Supreme Court out of step with Trump; tho’ Roe v Wade at risk.


There’s concern about which nominee Trump will choose for the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy, retiring at 81, with anxiety over women’s rights being restricted over abortion and other matters.

Below are two old posts to fill in until we know what the line up is likely to be.

ROE V WADE NOVEMBER 14 2016 Roe versus Wade which was the landmark US ruling asserting a woman’s right to have an abortion up to the time of foetal viability was agreed on 22 January 1973. It now looks to be at risk of being overturned with a new pro-life (and pro-gun!) right-wing administration.

There is concern writ large on this chart at the moment from tr Saturn conjunct the Mars exactly now and tr Neptune square the Saturn and Mars through 2017/2019. 2018/19 look to be the danger points with ferocious argument from tr Uranus square Uranus in 2018 as well as a disappointing Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter; and then in 2019 a ‘shocking’ Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Sun as well as a disruptive upheaval from tr Pluto square the Uranus. If it is was ever going to be overturned this looks like the time  – though it did survive through the early 1990s triple conjunction in Capricorn. But this looks if anything more serious.  Saturn Pluto in Capricorn’s repressive and heavily masculine energies may just do it.


A banner year is what the US conservatives are hoping for from the Supreme Court as it reviews a batch of ideological cases on migrant rights in the legal system, partisan gerrymandering of election districts, voter purges, public-sector union financing, a cake maker’s objection to gay marriage, cell-phone records privacy and whistle-blower protection.

The Supreme Court first met on 2 February 1790 when there was a controlling Sun Pluto in Aquarius; with Sun opposition Uranus in Leo and Pluto trine Neptune and opposition Mars Jupiter in Leo; and a Virgo Moon opposition Saturn Venus in Pisces. Quite a mix of super-confident, influential, power-hungry, yet also prone to surprising decisions at times. 2018/19 look challenging and tough with tr Pluto sextile Saturn, with the workload piling up.

Tr Uranus will trine the Mars Jupiter in Feb to April 2018 which should be a successful resolution though that’s from the Supreme Court’s point of view, so could mean anything. Where it looks unsettled is by 2019 when tr Uranus squares the Uranus.

What’s interesting is Trump’s relationship with SCOTUS. It’s not remotely harmonious with a composite Mars square Saturn Venus. It’s on a downer at the moment with tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter for a few days; is generally in a tense tug of war through 2017/18 with tr Pluto square the composite Sun and trine the composite Saturn/Pluto; agitated in March 2018; and facing more obstacles in 2019. So he won’t get all the decisions he fancies despite his appointment of Gorsuch.

Indeed he looks seriously out of sorts with Gorsuch from April 2018 until late 2018 with tr Uranus opposition their composite Neptune and square Sun. Gorsuch, 29 August 1967, has his Uranus Pluto in Virgo square Trump’s Uranus Sun and Moon – so he has the capacity to upset trump’s applecart in ways he didn’t expect. Dry lawyers have a way of sticking to the letter of the law which will no doubt prove irksome to the great huckster.


4 thoughts on “Supreme Court out of step with Trump; tho’ Roe v Wade at risk.

  1. Gorsuch had been living in Boulder Colorado previously, home to the 1st legal gay marriage in America, this town is as liberal as it gets. Gorsuch has to be somewhat open minded to choose to live there, once again I don’t think Trump did his homework. I would love to do a social experiment & have someone wear a MAGA hat in Boulder, to see the reactions would be priceless.

  2. There’s a real concern that Trump gets to pick a Supreme Court justice who could be a deciding vote in whether or not he is held accountable. “Consider that the Supreme Court may be called upon to decide, for example, whether the President can pardon himself or others to protect himself, whether a sitting President can be indicted, whether a sitting President can be compelled to testify before a federal grand jury, whether the appointment of the Special Counsel somehow violated the Appointments Clause (as some conservatives absurdly assert), and whether a President can ever obstruct justice.”

    However, maybe given the astrology you describe shows that whoever gets appointed, and/or Gorsuch, don’t believe the US Constitution protects Trump or don’t believe that any justice, regardless of who appointed them, owe Trump any of the loyalty he so believes he should have.

    • Well, Trump could suspend the Constitution under guise of “national security interests”. And he firmly believes he can pardon himself. Such omnipotence!

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