Princes Will and Harry – sibling rivalry in a goldfish bowl


All families have tensions running below the surface which it often takes a shift in the dynamics, like a new marriage partner, to open up fissures that were always there but not challenged by circumstances before.

Most notably Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio is conjunct William’s Midheaven and Jupiter and trine William’s New Moon in Cancer. Used well, it can lead to fruitful co-operation over educational or charitable activities. But the tendency will be for the Pluto individual to struggle against the other for power and position. Evidently Diana brought the boys up as equals which, while laudatory in one way, was always going to cause problems with one heading for the throne and the other down the pecking order. In addition to standard sibling rivalry, there’s the whole ‘Succession’/Murdoch family who gets to be head of the firm rivalry – and oddly it’s less William being a bully and more Harry who resents not having his power.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus but that squares onto a competitive and argumentative Mars which is being set alight by tr Uranus in hard aspect from 2019 for three years ahead. Plus they have a composite Mercury square Saturn Pluto which suggests inherent communication problems – and those are being exacerbated at the moment by tr Pluto opposition the Mercury and moving to square Pluto Saturn in 2022/23/24.

Kate has a milder version of slightly similar crossovers with Harry and an oddly defensive synastry with his Venus in Libra conjunct her Saturn and his Saturn in Scorpio square her Venus.

Meghan steps into the picture already loaded with emotional baggage from her own family. Her Pluto in the 4th, relic of a controlling father and a scary childhood will have left her super-sensitive to any sense of being crowded or not being in control of her domestic set up. Marrying into the Royals in those circumstances was a definite no no. She also has her Libra Moon conjunct Saturn Jupiter and square Mars in Cancer – so she’ll be emotionally volatile and on a short-fuse when it comes to familial relations. She also has a 1st house Leo Sun which gives her a bouncy, outgoing and attention-seeking personality – with Leo being unduly sensitive not just to criticism but also to any perceived lack of applause and adoration. She will be high-maintenance emotionally and again the stiff-upper-lipped Royals are not an ideal environment for her kind of temperament.

She isn’t a good fit with William since her Mars in Cancer is conjunct his 7th house North Node and square his Mars Saturn which is a gritty interface. Her wayward 5th house Uranus opposes his steady Venus in Taurus so he will find her disruptive. Her Sun Mercury fall in his 8th so she will penetrate deeply under his skin and while that can lead to a strong connection, could also make him highly uncomfortable. And vice versa since his New Moon falls in her 12th so they will press each other’s buttons at an unconscious level. His Saturn Pluto falls in her 4th – so he won’t be felt as domestically supportive or offering a warm family welcome.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction squaring Pluto Jupiter, which gave me pause for thought, when I first saw it. In different circumstances there could have been a good deal of attraction between them. And at an underlying level that could well be an issue. But the relationship chart also has a highly flammable composite Moon Mars square Uranus, so it’s not remotely a stable connection. Mars Uranus suggests two individuals who are uncompromising in their insistence of doing their thing, not in co-operating.

Again there’s that very strong Jupiter Pluto theme, which is found in power-couple charts, and gives a strong drive to succeed. It can work well as long as both are focused on a common goal. It’s a compulsive energy in a relationship and when/if it turns sour as one or other feel they are not getting what they want, they start a ruthless blame game. Plutonic relationships usually come together for a purpose – of changing both sides – and when that is accomplished the splitting up is usually long drawn out, messy and acrimonious.

Kate’s chart is surprisingly similar to William’s so her crossovers with Meghan are almost the same. In the relationship chart the composite argumentative Moon Mars is sextile the power-struggling Jupiter Pluto and square a needs-space Venus Uranus. Kate’s Cancer Moon falls in Meghan’s 12th widely conjunct her Mars – and Kate’s Full Moon squares onto Saturn Pluto which again, like William, falls in Meghan’s 4th hitting on her Pluto – so Meghan’s acute sensitivity about being controlled or crowded would be triggered.

The wedding chart with its Mars square Uranus Mercury always did hint at explosions and disruptions along the way. Plus a Water Grand Trine of Neptune Moon Jupiter which hints at the risk of unrealistic illusions.

A diluted version of this brouhaha must have played out in a good many families with as much angst for the members but less exposure. For all their emphasis on doing good works for mental health they are probably not good at conducting their own internal therapy to iron out wrinkles and triggers.


