Indra Nooyi – same drive and talent as Bill Gates



Indra Nooyi, one of the foremost women CEOs, is stepping down after 12 years at the head of Pepsi. During her time sales and  shares have shot up, which earned her $31 million last year, and $87 million over the last three years. She spearheaded Pepsi’s transition to a greener, more environmentally aware company.

She was born in Chennai, India, on exactly the same day as Bill Gates – Oct 28 1955. And she has the same ultra-confident and go ahead Jupiter Pluto conjunction in showy Leo in square to an obsessively conscientious and determined Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Venus.  Her Scorpio Sun is conjunct Neptune in late Libra and both square Uranus in Leo – so she’s visionary, a reformer, sometimes rebellious and can be fanatical.  Her Moon is late Pisces where Bill Gates’ Moon is Aries and the houses will be different but both are cut from the same cloth. And both have singleton Moon, on bucket-shaped charts which channel the energy of the entire chart through the Moon, which makes them well-designed for a role interfacing with the public.

They have their Sun = NNode = Mars/Jupiter = Mars/Pluto so what brings them into prominence (NNode) is their personality (Scorpio Sun), their soaring confidence and good luck (Mars/Jup) and a degree of ruthless determination (Mars/Pl).

There’s no indication of where she goes from here – into philanthropy like Gates or another business venture. But with her Solar Arc Jupiter Pluto aiming to conjunct her Sun in just over two years’ time her next project will be huge.

Her get-it-together 5th harmonic, often a strong aspect for successful business  is powerfully aspected. As is her influencer 17H and superstar 22H.


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