Princess Beatrice and Edo – a Leo Scorpio match



Princess Beatrice is being seen with a new beau, having seemed a rather forlorn singleton at her sister Eugenie’s wedding. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, a property and design magnate in London, has an Italian count father but was educated in the UK and has been part of the young Royal crowd since childhood. After graduating from Edinburgh University, he first worked as a researcher for David Cameron, before founding his property business, Banda, in 2007 – now considered to be one of London’s top developers, with £600 million of homes on its books. He has a son by a former fiancée, the architect and designer Dara Huang, whom he split from when he took up with Beatrice.

He was born 1 November 1983 (net sources) which makes him an intense and serious Sun Saturn Mercury in Scorpio; with a passionately enthusiastic and hard-working Mars Venus (Moon) in Virgo. His Jupiter in Sagittarius opposes a North Node in Gemini squaring onto Mars, making him impulsive and scattered.

His Virgo planets fall on the cusp of Beatrice’s 8th house so there will be a deep connection; with his Uranus on her Midheaven so he’ll change the direction of her life; and his Jupiter falls in her 10th so status will be important. It won’t be all sweetness and light since her can-be-autocratic Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius is conjunct his Neptune and square his Venus Mars (Moon). But his Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius are trine her Leo Sun and her Mars in Aries – so it’s an adventurous combination. Her Venus Moon in Cancer  trine his Scorpio Sun Saturn Mercury which isn’t perfect since he’ll probably overwork and be fairly rigid at times. But the Water resonance will help.

Their relationship chart has a confident, power-couple and enthusiastic composite Jupiter trine Pluto trine Mars – so there’s plenty of high-octane fuel in their connection. Plus perhaps an affectionate composite Venus Moon; with a passionate Venus square Pluto.

She does have her Progressed Moon moving through her 7th house of close relationships for two years ahead and exactly conjunct her Sun at the moment – so she’s definitely looking for a settled relationship.  And her 5th house Moon Venus in Cancer will be keen to get on with having children.  Her Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct her Moon in 2021 which will be an emotional high spot.


2 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice and Edo – a Leo Scorpio match

  1. Reviewed the blog post of Beatrice from “Princes Andrew and Charles – brothers at odds
    29th October 2016”. Perhaps making a home and family will help place some solid shine on the “charming”.

    Your assessment of 29 apr 2017 does suggest some hope for her future : “Her Secondary Progressed Moon moves into her 7th from late 2018 till early 2022, which is often a time people settle down to marriage. In 2019 her Sec Prog Moon will conjunct her Sun which might well be a possibility. And her Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct her 5th house Venus and then Moon in 2018 and 2021 respectively, which should be good for romance and children. But it still looks hugely challenging and pressured around that time.”

    I’m glad to be ordinary, not living in that goldfish bowl.

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