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  • Pompeo in Riyadh – the impossible task

           Mike Pompeo was rocketed off to Saudi Arabia, no doubt in hopes of calming the firestorm over Khashoggi’s disappearance/murder. Although the Turkish authorities are fanning the flames with tales of recently repainted rooms in the Istanbul Saudi Embassy. Murmurs are that it will be blamed on hapless Saudi operatives overstepping the mark despite it being obvious they were sent across under orders. Trump clearly has personal reasons for sweeping it under the carpet since he and Jared were so enamoured of the young Crown Prince; and will have an eye on the financial and economic costs of a major fall out. But Pompeo’s relationship chart with both King Salman and Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), despite today’s smiles,  look …Keep reading »
  • Paul Allen – a trail blazer

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           Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft has died. His partner from school days and over the early breakthrough Bill Gates said: “I am heartbroken by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends… Personal computing would not have existed without him.” They didn’t always see eye to eye and Allen left over a share disagreement, but without the two of them you possibly wouldn’t be reading this now. Allen, 21 January 1953, became a multi-billionaire from his Microsoft shares and pledged to give away half to philanthropic initiatives. But his fortune kept on growing and despite giving away hundreds of millions he was worth 20 billion USD when he died. His Aquarius Sun fell in Gates’ 7th …Keep reading »
  • Pippa Middleton baby – a serious charmer

           Pippa and James Matthews’ baby arrived yesterday in London at 1.58pm, a very large boy at 8 pounds 9 oz, only two days after she attended the Royal wedding. He has a thoughtful, well-read and much travelled 9th house Libra Sun – might even turn out to be a lawyer; with an ultra-charming and intense Mercury Venus in Scorpio on his midheaven, which might send him off into the PR business. His Sun is in a controlled/controlling square to Pluto in his 1st with Moon Saturn in Capricorn on his Ascendant – so he will come across as serious on first meeting, rather defensive. Making money will be important with Mars in Aquarius in his 2nd house, for …Keep reading »
  • Michael Buble – son’s illness changed his priorities

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         Canadian singer Michael Buble has announced he’s retiring from the music scene with one last album, having undergone a gruelling two years since his eldest son, now 5, was diagnosed with liver cancer. He said the experience has changed him and he wants out of celebrity narcissism. Born 9 September 1975 8.30 pm (astrotheme) Burnaby, Canada, into a Canadian-Italian-Croatian family, with a fisherman father, he has a hard-working 6th house Virgo Sun squaring onto a showbizzy Mars in Gemini opposition Neptune in the 8th. His upbeat Aries Ascendant has doubly enthusiastic Jupiter close by square Saturn in Cancer on the cusp of his 5th house of children (and performing) and trine Venus in Leo also in the 5th. …Keep reading »
  • Saudi Arabia – blindsided by a sandstorm

           Saudi Arabia is facing a full-scale crisis after the disappearance of exiled journalist Jamal Khashoggi, reportedly murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul with the Turks saying they have recordings of his death. There is mounting pressure on western governments to impose financial sanctions; and they as well as business leaders are pulling out of an investment conference in Riyadh later this month. Like most autocratic countries Saudi has a history of ‘disappearing’ dissidents though it appears to have worsened in recent times; with the reckless young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), in charge of everything, wreaking havoc in the Yemen and stamping on critics, even within the Royal Family. Khashoggi didn’t seem to be an outright …Keep reading »
  • Kanye West – out-ranting Trump

           Kanye West managed to upstage Trump in an extraordinary Oval Office meeting where he let fly with wild statements in all directions and was roundly criticised for his over-the-top adulation of the president. West is in an overly excitable phase at the moment with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars Venus in Taurus, until early 2019, which will send him up like a rocket, bubbling over with enthusiasm. Though that’s running alongside an extended run of undermining Neptune hard aspects to his Mutable T Square of Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune in Sagittarius square a Pisces Moon. Too much Mutable can be destabilising and tends to go off like a windmill in a storm. His Fixed T Square …Keep reading »
  • Bradley Cooper – lucky in talent, not in love

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           Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, the romantic musical A Star is Born, in which he also stars alongside Lady Gaga, has been getting superlative reviews and good box office. He’s had multiple nominations through a glittering and highly-paid career – Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and American Sniper – with a Tony nomination for his performance as the Elephant Man on Broadway. His emotional life has been more chequered with a six month marriage to Jennifer Esposito, other media-fodder liaisons, most recently with Russian model Irina Shayk with whom he has a young daughter. Early in his career he suffered from depression and substance abuse and is now teetotal. Born 5 January 1975 5.09 am Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a …Keep reading »
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