Trump and Clinton Juniors – helping the family cause




The Trump juniors have been on display through their father’s convention and Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Democratic one.

Ivanka Trump, 30 Oct 1981, New York, is an intense Sun Scorpio sextile a hard-working, pro-active Mars in Virgo, with a super-confident and determined Jupiter Pluto Mercury Saturn in Libra sextile a lively Venus Neptune in Sagittarius, with a fiery Sagittarius Moon probably square Mars. With her Mars also square Uranus – definitely go-ahead, a risk-taker, attracted to excitement. She’s very much on the up and up in 2017 though not until April when tr Uranus opposes her Jupiter Pluto. She’s got a tough tr Pluto square her Saturn up to and across the election and some less than wonderful transits to midpoints right through to the end of January 2017.

Donald Trump Jnr, 31 Dec 1977, is a charming and ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo, with Sun square Pluto and inconjunct Mars in Leo – a controlling father, though proud of his family and its wealth, stressed with anger issues from Mars.

He has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Moon, exact in two months’ time, which looks like a shock and strain; and also Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars now, so a surge of confidence and exuberance as he steps onto centre stage. He looks less than cheerful in the run up late Sept/Oct (but then neither does Hillary). He’s more upbeat from late November.

Tiffany Trump, 13 Oct 1993, like her elder sister is a Libra Scorpio mix, with a Sun Jupiter in Libra trine Saturn, and Mars Mercury conjunct and Pluto, all in Scorpio. Her Sun Jupiter square onto a highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. She’ll be alternately charming, then sensible, then vengeful and given to odd whims. Her life will be changing radically from December onwards with tr Uranus opposition her Sun, then her Sun/Jupiter midpoint and finally opposition her Jupiter from next April. So whatever happens she’ll be in for lucky breaks and a confidence surge. She looks disconsolate in late Oct to early Nov; and over-stressed with Solar Arc Uranus square her Mars in three months, but upbeat again come December.

Chelsea Clinton, 27 Feb 1980 11.24pm Little Rock, Arkansas, is a private 4th house Sun Pisces opposition a lively and ambitious Mars Jupiter in Virgo in her 10th. Her Mercury in Pisces in the performing 5th will make her a good speaker, though it opposes Saturn and squares onto Neptune so she will be a worrier and vague as well. Her 9th house Leo Moon suggests she’ll live abroad at some point during her life.

She also looks stressed in the run up to the election with tricky midpoints till mid October. From late Oct she has tr Uranus opposition her Pluto and conjunct her Venus – so her life will change radically at that point, win or lose. She also has tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from mid Oct till late Nov which is definitely good news from her point of view.


Melania Trump – rooted and enduring; a chalk & cheese match

MTDT MT synMT DT comp



Melania Trump, born 26 April 1970 in Slovenia (old Yugoslavia), is incredibly different from her husband Donald. He’s Air Fire and very Mutable – so like a hot air balloon and scattered. She very earthy and fixed – with a Sun Saturn in Taurus and Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, with Mercury Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo and a Capricorn Moon – a good business head probably, better than her husband’s. Her Venus in Taurus will suit her for her chosen career of jewellery design, especially since it is conjunct a lively Mars and opposition a showbizzy Neptune. Her Sun is on the focal point of a Yod, inconjunct Uranus and Neptune – so she’s highly strung and ambivalent about promoting herself, too much at times and too little at other, never feels she fits in.

Her Mercury Venus Mars are conjunct his Midheaven, so it’s a good career match and she’d be attracted to his status. Her Uranus is conjunct his Neptune so she’ll be more innovative about money and irritated by his vagueness/slipperiness on the topic.

Their relationship chart isn’t awash  with affection – a superficially sociable Venus trine Jupiter and maybe Venus opposition Moon; and a controlling composite Sun square Pluto. There is considerable pressure on their relationship in 2016/17 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, so stressful and argumentative. Though relief in September/early October with tr Uranus opposition the composite Jupiter. And some gloom over the election with tr Saturn opposition the composite Saturn –  that could be ‘a get-serious we’re in’ hint; or ‘a curses we lost’.

