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Poor Meghan. Having made an elegant entry into the Royal Family, she’s now beset with more embarrassments from her own family with her father seemingly unable to stop talking to the media and her mouthy half-sister perhaps being lined up for a Celebrity Big Brother.

According to the Mail, Meghan did offer to bring her father over before the wedding which would have made sense and he refused.  Meghan does have tr Saturn square her Libra Moon, Saturn Jupiter in Libra backwards and forwards this year till November which would suggests family separations – and since her Moon, Jupiter Saturn are all in her 3rd house of siblings that could point to unwelcome intrusions from Samantha Markle. Plus she has tr Pluto square her 4th house Pluto (= controlling father) in 2018/2019 as she pulls away from her past.

Her father, Thomas Markle, 18 July 1944, Los Angeles, has a Cancer Sun which sits conjunct Meghan’s Ascendant – both will be conjunct the mid July Solar Eclipse, so there may be crises brewing in his life and for her image. The late July Lunar Eclipse will also catch Meghan’s Mercury in Leo and Thomas Markle’s (Venus) Pluto so she’ll be running around mopping up problems and getting flustered, while he may be facing an emotional upset.

Their relationship chart has a highly-energised composite Sun Mars square Neptune which is also catching the July Lunar Eclipse; and an ambitious Jupiter Pluto which is being undermined by Neptune oppositions in 2018/2019; with further jolts and upheavals in 2019/2020 with tr Uranus square the composite Sun and Mars.

Meghan and Harry do have that uncomfortable composite Moon square Saturn Pluto in their relationship chart, which does suggest heavy family duty getting in the way of feelings which makes sense of the Royal straitjacket. But obviously extends as well to entangled family dilemmas causing resentment. There’ll be a few bumps along the road with tr Uranus square the composite Moon this December and January 2019.

Harry’s relationship with his father-in-law looks in general both irritable and trapped with Thomas Markle’s Pluto falling in Harry’s 8th along with his Mars conjunct H’s 8th house Mercury. Their relationship chart has an edgy, high-tension composite Uranus Saturn Venus conjunction which will be jangled around 2020; with a few ripples this year.

The rest of the Royals are used enough to tricky relatives since their own extended family has more than a few wayward souls.

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    • Spellcheck, If you’re going to be snashy have the grace to put in your full name. If the web insisted on identification the civility levels would rise sharply.
      ‘Who’d have families?’ got lost with the add on but is a perfectly sensible rhetorical question.

  1. Haters gotta hate. When the marriage was announced, everyone lined up to throw dozens of rotten eggses. After the wedding, people are still throwing those rotten eggses.

    I’m so happy to have half-a-life.

  2. So much better if the relatives had been invited to the wedding and entertained in great style and a water tight confidentiality agreement and pen thrust in front of them! I still feel that the whole Harry/Meghan saga will end in tears

  3. MM is like a watered down fergie, duchess of york. prince harry is naive like his mum. i really feel for queen elizabeth, she is like a nugget of gold i hope she stays around for a bit more.
    martin nsw

  4. I don’t feel sorry for Meghan “Wallis Simpson” Markle. I don’t like her or Prince Harry. Neither one of them have any respect for continuity, kinship, or tradition. I feel like Meghan and Harry have both “cheapened” the British Royal Family a bit – with their determination to break rules and to act any way they please.

    I suppose it’s because I wanted to be a cultural anthropologist or a history teacher when I was younger that makes me such a strong supporter of tradition (like royals practicing endogamy and keeping certain customs alive). I’ve always supported the preservation of world cultures – and that’s exactly how I see the British Royal Family – a cultural group.

    Prince Harry acts like he has no interest being royal. So, why doesn’t he ask to be stripped of his title and live a private life? I suppose because if he did that…he knows the money would quit coming in….and Miss Meghan would drop him like a hot potato (since she’s all about status).

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • Your disdain for modern royals has been well-documented, Chris, using your own “perfect pedigree”, back to and before the Revolutionary War, as historical excuse and poetic license to do so. Cut the crap.

      • Lol. Well said larryc

        It is what it is and if the Queen is coping with it. I’m sure if you try hard enough Chris you can too.

        ‘The only constant is change’

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