Israel shrugging off the Gaza ‘bloodbath’



A ‘bloodbath’ and a massacre’ were two of the diplomatic responses to the 58 Palestinian dead and more than 1000 injured, most of them unarmed, as they protested inside the Gaza border fence with Israel yesterday. They were demonstrating about the US shift of the embassy to Jerusalem and also marking Nakba (catastrophe) Day – in May 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians were cleared out of their homes and off their land as Israel came into being. Hamas is being blamed but the Gazans are a people without hope, so hardly surprising they felt the need to make their presence felt even if it meant risking their lives.

Israel spent most of the day looking the other way, applauding the Eurovision win and discussing Ivanka Trump’s outfit.

The Israel chart isn’t showing much; though the February and August Eclipses in Aquarius/Leo impact on their 10th house Mars in Leo, so it is a combative year. The late July Lunar Eclipse will also rattle their 10th house Moon, unsettling the leadership and population. Ahead in 2019 tr Uranus will square the Israel Moon for a major jolt with outbursts from voters as well as rulers. Late 2019 as well tr Saturn will square the MC for a setback and rethink about the country’s direction.

The warlike status and image is unlikely to disappear anytime soon with the Solar Arc Saturn on the Ascendant now, followed by Solar Arc Pluto in three years plus. 2021 sees tr Uranus square the 10th house Pluto and then Saturn the following year, so it’ll be upheavals, disruptions and jolts all the way.

Where the Israel/Hamas and Israel/Palestine Declaration 1988 charts show most radical shifts are 2021 to 2024 with tr Pluto hitting on the Uranus opposition Pluto on both.

The Gaza 9 November 1917 9am chart looks stuck and blocked this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc MC; on high alert in 2020 and not making much headway into any major changes until into the 2020s.  The Gaza/Israel relationship chart has the explosively insecure tr Uranus trine Mars at the moment, having just cleared the trine to Mercury on the run up, through the seven weeks of demos. That repeats later in the year and into early 2019. There is likely to be more serious disruptions through 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus and opposition Pluto – along with disappointments.

Israel has an infinitely stubborn, martial and bleak natal chart with an 8th house Taurus Sun square Mars; and a 10th house Leo Moon, Saturn, Pluto. There’s not much insight or empathy in there.

Palestine and Gaza charts are both Scorpio Sun with several fixed planets so it’s an unyielding face-off on both sides.


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  1. The Hamas charter doesn’t say, “If you build a state, you shall have one.” It says, “If you see a Jew, you shall kill him.” It seems one person’s “freedom fighter” is another religious minority’s justly contained terrorist.
    You don’t recall much about facsism, do you?

  2. your loathsome fascist trolling is a perfect microcosm and exemplar for your beloved Israel. It was born in blood and will one day end that way….

    • Alex, Would you tone down your language. There’s a way of disagreeing that doesn’t require you to sink into making yourself sound like a troll yourself, no matter how strongly you feel.

  3. Well, they definitely shouldn’t, say, make peace with Israel and go on with their lives, because they are incapable of that. They might as well continue to destroy themselves through terrorism, with the support of good-hearted people like you.

  4. They should be like the Tibetans you mean? Face reality and suck it up. Not human nature, I’m afraid. The Scots are still aggrieved about the Highland Clearances and the Irish about the Potato Famine, ditto Indians about the famines, and Native Americans about being stockaded in reservations – all caused by colonial powers.
    I doubt there’s an answer now to the whole sorry mess in Palestine/Israel. But that doesn’t mean successive Israeli governments get a pass on bad behaviour. Or for that matter a pass on complaints about violence. Israel was born on the back of the Jewish terrorist attack on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1947 which killed many Brit diplomatic staff and hastened the unseemly and shambolic end of HM Government’s mandate. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. And on it goes.

  5. You’ve managed to find quite a few quotes by Israeli leaders that were sympathetic to the plight of Palestinian refugees. Israelis may have more empathy than you originally gave them credit for. The New York Times reported in 1959: “Israel Expands Homes For Arabs.” They provided housing and aid to Arab citizens and “internal refugees” of Israel. One of the barriers to compensating refugees for lost land was that “Many of them still hope that the Jews will be defeated and an Arab government will take over.” In “The Arabs of Palestine,” 1961, Martha Gellhorn notes that refugees in Beirut are taught “to live for revenge and return.” Foreign Policy, 2016: “Hamas is Ready for War with Israel.” A fighter in an Iranian funded militia says he is fighting to return to a place in Israel “he has never been and will almost certainly never go.” This delusion that they will yet conquer Israel and that it will heal them is the true Palestinian tragedy. It is not a kindness to indulge this belief–it is a cruelty.