There’s nothing much on her chart which is helpful around election time, certainly high anxiety and tension in December; and some downers by 2018.  She seems quite happy to stay in seclusion so a First Lady role would probably give her a panic attack.

Eris – vengeance of the have nots; outing liars

The dwarf planet Eris, named after the goddess of strife and discord (in mythology the opposite of Harmony), was discovered in 2005. It moves very slowly, entering Aries in 1926 and not exiting till 2047. Tr Uranus is conjunct at the moment and over the next few months as it hovers around 22 and 23 Aries, so the conjunction stays in effect until April next year.

Reading some of the other astrologers who’ve studied it more closely (writing some years back) – it’s fascinating how on the button it is.

Eris: pain & sorrows; lawlessness; bloodthirsty. Melancholia and sorrow mixed with raging anger. ‘Eris gave birth to energy that will punish perjurers or those who don`t honour their oaths. She will see to it that those who lie to win are punished.’

In mythology Eris was the uninvited guest to the party – disowned and exiled, the 13th fairy that cursed the sleeping beauty. She will take everyone down with her if she feels she has been treated unfairly or disrespected. She exposes hypocrisy and takes and eye for an eye.

She’s not all vengefulness and spite however. She’s also clever, good at stimulating the slothful to exertion and she uses positive envy as a motivation – other people are doing better than me so I should work harder.

Pippa Middleton – Sun Moon Venus; and Sun Venus cross overs

PM JM synPM JM comp



Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate and sister-in-law of Prince William, is to marry financier James Spencer Matthews next year. Born 6 September 1983 4.40am Reading, Eng (astrotheme), she looks a good match for her fiancé, born 21 Aug 1975.

His Leo Sun is conjunct her Moon Venus Ascendant in Leo which is a lovely cross over; and his Venus in Virgo is conjunct her Sun. He was born at the time of the Full Moon which is perhaps why he’s taken so long to take the matrimonial plunge and his Moon is (probably) conjunct her Descendant which is also a good placing.

On the relationship chart there is an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction with Sun widely conjunct Saturn and sextile Mars – so hard-working, and fairly driven. Both do sports at a high level which may soak up some of the rougher edges of that.  Though there is a composite Mars square Pluto which may cause some tensions and power struggles along the way. His Uranus is conjunct her Pluto so there will be some adjustments needed as to who has the last word on lifestyle choices.

She’s a live wire with her Virgo Sun square Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius; while he has a Uranus opposition Jupiter in Aries square Saturn in Cancer, so although a risk-taker and keen on fun and variety, will like to be in charge.

2017 looks a touch stressful and confusing with tr Neptune opposing the composite Saturn, maybe just wedding nerves; or business pressures on his end.

Qandeel Baloch – struggling to be free



The ‘honour’ killing of Pakistani Qandeel Baloch, by her brother for shaming the family and community with her provocative social media pictures – she had over 1 million followers on Facebook and was known as the Pak Kim Kardashian – has focussed attention again, on the yawning gap between western and eastern attitudes towards women.

Born 1 March 1990, she was married off, as is traditional, in her late teens, ran away from her abusive husband and became her family’s main breadwinner. Despite the amateur and fairly crass postings, she became a beacon of hope for Pakistani women still trapped in suffocating repression.

Pakistani authorities have barred her family from legally “forgiving” their son, which is often the way honour killings are allowed to go unpunished. More than 500 women a year die in this way in Pakistan.

Qandeel was a Sun Pisces trine Pluto in Scorpio, sextile Uranus Neptune in Capricorn – a highly-strung dreamer who fought against control. Her Jupiter in Cancer was widely trine her Sun and opposition Uranus – definitely adventurous. More pointedly she had a cruelly-treated Saturn Mars Venus in Capricorn with Mars Saturn sextile Pluto – huge anger issues; and a vehement Mercury in Aquarius square Pluto.

