Paul Ryan – another man overboard



Speaker Paul Ryan’s surprise announcement of his resignation come November to spend more time with his family has sent shivers down the GOP, already facing sagging poll numbers.

Born 29 January 1970 2.37pm Janesville, Wisconsin, he was never a good fit with Trump, but hung around to see the tax cuts through.  He has had tr Saturn moving below his Ascendant since late 2015 which always ushers in a few years of old ambitions fading as well as lowered motivation, energy and less success. Finding a better balance with personal life is always part and parcel of Saturn through the 1st Quadrant.

He has a sharp-witted, communicative 3rd house Aquarius Sun Venus on the point of a T Square to Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus – does have stamina, is charming though ego-centric, fairly up and down with Jupiter Saturn in opposition. He’s also got a controlling and influential 10th house Pluto which is square Trump’s Sun and Moon, so Ryan would find being a submissive courtier rather than an equal partner in the US political system difficult to swallow. His Pluto and Uranus in early Libra both oppose Mars in Aries, so he does have a steely backbone at times and a volatile streak. Trump’s 12th house Pluto opposes Ryan’s Sun so it would be a tussle for the upper hand with underhand tactics from the 12th house.

Tr Neptune is moving to oppose his midheaven come 2019/2020 so he’ll be directionless. Even   before then with tr Neptune square his Sun/Moon midpoint from May this year onwards into 2019 he’ll be lack lustre, less motivated to co-operate and be feeling unpopular and discontented. Tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn will give him a jolt come July onwards; though with better luck in 2019 when tr Uranus opposes his Jupiter.

His relationship chart with Trump has a mutual-dislike and unfair-treatment composite Mars Saturn conjunction which is being eroded by tr Neptune in square from 2017 to 2019; with upsets come July and more in 2019. Maybe he’ll write a spill-the-beans memoir to add to the pile.


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  1. He’ll probably go the way of most ex-Congressman, Senators and become a lobbyist. It’s an easy way to make money, and he’ll be offered a lot.

  2. I seriously doubt there will be a tell-it-all book. That would expose him, something a Neptune/Asc person would not be willing to do. Also, it would limit Ryan’s options in the future, and he is still in his 40’s. I’m actually fairly confident he’ll “pull a Romney” around the time Saturn hits his Sun/Venus. Which would, incidently, be in 2021, after a quite probable Republican Electoral Disaster.

  3. Ryan has a steely backbone? Whatever happened to it? He totally abdicated his obligation to provide a check and balance on you-know-who, and he allowed Devil Nunes to single-handedly destroy the House Intelligence function. There’s a rumor floating around on FB that Ryan’s bailing out on Trump’s sinking ship but may re-emerge as a presidential candidate in 2020.

    • I would not associate Mars in Aries with backbone, either (incidently, I think Mars in Libra is much more principled, people like Nelson Mandela and Pope Francis have this). Driving ambition, even agressiveness are there. Physical resiliance, too.They work well for soldiers, sports people, and yes, CEOs and politicians in competitive environment.

      But Ryan is not only a lucky b****rd, he is also slippery. He is playing the long game here. Apparently, he’d been telling people in Washington and home he’d run, to save Republican seat on his district. But now, he knew Mueller or who ever finishes the investigation to Trump Campaign, won’t be done by November. He probably also fully knows there’s damning evidence to nail if not Trump half of the Republican Establishment there. So, he is not expecting to become Prez a là Gerry Ford.

      He is actually quite smart, if not what I’d call “principled”.

  4. The GOP is also worried because they saw Paul Ryan as a valuable asset to them when it comes to raising money for their U.S. Congressional and U.S. Senate candidates.

  5. Maybe he’ll go away and never come back. One can hope. He spent his time in Congress and as Speaker of the House preying on the elderly and poor. He is a poor excuse for a human being. And if he has a steely spine, he has done an excellent job of hiding it.

    • Go away and not return? don;t count on it. As marjorie hinted, he could write a “tell all” novel and recoup income cutbacks 😉

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