Bradley Cooper – lucky in talent, not in love



Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, the romantic musical A Star is Born, in which he also stars alongside Lady Gaga, has been getting superlative reviews and good box office. He’s had multiple nominations through a glittering and highly-paid career – Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and American Sniper – with a Tony nomination for his performance as the Elephant Man on Broadway.

His emotional life has been more chequered with a six month marriage to Jennifer Esposito, other media-fodder liaisons, most recently with Russian model Irina Shayk with whom he has a young daughter. Early in his career he suffered from depression and substance abuse and is now teetotal.

Born 5 January 1975 5.09 am Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a stockbroker father, he does have a bleak chart with a Capricorn Sun opposition an 8th house Saturn square a 10th house Pluto. He won’t find relationships or cooperating at an intimate level easy. His Libra Moon is square Venus Mercury in Capricorn which will give him a charming manner, but behind the smiles he’s very defensive. A showbizzy Mars Neptune in Sagittarius sit on his Ascendant square Jupiter in sympathetic Pisces, which latter probably fuels his charity work for cancer and Alzheimers.

Irina Shayk, 6 January 1986 Russia, like him has her Sun and Venus in Capricorn but she’s also got an angst-ridden and intense Pluto, Mars and Moon in Scorpio which won’t sit comfortably with his Libra Moon. Her Uranus is conjunct his Mars so it will be a volatile relationship, a sparky attraction initially then turning argumentative. Her Saturn is conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint, the committed partnership significator, which sounds like hard work.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus in a passionate and possessive square to Pluto; with an explosive composite Mars Uranus conjunction; and a suspicious/doubting Saturn square Neptune. It’s one of these can’t live with them, can’t live without them connections. It’s under a good deal of pressure right through till 2020 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Venus and then square the Pluto so the ties-that-bind are being seriously stretched.

Tr Pluto is also squaring his natal Moon in 2019/2020 which sounds like major strains in his domestic life. Tr Neptune is already taking the shine off his enthusiasm as it conjuncts his Jupiter and squares his Solar Arc Uranus; then next year squares his natal Mars, with all three influences coinciding in 18 months’ time which does not look easy – panicky, highly-strung, feeling a failure. He’s got tr Saturn moving through his First Quadrant for some years which often coincides with a time when unresolved emotional issues surface and have to be resolved.

His 7th harmonic is very strong which is creative, a seeking soul, and can be finely balanced psychologically.

If this relationship splits it won’t be easy since Plutonic bonds end up in bitter long drawn out tussles.


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