Stock markets – the doomsayers out in force


The stock market doomsayers are predicting a massive crash in shares, some saying the US markets are over-valued by 80%. They may be just be being their usual catastropherian selves, so who knows? Markets sometimes have a perverse way of running against the economy. The astrology of finance charts isn’t always that great an indicator but for what it’s worth.

The Nasdaq, 8 Feb 1971 9am NY, points to tough times now, with Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn, though that isn’t showing up in the figures. With some dips in December/early 2018; panic and a road-block in 2019/2020. Then a high in 2021.

The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 9.11 am NY, looks Ok for a few months, though with a setback or two early and late 2018; an odd combination of luck and a shock in 2019; and a definite high in 2021/22.

The New York Stock Exchange, 17 May 1792 7.52am NY, is high tension this year into early 2018; pushing bullishly ahead in 2019/2020 though with an undercurrent of bubble bursting, which runs for several years thereafter.

The UK FTSE 100 and 250 charts, which don’t have the Trump problem but do have Brexit, are both on record highs at the moment. The FTSE 250, 12 Oct 1992, trading on domestic companies, looks to be hitting a major setback in later 2018. While the FTSE 100 is indicating upsets in 2018; and more major frustrations in 2021/22.

2 thoughts on “Stock markets – the doomsayers out in force

  1. Hello Marjorie,

    Thanks for this, I have always wondered how astrologers “do” markets…..tough work! Do you remember the Financial Times always had a professional astrologer in their ranks and was quite open about it…..that’s until the 90’s or thereabouts I think, perhaps they have a secret one somewhere still? You’d need to be an insider to know I think…….October is traditionally the month when markets fall – or the wotsit hits the fan – interest rates are rising, but the worst scenario is He Who Must Be Impeached pushing a abutton without a second thought. November looks terribly hairy for the US —– who will stand up to the man?

  2. I don’t believe there’s going to be an immediate crash either, barring things escalating to war in Koreas. That could, I’m afraid, be what we’re seeing with NY here, another possibility being Mueller investigation bringing down Trump Administration.

    What’s remarkable is that “real economy” is actually doing remarkably well right now. We’re on a truly unprecedented situation where GDPs are growing all over The World at the moment, with even Eurozone growth expected to average over 2 per cent.

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