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  1. Dear Marjorie,
    can you have a look at the chart of Carolyn Graham. Her inspector Barnaby seems quite a success in many languages. Thank you, Kate

  2. The newspapers are full of the “split” between the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex following the announcement of Meghan and Harry out of Kensington Palace. One paper hinted that there is a split between the brothers (cause by Meghan) and that this mirrors the same situation between Wallis Simpson, the Duke of Windsor and King George VI. Is there anything in the charts to suggest that this may be the case?

  3. 10:30 AM local time 11-30-18, and about 10 mi north of Anchorage an earthquake struck. M7.0 on the Richter scale.

    Side notes: President offered all the federal assisstance he can muster (no forest fires were involved). Sarah Palin tweeted that her house was not damaged. It was “saved.”

  4. Hi Marjorie – any predictions on the movement of the GBP against USD, in the course of the next few days to weeks? The GBP has weakened this week against the USD, but wondering if its just temporary, but the BoE comments are not very reassuring! Thanks!

  5. Amazing displays of who’s button is bigger this week. Trump threatening with “I’ll show them!” with declassifying so-called confidential destructive memos against the Dems. Now threatening to shut down the government – and the very warfighter force keeping america “safe”. I’m waiting for his famous “We’ll See!” bravado which his base eats up for breakfast. I don’t believe he has anything up his sleeves. Anyone can reject scientific reports. Does that lend him credibility to remain as president?

    Damn, can’t wait for this circus and monkey show to end.

    • Don’t think the Deustche Bank money laundering investigation pushing on will be improving his state of mind or Jared’s for that matter.

  6. Marjorie: How do things look for Paul Manafort? Mueller is accusing him of lying to the special prosecution, thus breaking his plea deal, and Trump is saying that a pardon is not off the table. Could this convicted criminal actually end up free as a bird?

  7. Marjorie,

    This past Tuesday, Mississippi had their special U.S Senate election “runoff” between Democrat Mike Espy and Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith. This was officially the last U.S. Senate race for the the midterm elections this year. Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith won the race by almost 8 points.

    Normally, elections in a state like Mississippi don’t receive national media attention. However, this one certainly did because Republican candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith was such a controversial candidate.

    Cindy Hyde-Smith caused an uproar when she said she would she would love to have a front row seat to any “public hanging” ordered by a judge who had recently endorsed her. Many felt her comments here subliminally racist given that the only “public hangings” that have ever taken place in Mississippi were lynchings against African-Americans committed by White vigilantes between the 19th century and the 1960s. More lynchings took place in Mississippi than ANY other state in the country. Cindy Hyde-Smith never actually apologized for the “public hanging” remark.

    To make matters worse, there were photos that turned up Cindy Hyde-Smith touring a Confederacy museum where she was wearing a Confederate soldier hat and holding a Confederate soldier rife. She apparently posted the photos on her Facebook account a few years ago (I believe they said in 2014) and she adding captions to them that read “Mississippi’s history at it’s best” as well as defending Confederate soldiers by saying they were just “defending” their “homeland.”

    Last but not least, it was also reported that Cindy Hyde-Smith enrolled her daughter to a historic “segregation academy” (those are private schools that were formed by wealthy White communities in the Deep South in the late 1960s and 1970s to exclude African-American students after the Brown v. Board of Education Law was enforced and public schools were obligated to integrate African-American and White students). The school where Hyde-Smith’s daughter graduated from last year currently has only 1 African-American student enrolled there.

    Hyde-Smith’s opponent, Mike Espy, who happens to be African-American, is a somewhat conservative Democrat and he’s very well known in Mississippi. Espy had served as a U.S. Congressman in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District back in the mid-1980s and he was the first African-American to represent that state since the Reconstruction Era. Later, in the early 1990s, Mike Espy went on to serve in President Bill Clinton’s cabinet as the United States Secretary of Agriculture – he was the first African-American and first person from the Deep South ever to hold that office.

    Given how controversial Cindy Hyde-Smith was as a candidate, many Democrats were hoping for a possible “Doug Jones” style upset (like what happened in Alabama’s U.S. Senate election last year). After Hyde-Smith’s many controversies, polls began showing a tightening race….and suddenly everyone was watching.

    Democratic U.S. Senators Kamala Harris (of California), Cory Booker (of New Jersey), and Doug Jones (of Alabama) all went to Mississippi to campaign for Mike Espy. People all over the country began donating money to Espy’s campaign too. Democrats were also hoping to get higher turnout among African-American voters (African-Americans make up 37% of Mississippi’s population – the highest percentage of any state).

    Republicans actually got nervous because they didn’t think they would have to worry about a “close race” in such a conservative state like Mississippi. The Republicans started pouring more money into Mississippi and Donald Trump even went there to hold a campaign rally for Cindy Hyde-Smith.

    In the end, unfortunately, Cindy Hyde-Smith managed to win the U.S. Senate race in Mississippi. However, what’s interesting is Cindy Hyde-Smith only won by 8 points – which is an extremely unimpressive win for a Republican candidate in such a conservative state (most Republicans win Mississippi by at least 20 points or more).

    They said Democrat Mike Espy actually outperformed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Barack Obama in 2012. Espy even very well in predominately affluent White suburban areas of Mississippi.

    Anyway, I was just curious to know what your astrological insights are with regards to Cindy Hyde-Smith. Astrologically speaking, what does Cindy Hyde-Smith’s relationship look like in comparison to Donald Trump and in comparison to the U.S Senate?

    Also, astrologically speaking, how does the near future look for Mike Espy? Do the stars indicate that he’ll have any near future career advancements or successes?

    All in all, as a Democrat myself, I really wish Mike Espy had won the U.S. Senate race. I believe Mike Espy would’ve make a wonderful U.S. Senator.

    I feel Cindy Hyde-Smith is a danger to our society. She appears to be the epitome of the “Old Jim Crow South” and I think she’s a total racist nut-job.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  8. Good evening Marjorie,
    Green Book is already gaining traction as a frontrunner for Best Picture of 2018, in September it was awarded the Toronto Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award and last night won 2 Awards including Best Picture by the National Board of Review.
    It stars Viggo Mortensen born 20 October 1958 in New York, NY. Mahershala Ali born 16 February 1974 in Oakland, CA
    and directed by Peter Farrelly born 17 December 1956 in Phoenixsville, PA.
    The Academy Awards will be held on 24 February 2019 in Los Angeles, CA as usual.
    Would you have any thoughts as to its chances?

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