Kim Yo Yong – a diplomatic offensive



Kim Yo Yong, the Dear Leader’s sister, has been shipped into South Korea to grace the Winter Olympics. Locals are doubtful about the North Korean peace initiative, being suspicious about what comes next.

She was born 26 September 1987 (on best evidence) making her a charming and elusive Sun Venus in Libra square Neptune; with a confident Mercury in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries; and an tough, volatile Mars in Virgo square Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. She looks stressed and challenged from March onwards and panicky come April as tr Neptune starts to square her Saturn; with worse in 2019 as tr Uranus is in a high-risk opposition to her Mars/Saturn midpoint.

She certainly fits as the diplomatic face of Kim Jong Un’s administration since her Sun Venus fall in the 7th house of the leadership chart. Her slippery Neptune is conjunct the Leadership 10th house Sun Pluto, as she has tap-danced into a position of power; with her Moon Pluto in the leadership 8th giving her behind-the-throne control.

On that chart Uranus has moved by Solar Arc to close the square to the Sun to exact, exactly now. That is often a destabilising influence. Though Uranus, the trickster, can sometimes bring the opposite result, with new opportunities opening up. Solar Arc Uranus will then move to square the Pluto  exactly in two and a half months’ time. There will be tensions and outbursts come mid April onwards with tr Uranus opposition the Saturn; and pressure along with risk from mid July.


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  1. She has certainly stolen and extinguished Trump’s fire and fury thundering. Pense could have stepped forward as a prevously unthinkable gesture as well. Trump now is forced to recover somehow – with a dramatic gesture and attendant ravings that his base would demand.

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