John Malkovitch – stepping into the red slippers


The iconic John Malkovitch steps up as the Vatican replacement for Jude Law in Paolo Sorrentino’s The New Pope now about to launch onto tv screens. His brooding intensity, inscrutable face and gravelly voice make a sharp contrast to Jude Law’s maverick Young Pope, who remains in season two and slowly emerges from a coma.

Malkovitch, 9 December 1953 11.39pm Christopher, Illinois, has had a long and illustrious career, though he gives the impression of not caring about success or failure. He has a fourth house Sagittarius Sun opposition a lucky, talented 10th house Jupiter which forms into an even more talented Half Grand Sextile to Pluto in the 12th and Mars Neptune in his 2nd house. He lived in France for many years until tax problems drove him back to the USA. There’s a good deal ahead for him with tr Saturn only in his Second Quadrant with another nearly twenty years to go of hard work and increasing respectability. Tr Jupiter through his 5th this year will make him more visible though there’s a fair amount of turmoil in his chart from tr Pluto opposition his Uranus and tr Saturn square his 2nd house Mars Neptune and tr Uranus opposition his 2nd house Saturn this year; plus a droopy tr Neptune square his Sun – maybe a financial hiccup or two.

Malkovitch’s Jupiter in Gemini, Pluto and Mars Neptune in Libra connect well with Sorrentino’s Jupiter in Libra; with M’s Mercury in penetrating Scorpio conjunct S’s Neptune for a telepathic connection. See previous post below for Sorrentino and Law.

December 17 2016 post:

Jude Law who was the unexpected lead for Paolo Sorrentino’s sumptuous 10-part television drama The Young Pope rose to the challenge and inhabited the part to the manner born. He played a young American laid-back, smoking, cherry-coke drinking primate who turned out to have hard-line views on key issues for the Vatican. As to be expected from Sorrentino who directed Oscar-winning The Great Beauty, it was gloriously shot, awash with red and gold, sliding in and out of dream sequences, with a wittily quirky plot as well as some telling jabs at the Vatican.

Law, 29 Dec 1972 6am Lewisham, England, made his name with The Talented Mr Ripley and more recently The Grand Budapest Hotel and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. But he’s been in need of a splash and this will certainly be in line for awards, with a second series planned. He’s had a complicated love life, which at times overshadowed his acting career, with five children by three different relationships.

He’s a Sun Capricorn square Pluto on his Libra MC with Jupiter also in Capricorn in his 2nd. He has a handsome and charming Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Ascendant in Sagittarius opposition a 7th house Saturn; and a restless Moon Uranus in Libra. Not an easy chart for emotional relationships, with Moon Uranus, Venus Saturn; and such a strong Pluto.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong, as is his actor’s 15H.

In 2016/17 he’s got tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter which usually accompanies a great success and confidence and financial boost.

Paolo Sorrentino, 31 May 1970 11.50pm Naples, Italy, has filmic Neptune in his 10th house of career on the focal point of a Yod to Mars in Gemini sextile Moon in Taurus. A Yod focal point Neptune yearns for calm and beauty and times of seclusion – Leonardo Da Vinci had one such as did Marlon Brando. His Gemini Sun is trine an 8th house Uranus, with Pluto also in the 8th; and Mars in Gemini in the entertainment 5th is square both Pluto and Uranus – so driven, risk-taking and volatile. It’s an Air Earth chart with no Fire, so he’d be drawn to a subject like The Young Pope which focussed on the struggles around faith – his missing element.

He also has strong creative harmonics – 5th and 7th – and leaving-a-legacy 17H.

Sorrentino’s Sun falls in Jude Law’s 7th so a good partnership; with PS’s Uranus conjunct JL’s Pluto MC – a catalytic relationship that moved him in a new direction.

Oman – end of an era

Sultan Qaboos, the Arab world’s longest serving leader has died. Educated in England and Sandhurst he returned to house arrest under his father’s mediaeval rule in 1966 and subsequently overthrew him in a bloodless coup. He then brought in a policy of modernization, oversaw a rise in living standards and development in the country, unified a previously divided nation and ended Oman’s international isolation. He also turned Oman into a diplomatic bridge that navigated a neutral course through the region’s troubles. He was a steadfast western ally who also maintained close relations with Iran and attracted investment from China.

Although progressive in some respects, he remained prime minister and defence minister as well as head of state; and wasn’t above silencing dissent when discontent arose amongst the population after the Arab Spring.

