Freddie Starr – a Jupiterian Capricorn who ended up down-and-out



Freddie Starr, once the highest-paid entertainer in Britain, who at one point had yachts, fast cars, a helicopter, and a Grand National- winning racehorse, has died in poverty. A dissolute and manically unpredictable comedian he rampaged through five failed marriages, with six children whom he rarely saw, had a coke and drink habit, and was eventually bankrupted by a libel case he lost after he was accused of interfering with an underage girl. No charges were brought but with his legal bill at nearly £1 million he fled to Spain and died overweight, unkempt and penniless.

Born 9 January 1943 in Leeds with a violent, alcoholic father, he had a tough childhood which included a long spell in hospital. He was a Sun Capricorn opposition Jupiter in Cancer; with an Air Grand Trine of Venus Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus Saturn in Gemini trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Venus Mercury opposition Pluto making controlling, influential Pluto the driving planet.

An Air Grand Trine would make him cold and overly detached emotionally; Saturn Uranus can be autocratic; a strong Pluto in a Fixed sign can arouse hostile resistance; and his Sun Jupiter expects too much too quickly. An unaspected Mars usually leads to constant activity, can be self-centred and uncompromising and tends to act in an unrestrained way.

Given his background he achieved a good deal. Just a pity his temperament didn’t help him listen to advice, teach him self-discipline or allow him to be organised by a more level headed partner.


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