Given the milieu in which she lived, it was never going to end well. But perhaps her death may (?!?) lead to change for the future.

In India five men who gang raped a woman four years ago, captured and raped her again over the weekend leaving her for dead beside the road, in an attempt to stop her bringing a court case against them for the original offence. This is one place where the pressure of global mass media might do some good, as these countries are shamed into adopting a more civilized approach to rape and domestic abuse and women in general.


Yanis Varoufakis – a man with a vision for Europe



Yanis Varoufakis, the flamboyant, playboy Marxist economist, former Greek finance minister, both loathes and supports the EU.  On the run up to the referendum he campaigned for the UK to remain, warning that Brexit could plunge the continent into a 1930s-style depression. Earlier this year he launched Democracy in Europe 2025 with Noam Chomsky and others, whose goal is to achieve “a full-fledged democracy with a sovereign Parliament respecting national self-determination and sharing power with national Parliaments.’ As opposed to the present set up – “a clueless, inefficient bureaucracy — with an infinite capacity to recite unenforceable rules”.

Varoufakis was born 24 March 1961 in Athens, Greece and is a pro-active Sun Aries square Mars (Moon) in Cancer, so definitely upfront and impulsive; with his Sun on the focal point of a wide Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune which will give him problems with his ego – too much at times and too little at others. He’s also got a creative, self-protective Water Grand Trine of Mars (Moon) trine Neptune trine Mercury in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Mercury opposition Pluto – making controlling, intense, influential Pluto as the driving planet.

One problem with Water Grand Trines is they can disconnect from reality and create their own idealised internal world. He’s also got the idealistic Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius conjunction which is sextile his Sun. Undoubtedly a talented man, well designed to push forcible opinions out into the world.  By 2024 his Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct his Sun, so he should be flying high at that point, though as ever there’s always an Icarus-type risk of a crash on the far side.

The chart for Democracy in Europe, 9 Feb 2016, has an argumentative Aquarius Sun square Mars in ultra-determined Scorpio. More to the point it has a Yod of Sun sextile Uranus inconjunct Jupiter North Node in Virgo. Yods are usually out of step with the environment until they click into place. Tr Pluto will trine the DIE Jupiter in 2018/19 which might just be the catalyst. Such a Jupiter can have a strong effect on society, though it can also be its own worst enemy because of a tendency to self-aggrandizement.


Medgar Evers – fighting the good fight and dying for it

ME BB synME BB comp


Medgar Evers was a WW11 veteran, college graduate, who became a civil rights activist in the 1950s, fighting for desegregation and voting rights for colored people. He was shot by Byron De La Beckwith, Jr of the White Citizens Council (later Klu Klux Klan) on 12 June 1963, was initially refused entry to a hospital because of his colour and died 50 minutes later. He was buried with full military honours at Arlington and was mourned nationally.

Evers was born 2 July 1925 in Decatur, Mississippi and was a Sun Pluto in Cancer opposition Jupiter, trine Saturn in Scorpio – so confident and tough. He had a leadership North Node in Leo conjunct Mars and Venus in late Cancer, so passionately enthusiastic, though it squared Saturn in Scorpio, so a life full of anger and setbacks. With an intense Scorpio Moon.

He was assassinated during that febrile 1960s Uranus Pluto conjunction – at that point also conjunct tr Mars. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars and North Node when he was mown down.

Byron De La Beckwith Jnr, 9 Nov 1920, his killer, was tried before all-white juries who deadlocked and was only convicted in 1994. He died in hospital in 2001. He was a New Moon in Scorpio sextile/trine a Mars in Capricorn opposition Pluto – so vengeful, filled with hatred. He also had a Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine a Scorpio Node – highly emotional, self-protective, living in his own little bubble. He also had a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Virgo with Saturn square Venus and trine Mars – all in all not a charmer.

