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  1. Wow, the royals everywhere are in the news: former Belgian king Albert II could be fined if refuses a DNA test Belgian artist Delphine Boël seeks to prove he is her father.

  2. Another aristo weird relationship: Lady Kitty Spencer and fashion tycoon Michael Lewis, who is older than her dad, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer.

    There is also the matter of the German cookie heiress slave-labour comments, who is 25, but I couldn’t find her birthdate, let alone time of birth.

  3. “FAA Didn’t Treat Suspect 737 MAX Flight-Control System as Critical Safety Risk”

    More on the FAA-Boeing love affair.


    It isn’t getting any prettier.

  4. Abortion ban in Alabama. Threats of war with Iran. Temp at Article coast 84 degrees Fahrenheit. US President moving towards despotism. Nationalism on the rise. Corruption everywhere and out in the open for all to see. Mass killings. Church child abuse. Ebola in Africa.


  5. There’s another “royal shock” in the news today: Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her newfound love – an L.A.-based shaman and “spiritual hacker”. She has an A-rated chart in the ADB.

  6. I’ve read on one message board a person noting that Saturn is currently opposing the antiscion of U.S.A.’s natal Uranus. Of course, the person goes on to say that the Saturn–Pluto conjunction is on its way there and that that may be a bang of some sort.

    • He seems to leveraging the markets’ reaction into synthetic sympathy for American farmers, in advance of any actual pre-election propoganda. His comments are getting a rise, of course, but he views the reactions as “he wins, china loses” in his distorted universe.

      He always gets two scoops.

  7. Re: Trump trying to threaten China to her knees…reviewed the post titled, “China – life in the ancient dragon despite dire forecasts” dated 16 aug 2018, esp in light of Trump’s tit-for-tat trade policies. With the Dow down some 500 pts again this morning (10:30 EDT), what makes Trump feel he can work his bully magick? Clearly, this isn;t what world leaders want but we know Trump and his failed “art of the deal” policies no longer work for him or the US.

    Is this more blustering to cover up the issues with financial subpoenas? THanks

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