Brexit brake – unsolvable conundrum



A bunch of right-wing, anti-abortion, anti-same-sex-marriage/LGBT rights, creationist Ulster Protestants (aka Ian Paisley) have scuppered Theresa May’s chances of moving onto the next crucial Brexit stage of trade talks. After the disastrous election last June May was forced to lash herself unthinkably to the Northern Ireland DUP for their 10 MPs to survive politically. Now she’s paying the price. Though truthfully it’s hard to see how this Gordian knot is going to be untied. To prevent a hard border with the south, the north will need to stay within the EU customs union, which Scotland and Wales would then insist is a privilege extending to them, which would send the Bo-jo Brexiteers off into a tantrum.

This month was never going to be good news for May with tr Saturn in a downbeat square to her Sun/Jupiter and Mercury; and worse, in a complete and devastated muddle from tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune, returning on and off through 2018. Though she does have a great sigh of relief this Dec/Jan from tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/North Node which is either good news, or she gets let off the hook and sent out to pasture. Somewhere soon since her birth time isn’t known, she gets a massive jolt from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun.

If she sticks around, then she runs into a bigger minefield in 2018 with tr Neptune returning to conjunct her Mars for a panicky feeling of failure from early February (returning late October into early 2019). From mid March onwards tr Pluto is conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint which is calamitous – though that could be a disaster of another variety such as a major atrocity. That returns on and off through 2019 as well, joined in 2019/2020 by a frustratingly-trapped tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Node. By 2019 tr Neptune is in a bubble-bursting, false-hopes-dashed opposition to her Jupiter; and is exactly square the Sun and Moon in her government chart.

Arlene Foster, the hard-line leader of the DUP, thrust unexpectedly (and undeservedly) into a powerful position of leverage was born 3 July 1970, two weeks before Scots leader Nicola Sturgeon. She has a New Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer with her Mars in an opportunistic square to Jupiter. She’s also got an ultra-determined, unsentimental and ruthless mini-Grand Trine of Saturn in Taurus trine Pluto, sextile Mars in Cancer.

Her Mars is under acute, frustrating and enraging pressure in 2018/19 from February onwards as tr Pluto opposes her Mars.  She is resisting fiercely any moves to separate Northern Ireland from the UK and thus bring it closer to the south, much disliked by her Orange Order supporters.  She’s playing with fire since she certainly doesn’t want a left-wing (increasingly so) Corbyn government in place which if she keeps pushing she might end up with.

She’s certainly a key figure where the UK is concerned since her Sun and Mars (as with Sturgeon) fall in the UK’s 10th house and her Saturn in Taurus in the UK 8th in aspect to the UK’s 4 Fixed planets in financial and legislative positions – so a block politically and where cash is concerned.

Foster’s relationship chart with the UK is worsening dramatically through 2018/19 with tr Neptune in hard aspect to a composite T Square of Pluto opposition Mars square Jupiter; and tr Saturn square the composite Sun by 2019. Not good chemistry to start with and tr Neptune is turning bad feelings into a festering swamp of unpopularity.

Muddle and mayhem were always going to be the signature of this May government, 9 June 2017 12.35pm London with an exact Gemini Sun opposition Moon square Neptune.  It might, given Neptune’s slipperiness totter on, but it won’t end well.


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  1. Hmm well TMay had both maximum confusion from Neptune and a lucky break from Jupiter. It’s what makes predictions tricky when there are bad and good running concurrently.

  2. Interesting that there’s only two weeks between the birth dates of Arlene Foster and Nicola Sturgeon, as Arlene Foster comes across as being “unsentimental and ruthless”, Nicola Sturgeon comes across as being open, fair minded and compassionate.

    • Birth time and houses will make a difference – and Foster has that v hard and unpleasant Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Mars which isn’t the case with Sturgeon. Not sure I;d see NS in such glowing terms but she’s certainly not as hard-edged.

  3. However remember that although it might be cost effective for the UK to divest itself of Northern Ireland and that there many sections of Northern Ireland that would be delighted by the concept. Equally there are a seeming majority of the Northern Irish who would be horrified if this were to come to pass given their centuries long loyalty to the Great Britain and the Crown

  4. As Winston Churchill noted after the Great War “The whole map of Europe has been changed … but as the deluge subsides and the waters fall short we see the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again.”.

    Given the cost of Brexit I think there will be a temptation for some British politicians to see it as an opportunity to divest themselves of the costly legacy of Northern Ireland which currently runs at about £11 billion per annum to taxpayers in the rest of the UK. I think the upcoming new Pluto Saturn cycle beginning in 2020 and the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius and Neptune into Aries in the 2020s is going to result in a complete reexamination of the UK as a union in all its forms. As a political entity its function really died with the Empire that it was essentially created to promote. We are at the end of cycle dissolution phase at the moment and what is to come will seem in retrospect inevitable. In fact it will be understood that the UK could not possibly have sorted out its relationship with Europe until it had sorted out its relationship with itself.

  5. Thanks for an interesting post
    We are also in a three week period of mercury being retrograde which traditionally is an era for missed communications and misunderstandings and not a great time for negotiations. The retrograde mercury sometimes works beneficially in providing a second chance on issues that were missed when mercury first went through these degrees . But mercury being a joker does not add to the dignity of the situation

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