Trump eclipsed by Obama – and he cannot stand it



Tantrum Trump’s lack of inhibition about spraying racist insults around then flat denying he said what he said in the face of corroboration by others, and blaming Barack Obama for a GW Bush decision on moving the London US Embassy (for reasons of security and space), does suggest he’s losing the plot at a rate of knots. And he’s still five months away from the over-reactive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars which will test his nerves and self-esteem, usually provoking reckless behaviour; and within two weeks his Progressed Moon will conjunct his 12th house Pluto, which won’t improve his joie de vivre either.

He does have an obsessive ‘thing’ about Obama and seems to decide policy priorities in terms of whatever will unpick Obama’s legacy, whether it is right, wrong or indifferent. Wrong colour, scandal-free eight years, jubilant crowd-filled Inaugurations – it grinds deep into the warped Trump soul (if he has one) and triggers his petty jealousies and prejudices.

Admittedly their charts are not well-matched. Obama’s 8th house, hard-working Mars in Virgo squares Trump’s Sun and Moon and Uranus; Obama’s reforming Uranus is conjunct Trump’s bombastic and blingy Mars in Leo; and worst of all Obama’s Leo Sun is conjunct Trump’s broodingly dark (and shame-filled) 12th house Pluto.

Their relationship chart has a suspicion-ridden composite Saturn opposition Neptune square a can’t-exist-in-the-same-space Uranus. Plus an emotionally overheated composite Moon opposition Mars in a jousting square to Jupiter. It’s not going to improve through the next two or three years.

Trump was so looking forward to a full state visit to London – Royals on the tarmac to greet him, golden carriage down the Mall, state banquets, weekend with HM at Windsor or Sandringham. But with Pluto conjunct the MC when his chart is relocated to London it was always going to be an accident-prone region for him. HM Queen would have coped with icy aplomb having seen off a fair few appalling visiting heads of state, but he couldn’t risk the rotten eggs. I doubt he’ll ever make it.

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  1. Odd that the false inbound missile panic happened in Obama’s home state of Hawaii. Wonder if the erring button-pusher is a Trumper.

  2. I was surprised to hear Moon Jae-in compliment Trump and give him ‘great credit for talks between South and North Korea’. Do these two have a successful relationship?

  3. Obama’s “scandal-free eight years”. Will they survive Uraniumgate, the dodgy dossier, the Clinton Foundationgate etc scandals that will soon receive an airing?

      • LBJ used to hold meetings with his underlings while using the toilet. He was also obsessed every aspect of JFKs period in office and the Kennedy Clan

        The Nixon tapes are full of paranoid racist rants.

        So what is new in the White House

        And just to put Trump in perspective it should be noted that JFK, LBJ and Nixon probably killed more than a million Vietnamese via their foreign policy decisions.

        • I’ll raise you a million dead American children, Hugh, because Trump dismantled the children’s health care act. Trump outdid THREE presidents. Trump can do anything bigger and better.

          • Just to add that the astrology indicates the world that is now including Trump will be gone soon. Indeed, in some ways for good or ill he may be one of the catalysts for change.

            Here in the UK this faintest hint of that can be detected in the fact that China has just declared that it is no longer going to accept our substandard plastic waste for recycling. This has thrown the whole UK waste industry into as tailspin as it has revealed that most of the so called ‘Green ‘ initiatives by the British government of the last 20 years have essentially been covers for dumping our rubbish offshore. More importantly though it reveals how a single decision by the Chinese government now has the ability to impact the lives of every British household which may be indicative of where where the centre of power is moving in the world. So maybe the MSM ought to be paying a bit more attention to President Xis pronouncements and as bit less to those of President Trump

        • Let’s not forget the scorched earth policy affecting Dresden/Hamburg and other non-military German and Japanese targets.

          ‘Nam had its collateral damage from one of our fav toys: Agent Orange.

  4. Imagine the royal reaction to Trump’s tweets while in London. For certain, he’d lock horns with the mayor of London.

    “London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Friday that President Trump canceled his planned visit to the British capital after he “got the message” from its residents, according to reports…A petition to stop Trump — who is deeply unpopular in Britain — from making an official state visit garnered over 1.8 million signatures last year amid a backlash over his controversial travel ban..”

    • Can you imagine Trumps tweets from England? “Buckingham palace is a s***hole. Queen titters when she hears my name. Brits sadly very backwards, trump means fart here. Reminded her my nukes are bigger than hers.”

  5. Well explained. I just couldn’t work out his obsession with Obama. Quick question, I have this question mark that continues to puzzle – Obama’s inauguration ceremony coincided with a Void of Course Moon. Do you think that’s why Trump is succeeding in undoing a lot of Obama’s policies since nothing comes of anything initiated during a VOC. Your thoughts on this please….

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