Their charts do bear some similarities to each other – heavy on water and Pluto/Scorpio, with afflicted Mars. One on the upside and the other on the downside; one fighting against repression, the other imposing it.

BB’s North Node in Scorpio was conjunct ME’s Saturn, so it would be a challenge to BB to cope with ME’s persistence and BB’s afflicted Mars was conjunct ME’s confident Jupiter and opposition ME’s Pluto Sun – so a ferocious struggle for the upper hand.

Their relationship chart has an ego-clashing composite Sun opposition Uranus (not in the same space) with a resentful, cold Pluto square Venus Saturn.

What is interesting are their respective Nodes which square each other. Evers’s Leo Node suited him to take a leading role.  BB’s Scorpio Node stuck him into old patterns, made him overly security-conscious – the lessons of this Node are hard and sometimes require the individual to give up all they held dear – and he died in prison. Not I hasten to add that that is the fate of all Scorpio Nodes but there is a karmic lesson about needing to let go before transformation takes place. BB’s Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct his Saturn when he was finally convicted; with his Solar Arc Uranus opposition his Sun – so deprivation and a radical change.

Democratic Convention – less problematic

Dem conv


The Democratic convention will kick off at 3pm on 25 July and has nothing like as tricky a chart as the GOP one. For one thing it has lost the Sun opposition Pluto square Uranus. There’s a successful Jupiter in the 10th with a stable and charm-offensive Sun Venus Leo trine Saturn trine a 5th house showboat Aries Moon. With a confident Jupiter trine Pluto, sextile the Scorpio Ascendant.

There’s still the Yod in place with Mars in late Scorpio sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus in the 6th – so some strain and 6th is health and employment.

There’ll be arguments with Mercury square Mars, some dissatisfaction with Neptune in the 4th. But generally a much easier and smoother convention.

Boris Johnson – court jester kept busy and out of the way



Bojo ‘The Clown’ in as UK diplomat to the globe does sound like a Monty Pythonesque joke. He has sprayed insults around as befits his Mars in Gemini on the focal point of a high-wire, overly excitable Mutable T Square to disruptive Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn. And he has Mercury Sun Venus also in scattered Gemini – serene and settled he is NOT. It is a very odd appointment.

On the plus side, he is very charming, witty and articulate in his bumbling way when not putting his foot in his mouth.  And he seemed to make not a bad fist of being Mayor of London, much against expectation. He is fairly internationalist having been born in New York with a Turkish great-grandfather and related to the Hanoverian King George 11 centuries back.

From Theresa May’s point of view, it isn’t as hair-raising as it sounds. The Foreign office is a pale shadow of what it once was. MI6 is now under No 10. Brexit negotiations will be handled by David Davis (mind you he’s something else, a mouth without the charm); and new trade by Liam Fox. All three will share Chevening House, the country pile for visiting foreign dignitary meetings. And it keeps Boris racing round the world and out of Westminster’s way, which with his Sun Venus Mercury in the 9th he will adore.

His appointment was announced at 7.49 pm 13 July 2016, which produces a very complicated chart. The crisis-ridden Pluto opposition Sun square a 3rd house Uranus could suggest some overly-blunt opinions leaping out; especially since Uranus is also on the focal point of the Yod to Jupiter sextile Mars. Jupiter in the 9th is helpful for amiable international discussions. Though Neptune in the 3rd highlighted in the other T Square opposition North Node square a 12th house Saturn – suggests muddles in everyday ongoings and lack of practicality.

His Mars midpoints are horribly stressed and high-risk from the start of 2017 for three years or so; and tr Saturn will oppose his Mercury Sun Venus – so not a cakewalk.

His relationship with PM Theresa May is under hugely heavy pressure right through her term in office, with some explosions early next year.   He and Liam Fox really dislike each other with a composite Sun Mars opposition Saturn square Neptune in their joint chart – angry, unkind feelings, suspicion.  He is strained and argumentative with David Davis, though there are glimmerings of possibilities of a potential for (maybe) a better outcome.

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