moved into acting. He …Keep reading »
  • Big Ben – an ominous silence

        Big Ben, the iconic symbol of London, is to fall silent for four years from noon tomorrow for repairs. Health and Safety have managed to accomplish what five years bombing by the Nazis failed to do in WW11. It was the first subject addressed by Theresa May as she arrived hot-foot from a month’s vacation. ‘Won’t do’ she said, backed by the long-time clock-tender who said stopping it wasn’t necessary; and a population sinking into shell-shock from the inept chaos of the Brexit negotiations regarding the loss of its familiar bells with superstitious horror. And they could be right. I faintly recollect the Queen’s swans dying en masse when they flew into a bridge in fog and thinking …Keep reading »