Born 18 November 1940 he was an enduring Sun Scorpio opposition an innovative Uranus in Taurus which was sextile/trine an artistic and sensitive Neptune in Virgo. He also has a Fixed Jupiter Saturn in Taurus in an immoveable square to Pluto, with Pluto in a ruthless square to Mars. His Jupiter Saturn which mixes idealism with materialism fell in Oman’s 10th house with his Pluto in a controlling conjunction to Oman’s Sun Mars. His Sun was conjunct Oman’s Neptune in the 5th house of entertainment and children. He was a fervent promoter of classical music and had a thriving orchestra of young Omani players. He was married briefly and had no children.

His cousin Haitham ben Tarek was named as his successor and was sworn in on the morning of 11 January. Born 13 October 1954, he’s a very different temperament with a Sun Neptune in Libra on the focal point of a T Square to Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus Jupiter in Cancer – overflowing with initiative, restless in the extreme, good at starting new projects but not always so good at the long haul. It won’t be a smooth transition for him with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars from late February 2020 till late 2021 which is frustrating, blocked and risky; with muddles and confusion in 2021/22 from tr Pluto square his Neptune. Though he’ll have more success and luck in 2023.

Oman itself will be under pressure to change with its last degree Cancer Sun square Jupiter catching the tr Pluto hard aspects in 2023/24 which will bring a confident push in new directions though it won’t be without its dangers with road blocks until well over mid decade . The Oman chart is very together with a great deal of potential – a Water Grand Trine of Sun trine Neptune trine Pisces Moon, turned into two Kites by Moon opposition Pluto and Neptune opposition Saturn. But there’ll be more forced change in the next few years before it moves onto a new trajectory as tr Uranus is conjunct the Saturn and then opposition Neptune from 2023 to 2025.

Harry and Meghan ahead – a sobering reality check

(Cartoon: The Times Peter Brookes)

Moving ahead it’s tricky to see how the young-ish couple will move back from the debacle since there’s been such a deluge of criticism heaped on them. But there again Sophie Wessex and others recovered from mishaps in the past and went on to be accepted.

Harry is a hot-head with not great judgement with his Virgo Sun square Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius and his Mercury in Virgo square Uranus – so an overly-impulsive and high-wire temperament with a tendency to dreams and illusions as well as addictive-prone. Plus he has a dose of stubbornness from a Taurus Moon and Saturn Pluto in Scorpio. And last but not least he has a head-in-the-clouds Neptune Jupiter in the 12th.

His Saturn in Scorpio will give him a leaning towards obsessiveness as will his 8th house Sun. And his Taurus Sun will make it tricky for him to let go hurts.

At the moment his Progressed Mars is sitting on his Ascendant stoking up his assertive streak; and his Progressed Moon is moving through his 8th house for another almost two years which is a conflicted often anguished time of searching for new values. 2021 will be a difficult year with tr Neptune in a debilitating opposition to his Sun and tr Saturn moving into his 2nd house of finances bringing cash shortages and cutbacks until 2025. Tr Uranus will move across his IC in 2022 which suggests a major upheaval and relocation with a trapped, blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2023, and considerable setbacks and discouragement in 2025 from Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun. So not an easy furrow ahead to plough as tr Saturn rolls on through his low profile first quadrant for the rest of the decade; and will push him deeper into unresolved psychological issues between 2021 to 2025.

Meghan has been over-reactive recently with her Progressed Mars conjunct her Mercury and her Progressed Mercury square her excitable Mars in Cancer about a year back. Her Mars coincidentally is conjunct the Queen’s relentlessly dutiful 6th house Pluto for a clash of agendas. Meghan has her Progressed Moon moving exactly now into her 8th house for the next two years which, as it is for Harry, is an emotionally charged time, with power struggles bringing draining experiences and money being one area of contention.

Tr Saturn is about to move across her Descendant from later this month for a three year stretch of chillier close relationships when flaws begin to show and there’s more negativity around. It can also indicate social or public popularity for celebrity types. What will make it more intense is tr Pluto from late February also moving into her 7th to stay for many years ahead which will make for power struggles and tensions in close relationships. Her morale will sag with tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc Sun from late March 2020 for a year thereafter. She’ll be prone to outbursts with tr Uranus square her Mercury this coming April and will experience a major upheaval with tr Uranus squares her Sun in 2021.