  6. The conundrum for Israel – how to be Jewish and democratic.
    “In the chaos of the 1948-49 battles, some 750,000 Palestinian Arabs either fled their homes or, as in Lod and Ramle, were driven out. The targets of blame and numbers of people suffering this catastrophe – what Palestinians call their Naqba – have been heatedly debated since the archival work of the so-called New Historians in the 1980s. But one decisive fact was never debatable, which was that Arab refugees, understandably leaving a war zone, were not permitted to return. Their “abandoned” lands were then taken over as state property to be used for Jewish settlement. The writer and Mapai leader Moshe Smilansky wrote: “Someday we will have to account for [this] theft and spoliation, not only to our consciences, but also to the law.”

  7. Time Magazine (“Faltering Steps”) and the New York Times (“Arab Road Block Forecasts Battle”) both said that the Jews were not anxious for the Arabs to leave. Kenneth Bilby in the Herald Tribune wrote: “In the 1st stages of the Palestine war, Jewish leaders made repeated appeals to their Arab neighbors who had fled to return to Jewish partition territory and reclaim their property. Then, after 5 Arab armies invaded Palestine,” the policy changed (“Arab Refugees Exiled by Israel Pending Treaty.”) Arabs lost more by declining truces and continuing the war, an approach which unfortunately continues to this day.

  8. Meir Ya’ari was in favor of Arab right of return. This was probably one of his arguments. Regardless of what any one individual may have said, I have read hundreds of historical articles and no reporter who was there witnessed a flat-out Arab expulsion. They saw Arabs fleeing as their armies crumbled. The British commander of the Arab Legion stated that they “fled ignominiously.” The sole, clear-cut expulsion on record was that of the Jews from the Old City of Jerusalem, when they were conquered by the Arab Legion.

  9. Meir Ya’ari, Israeli opposition party co-leader in 1948 on the order to expel Palestinians “without attention to age”. He noted “how easily” Israel’s leaders spoke of how it was “possible and permissible to take women, children and old men and to fill the road with them because such is the imperative of strategy. And this we say . . . who remember who used this means against our people during the [Second World] War . . . I am appalled.”

    Israeli military leader Moshe Dayan in the 1950s: “What we can say against their terrible hatred of us? For eight years, they have sat in the refugee camps of Gaza, and have watched how, before their very eyes, we have turned their lands and villages, where they and their forefathers dwelled, into our home.”

    Moshe Sharett (Israeli PM 1954/55): “In the thirties we restrained the emotions of revenge. . . . Now, on the contrary, we justify the system of reprisal … we have eliminated the mental and moral brake on this instinct and made it possible … to uphold revenge as a moral value…. a sacred principle”

  10. Furthermore, Palestinians lost the land they had when they fled their homes in ’48 after the Arab countries launched an invasion to wipe out the nascent Jewish state. That’s a little bit different than “Israel stole their land.” Most of the Arabs who settled in what was then Palestine did so after zionists made it prosperous. 19th century accounts of Palestine describe it as malarial, in ruins, its harbors filled up.

  11. A few things you should be aware of. Sharon withdrew the Israelis from Gaza on September 13, 2005. On September 16, he called for peace steps at the UN. On September 25 a truck exploded during a Hamas parade. Even the Palestinian Authority said Hamaa should take responsibility, but Hamas blamed Israel and been attacking ever since. Egypt has also experienced terrorism out of Gaza. On November 17, 2014 Egyptian forces bulldozed the city of Rafah in order to make a buffer zone against terrorists.

  12. Victim blaming…. 2000+ shot many women and children….all terrorists according to the Israel hasbara lie machine, lapped up and vomited out by their useful idiot Lord Haw Haws….Free Palestine…

  13. You must be aware that of the 60 odd protesters killed, Hamas said 50 were its members and Islamic Jihad claimed 3 more. Perhaps you think these are the “peaceful” terrorists.

    • If you treat people badly some out of frustration will turn to violence as we discovered to our cost in Northern Ireland. And if you don’t fix the problem and meet that violence with retaliating violence it gets bred into generations who grow up knowing nothing else. That kind of situation breeds extremists.
      I guarantee if any of us had our homes and land stolen and been stuffed into a stockade (preserved in formaldehyde in Sharon’s description) we would not have come up smiling like Mary Poppins.

  14. Perhaps we should go even further back in time to depict the Jewish people generally…? I have been using a chart with Cancer on the Asc. for years and it does seem to work. Puts Pluto firmly in the 7th too.

  15. The Libra ascendant for Israel strikes me as a bit odd. I think it should be corrected. The time given is 4 PM, which is the beginning of the meeting where the Israeli Declaration of Independence was signed. The declaration was read, after which it was signed, which must have taken at least an hour before Ben-Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel. In my opinion, a Scorpio ascendant is more likely and much more fitting. Israel is obviously not a peaceful state, which Libra would suggest.

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