Benjamin Netanyahu – running downhill fast



The Israeli police have announced that there is sufficient evidence indicating PM Benjamin Netanyahu took bribes in two separate cases and acted “against public interests” – accepting lavish gifts (worth circa $250k) from wealthy benefactors in return for advancing their interests. He is refusing to stand down and says the ‘police document has holes like Swiss cheese.’ He insists gifts from tycoons were gestures of friendship and ‘never felt like the amount of a million shekels.’

He won’t budge easy but his days are numbered according to Haaretz, the Tel Aviv liberal paper. April looks crux point with tr Uranus opposing his Libra Sun and tr Neptune opposing his 10th house Saturn in Virgo. Pressures will mount through next month with the insecure tr Uranus trine his Mars and the devastating and scandal-prone tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune, which latter continues on and off till late 2019. Tr Saturn is moving through his low-profile, less successful first quadrant and has now hit the nadir now as it moes through his 2nd house. And he has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Sun, exact in 6 months’ time, though likely put up road-blocks before then.

His 2015 Government chart also has tr Uranus opposing the midheaven from May onwards for a mighty jolt; and the Solar Arc Pluto square his Uranus, exact in six months destabilising him from now onwards.


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