Kim & Don – a Neptunian love fest



The much-trumpeted Trump-Kim Jong Un deal was signed at 2.45 pm Singapore, on June 12th. The puts the Gemini Sun square Neptune which suggests a lack of clarity and indeed will to make it stick. There’s a good PR 10th house Venus opposition a mutinous 4th house Pluto; and an explosive, uncompromising North Node opposition an irritable 4th house Mars in Aquarius square a 7th house Uranus – which sounds divisive, rather than the basis for ongoing co-operation. Plus an over hopeful Jupiter trine Neptune trine the MC.

There’ll be highs and lows this year, but it’s 2019 where the real trouble will kick in with tr Pluto conjunct the Mars/Saturn midpoint which is usually fairly catastrophic, running till late 2020; plus a confidence undermining tr Neptune square Jupiter/Pluto.

There are various theories afoot, one of which is that John Bolton who was against any such deal capitulated because he reckoned it was a faster way to start a destroy-NK campaign when Kim reneges, than go through years of tactical negotiation.

Rick Wilson in the Daily Beast has his usual colorful response. ‘Ever wonder what the consequences of legitimizing a nuclear-armed madman who has used chemical weapons on his own family, starved his people, and engaged in systematic mass murder to retain power might be? Congratulations! You’re about to find out. Us too.’

PS: Any more accurate time of signing gratefully received.

PSX2: There’s a faint thought that fixer Michael Cohen might be about to flip and turn state’s evidence for Mueller – and that would certainly be a Mars Uranus jolt for Trump.


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  1. I cannot bear to do one more Trump post, its beginning to feel like an addiction. But will gear up strength tomorrow. A couple of thoughts for tonight on the news from New York’s attorney general of a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, as well as Donald Trump and his children, alleging “extensive and persistent” lawbreaking. That’s Mars Uranus enough to make sense of DT’s personal chart; and his relationships with all kids did look to be creaking more than somewhat from this month onwards. Plus his Solar Return certainly reflects explosive upsets in the family. Love it when the astrology hits the bullseye.

  2. Not meaning to dis DT … BUT… compared to his republican predecessors: Eisenhower/Khrushchev, Nixon/Mao, Reagan/Gorbachev this is pretty small potatoes.
    Looking at the chart w/o the befit of composites the biggest thing about it were the two puffed egos operating is full survival mode doing the “negotiating”. Jup in 1st. sun/merc sailing high in the chart and Sat operating full throated in Cap going retro for several weeks ahead hence the anti climatic reception of this non-monumental event of international import. (eye roll)
    The distance between mercury happy its own sign but heading out the door, and sun in 9th indicates to me cordiality but talking past one another. 9th house, philosophically speaking, Kim still has a lot of future in front of him, the lions share of Trumps life now in the rearview mirror. Jupiter 1st with chart ruler in 10th a good placement for a well behaved photo-op of two obnoxious silver spooners with daddy issues in full display.
    Trump’s solar return fancy dance is about returning to some mythical past greatness. Un, the little mouse roaring is seizing the moment and the future.

    Mao didn’t save Nixon from Watergate…

  3. While I agree that the meeting between Trump and Kim Jung-un is unlikely to succeed I do think it is appropriate that the US government is trying some form of rapprochement based diplomacy. Moreover, those criticising Trump and Kim meeting need to bring more to the table in the form of alternatives than their simple dislike of the people involved, particularly as war in the Korean peninsular would potentially be a catastrophe costing millions of lives. On this issue as with so many others it seems that the desire to return to the supposed pre Trumpian Edwardian Golden Age of the pre 2016 status would overrides any vision for the future. Nor is there any evidence that the policies of Bush or Obama towards North Korea were in anyway more successful in constraining its regime. It should be remembered that North Korea started developing its nuclear and ballistic capabilities over a decade ago and long before Trump was elected US President.

    • Agree. All too easy to let one’s contempt for DT obliterate the notion he might actually do some good as he blunders around. Though his adulatory schmoozing with the most egregious human rights violator on earth is hard to take. Mainly because it doesn’t feel strategic. He actually likes thugs.

  4. Trump went to Singapore with his eye on the Prize, as in Nobel Peace. He wants it bad. For him, the summit was all about self-glorification. He admitted that he didn’t even prepare for it. He had every intention of striking up a quick friendship with Kim and just as quickly declaring a soon-to-be nuke-free Nk, proclaiming that Americans can now sleep better at night. Never mind facts, details, nuance, possible pitfalls, subversion, etc., etc. He glossed over everything, salivating over the prospect of being awarded the Nobel, which of course he would perceive as putting him on equal footing with Obama, whose legacy he’s obsessed with.

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