Ilhan Omar – standing out from the crowd



Ilhan Omar, the Somalian-American congresswoman, has become, wittingly or otherwise, the focus of a noisy debate over what were taken to be anti-Semitic comments and criticism of Obama. Although what she said is hardly new, she does appear to have a knack of ruffling feathers.

Born 4 October 1981 in Mogadishu, Somalia, she lost her mother at two and was brought up by her father and grandfather, spent four years in a refugee camp in her early teens during the civil war before relocating to the USA and becoming a citizen.

She has a stellium in Libra of Sun Saturn Jupiter conjunct and a super-confident Jupiter Pluto conjunction as well. Libra ladies can be outspoken – Maggie Thatcher for one – and her Jupiter Pluto will help to give her the self-belief to make her voice heard. Libra women often have a strong connection to their father, less so their mother.

She’s also got Mars in flamboyant Leo in a volatile and not-always-sensitive square to Venus Uranus in Scorpio. Her Moon is in Sagittarius   which can be mouthy as well. Plus her Mercury is in penetrating Scorpio. Not one to sit quietly in a corner.

Her Solar Arc Saturn and Sun are squaring her Mars for a series of major setbacks through this year and next. With a raft of undermining Neptune transits to midpoints also through 2019/2020.  Though she’ll start to pick up more favourable influences through 2020 and onwards.



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  1. Publically elected official is not in her libra stellum wheelhouse. She, and the public, would be better suited is she took a behind the scenes political role, if she craves being in politics. I would be appalled if she were my representative, because her public comments (which I have read) do not represent me or my neighbors or our community of mostly immigrants.

    My mother had a libra stellum. She was beloved, but she also hurt us all to the core on a regular basis with what she said to us. She couldn’t control herself, and I doubt this libra stellum politician can either. Like Orr said, she was close to her father but not as much to her mother. Also an immigrant, like Omar. Perhaps libra stellum people are triggered into the exhibiting the negative side of the stellum by being a “stranger in a strange land”.

    • “Perhaps libra stellum people are triggered into the exhibiting the negative side of the stellum by being a “stranger in a strange land”.”

      I think this is all her Mercury in Scorpio, triggered by the incredible amount of racism Somali Communities seem to endure all around the Western World. Because really, not all immigrant experiences are similar. Not even “brown” immigrant experiences.

      • I really don’t know why you felt it necessary to make that statement about the color of her immigrant skin.

        The brief comment about my mother having a libra stellium was shared in order to show solidarity with M. Orr’s evaluation of Omar’s horoscope. My mother also had the great bounty of those planets in Libra helping her, as does Omar. I believe Omar will have more impact working behind the scenes with like minded people at this time. This is evident in the solar arc chart, which places a two sign stellium in the 11th house.

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