White House back in crisis mode – take a bad situation, make it worse



The fallout from the resignation of White House staffer Rob Porter over domestic abuse charges continues to damage John Kelly, Trump and Hope Hicks. Abusive husbands are hardly confined to Republicans but the handling of the affair couldn’t have been worse. Porter had been refused security clearance because of his former wives’ statements so the White House must have known for months. Then Kelly supports him up to the hilt when the allegations surface, only to go into sharp reverse when it blew out of control. Trump naturally is inclined to disbelieve the women. Hope Hicks, evidently Porter’s present squeeze, is boot-faced. Trump has form on this since several of his choices have suffered similar claims – Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski, Andrew Puzder and even POTUS himself (Ivana Trump) – as well as endorsing child molester Roy Moore and being a long-term friend of Steve Wynn. (See URL below).

John Kelly comes out of it badly since he was there to impose control and sanity. Yet one commentator said: ‘He’s been a real failure. Kelly has reinforced Trump’s worst instincts. Trump is a human wrecking ball and Kelly is his biggest enabler.” (URL below)

There’s nothing much on Kelly’s relationship chart with Trump to suggests a split (without his birth time) though he evidently wouldn’t be unhappy to leave and he will be exceptionally enraged/frustrated (more so) from March onwards until late 2019. He’s a stalwart Taurus Sun trine Saturn and Mars in Virgo, so not one for bending in the breeze or making impulsive moves. It’s a restrictive crossover for Trump, since Kelly’s Mars squares Trump’s Sun and Moon; and Kelly’s Saturn squares Trump’s Uranus.

Rob Porter, 25 October 1977 is a Sun Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in last degree Cancer – so will be volatile, and on a short-fuse. He’s also got an intensely emotional Venus Pluto in Libra perhaps opposition an Aries Moon, which sits as a singleton planet.

It’s an odd relationship with Hope Hicks, 21 October 1988, since her Libra Sun is square his Mars, which can provide sparks early on then turn argumentative later. Their relationship chart is worse with a bleak, controlling composite Sun Saturn Pluto inconjunct Mars; with a passionate composite Mars trine Venus. It doesn’t look like surviving much longer with tr Uranus moving to oppose and square the main planets within weeks.

The relationship chart between Hicks and Trump is basically friendly and affectionate with a composite Sun, Mercury, Venus though also based on illusions leading to disappoint with a Neptune square. It’s hitting a low this month with tr Neptune square the composite Mars; and is essentially an unstable link with a composite Uranus opposition Pluto. She looks shaken up come this April as tr Uranus starts to oppose her Sun, on and off into 2019.

Never a dull week in the Oval office.


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  1. Is Hope Hicks now on the injured reserve list???

    “Mercedes Schlapp steps up to the plate.” The pinch hitter for Hope….is Mercedes merely the next-in-line for the OK Corral shootout?

    From wiki: Mercedes Viana
    December 15, 1972 (no time)
    Miami, Florida, U.S.

  2. It appears 2018 is turning out to be a much better year than I had initially expected – Democrats (my party) are really galvanized and fueling the #RESISTANCE. And now we have more than just approval ratings, poll numbers, and projection models to go by; we now have the VOTES from Democrats as proof that the tables are turning. In December, Democrats snagged a U.S. Senate seat in the unlikeliest of all “red states” – Alabama. Democrats have managed to “flip” quite a few “red districts” in special state legislature elections all over the country. Democrats have been winning various municipal govt. elections (mayor, city council, etc.) all over the country. State Supreme Courts (like Pennsylvania’s) have been dashing the Republicans’ hopes for upholding unfairly gerrymandered congressional maps. Nate Silver recently mentioned that the 2018 Gubernatorial Races actually favor Democrats (because Republicans have like a daunting 26 governor seats up for grabs). Democrats have actually been raising more money in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate Races (eat your hearts out Koch Brothers). MANY Republican U.S. House Representatives have been “retiring” at an unprecedented rate (making their open seats vulnerable to Democrats). The Cook Political Report recently mentioned that there are now 24 GOP-held seats in their models’ “Lean D” & “Toss Up” columns and that, theoretically, Dems no longer need to win any seats in their “Lean R” column to win a majority. Last but not least. Trump and the Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot and the stock market has been somewhat on shaky ground lately. This is all motivating Democrats and progressive Independents to get out and vote.

    As excited as I am about the likeliness of a “blue wave” this November, I’m NOT taking anything for granted. I’m still donating money to Democratic candidates all over the country. I’m voting (of course) in the primaries and in the general election – like I always do. And, I’m volunteering in anyway I possibly can; I’m especially asking all of my friends, acquaintances, and family members to get out and vote too.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  3. I’m wondering if Hicks has a venus-uranus conjunction. Romantically, nothing lasts. She’s 29 and, one would assume, has been through a series of relationships.

    • Julie – from last summer’s posting “Mad Hatter’s tea party”

      “The latest incumbent in a communication hot seat is former model Hope Hicks, 21 October 1988, who replaces Scaramucci. She’s a Sun Libra sextile Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius; with her Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter square Neptune. Her Jupiter in Gemini falls in Trump’s 10th so she’ll boost his image; and her Sun and Pluto fall in his 3rd so she will be his voice-piece. Though her Saturn Uranus conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun don’t look a great mix. Her life is certainly changing radically with tr Uranus opposition her Sun now and into 2018; heading for the pressured Saturn return later this year; and will be in for a bumpy ride across the New Year with tr Saturn square her Mars and conjunct her Neptune. 2018 looks a sinking year, with worse in 2019.”

  4. Headlines from one online news article, “Run, Hope Hicks, Run!”

    This is so much like a very badly done television series from the 1970’s. Maybe even “Dallas”.

    • One of your pevious posts, “Trump’s toxic mad-hatters tea party, 18th August 2017” details the tail spin for Hope Hicks, beginning about now. What in Ned does she see in Porter?

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