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  1. Inaki Urdangarin/jail time for Kings brother in law and Spanish Royal Family. Please comment on the astrology of their current events. Thanks, Cecilia

  2. Reading the commentaries and analyses from the Trump-Kim meeting, I feel like I was invited to a grand play…and was left watching a B&W television show, eating old soggy popcorn. At least the dotard and the rocket man actually met. Leaving behind a strange silence as tho a blind date gone boring.

  3. OMG–Trump already talking about condos on N. Korea’s beaches and showing off his presidential limo to Kim. The man is all about bling. I believe their initial handshake took place a bit later than scheduled. Would that make a significant difference re outcome, Marjorie?

  4. Hello Marjorie – After seeing the tabloid frenzy of allegations about the Beckhams “impending” divorce – and their hasty denials and posed family pictures – I have to ask – is it indicated in the stars?

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