Meghan and Harry – a sticky week to pick for a wedding



High family drama, intense feelings, jealousy and unwelcome surprises were written in the stars for Meghan and Harry’s wedding this Saturday. The Mars Uranus square exact tomorrow did hint at explosive upsets, insecurity and over-reactions. And on the day itself the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto for emotional tensions. Her father is stressed out over media attention and apparently in the throes of a heart attack, so is ambivalent about coming or may not be allowed to by the medics. Even worse, her estranged half-siblings have arrived in London mob-handed, clearly paid for by the vultures, and although uninvited to the event will make their presence felt in interviews.

Family problems do loom large in Meghan’s chart this year with tr Pluto squaring her 4th house Pluto as she attempts to pull away from her childhood past; plus tr Saturn in a separating square to her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter in Libra. Those run on for a few months and she does look unnerved (not surprisingly) over the main event with tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Pluto, as well as trapped.  She has a close Jupiter Saturn conjunction with Jupiter leading, so she’ll always experience the highs followed by setbacks and problems. It’ll be a tough introduction to the strictures of married Royal life.

Harry looks deflated and panicky with tr Neptune square his Mars through this month; as he copes with the upheaval of tr Uranus opposing his Pluto exactly now as well.

The Royals were never good at coping with in-laws. Prince Anne’s first parents-in-law, the Phillips, were fairly frozen out.  The only reason the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents were so omnipresent is down to her determined mother. But at least to date most commoner relatives had the sense to keep out of the media’s clutches.

If her mother does walk her down the aisle it won’t be setting a precedent since Queen Victoria walked two of her daughters to the altar after the death of Prince Albert.



16 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry – a sticky week to pick for a wedding

  1. Well, it all went ahead without a hitch. However, I don’t think there has ever before been so much vitriol aimed at a royal bride by people and the media. Am totally perplexed by it.

    • Look at the world in a broad sweep: Trump has a fuel tanker full of racism and bigotry being pumped into America, the Middle East would rather kill off its neighbors than make peace, Russia has its fingers into every apple pie. American schools are now the favorite gun range, China is escalating its own image with home-made islands now basing long-range bombers. Not exactly an array of events promoting a love-in.

    • Yes, that would be right I’m in GMT area. I used the time the archbishop blessed them before going to the registry.

  2. I think the signing of the book after they wed was around 12:50. From the guardian:
    “The wedding register is being signed” – 12:54.

    So I would use that time.


  3. Marjorie, how does the relationship charts of Prince William and Kate look in relation to PH and MM at the moment? I’m wondering if there is strain there in light of all that has transpired the past week and the embarrassment to the RF? Even if the “boys” are close, all relationship hit snags. I imagine away from MM William must have pulled him aside and had words with him. It’s the 11th hour and I feel this wedding will go on as planned.

  4. That Moon opposition Pluto is alarming on many levels. It is also the classic divorce aspect. I certainly wouldn’t want it in my marital chart. I give them 2-3 years of valliant effort before going their seperate ways, sad to say. I really hope they have the sense not to drag a child into this, or may the gods forbid.

  5. It’s always so interesting to read you astrological analysis! I don’t understand why the rilush to the alter. MM and PH should have flown both parents to London over the course of several months to ease them in and prepare for all the hoopla. Not to mention appropriate clothing. They could have waited a bit longer even before engagement to really get to know each other. Sad situation that might have been avoided. I feel this will all end badly years from now.

    • I can’t understand why Harry hasn’t even met his father in law to be. I don’t think that this debacle can just be blamed on a greedy press – some of the blame needs to land on her family: not just her step siblings and father but what about stories of her mother having dinner with Oprah and setting up her own practice!

      • I agree 100%. It’s all quite “shady” and again had PH and MM taken more time living together, this could have all come out and maybe given the Queen cause for pause on a green light. At this juncture it would be fitting to have them go on to a private life without a royal title, As for her mother, again I agree. Wouldn’t it have been prudent to at least wait for a couple of month before setting up her own practice, if only for how this is all perceived. What a mess and this is “Royal”?!

  6. All this is very ominous, nothing running smoothly. Reading many of the British public in the Daily Mail they have taken against her. Pretty much will stay that way to I think. I think Prince Harry and Meghan should seek a more private life and keep in the background like the other more minor Royals do…who do their Royal duties but are less commented on. I think it is the only way they will survive and I would really like Prince Harry to be happy in a good marriage.

  7. for some reason meghan markle comes across, to me, as fergie not diana 2.0. i could be wrong and harry getting married just to show that he is seriously committed.

  8. It has always felt like a total train wreck to be; she has always felt a little fake and he too adoring/blinkeredthe only thing that has surprised me this week is the lack of increasingly salacious stories coming out. Hope her father recovers from this op. However as I keep on saying it’s an astrology column not a hunch column and I should stay schtumm…

  9. The wedding might not even happen. Meghan’s father is scheduled for emergency heart surgery tomorrow (Wed.) morning. How would it look if she didn’t fly to Mexico/San Diego to be by his side? What a godawful mess this fairy tale is turning into.

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