Any joint or commercial set up will move through sticky times from early 2022 till late 2024 with tr Saturn moving through her 8th. It will throw her back on her own resources financially and emotionally and is generally a tight time on the cash front.

Odd other non-astrological thoughts. If you’re in the public eye don’t read the media. Liz Taylor who started as a child star read no magazines or newspapers about herself. Sensible.

The media can be scabrous – they can also be helpful for publicising good causes like Invictus. Diana made a pact with the devil when she got into bed with them to fight her own private vendetta. But making an enemy of them is equally as stupid and equally as likely to blowback. Kate Middleton had fairly horrendous media coverage for years and almost never reacted except over sunbathing pics. Ditto Camilla. They kept their heads down and weathered the storms. The Princess Royal is a class act for coping with (ducking) the media. Her romantic life has been colourful over the years but little has emerged. Charles and sons went to Gstaad to ski and complained about photographers. Anne, I think, went to Norway to ski and I never saw a pic of her.

Not everything you read in the media as hard fact is true but if the comments that Meghan and Harry reacted badly to being ‘ousted’ by the four generation pics of Queen, Charles, William and little George, then I despair. For years we had the whining Princess Margaret kvetching about having to walk behind the Queen and never being first. She had all the money, residences and wealthy friends she could ask for and could have done anything with her life. 99.99% plus of the population never get to be first.

Carlos Ghosn – a Piscean adventurer

Carlos Ghosn who rose to super-hero status as ‘Mr Fix-It’ for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, then dramatically tumbled off his perch, accused of under-reporting his earnings, misuse of company assets and misappropriations of Nissan funds, made a bold bid for freedom as he escaped from Japan to the Lebanon. He said “I didn’t escape because I was guilty. I escaped because I had zero chance of a fair trial.” Lebanon does not extradite its nationals but are uncomfortable about the diplomatic position they have been put in.

Born 9 March 1954 in Brazil, Ghosn is a Lebanese-Brazilian-French, multi-lingual and from an entrepreneurial family. He has a Pisces Sun on the focal point of a Mutable T Square to a risk-taking, adventurous (and opportunistic) Mars in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter. Such a Sun can have a good deal to offer but is often arrogant, know-it-all and headstrong, and is very driven. Tr Neptune has been in a panicky-failure square to his Mars through his arrest in 2019 and is moving to square his Jupiter from late January 2020 and conjunct his Sun from late February and those influences repeat on and off until late January 2021. So a two year plus run of undermining Neptunian hard aspects moving round his central T square.

Tr Pluto was also opposing his Uranus in Cancer through 2018/2019 for a major upheaval; and his Uranus catches the Lunar Eclipse this week as does the mid 2020 Lunar Eclipse – so hiding out in the Lebanon won’t be without its problems.

He should bounce back by 2021 as his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Pluto; though he’ll be muddled at the same time with tr Pluto square his Neptune.

Prince Harry & Meghan – blundering on


The gloves are off as the media launches a full-scale attack on the Sussexes for their disrespect of the Queen. Their self-centred and ill-thought-through demand, thrown into the public domain without consultation, to have their cake and eat it at a time when the monarch and consort are both well into their nineties won’t be forgotten. Their bizarre statement indicates they want to be financially independent – apart presumably from a chunky annual sum from the Duchy of Cornwall and taxpayer-funded security – with income presumably rolling in from brand Royal.

Astrologically the Queen was always in for a crises-ridden two years in 2019/20 with her hard-working Pluto in Cancer and Cancer North Node as well as her Capricorn Ascendant catching not only the eclipses but also tr Saturn Pluto crossing into her First House casting a shadow on her image. A different temperament might be inclined to throw duty to one side and retreat into peace and quiet. Certainly with Saturn now moving into her First Quadrant she’ll increasingly want to do less ahead, but she’s unlikely to opt for the nuclear option of abdication. Ignoring tr Saturn through the 1st house can result in health issues emerging.

The UK chart also with its 10th house Cancer Moon catching this week’s Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and the recent tr Saturn opposition was always due for a shift amongst the Royals. The 10th house in mundane astrology is associated with the ruling classes, including the monarchy.

It does make more sense of the Sussexes’ relationship chart. Making negative comments at the time of a blissed-out engagement and wedding is always tricky. But it’s now clear that the composite Moon square Saturn Pluto has played its part in this decision. It suggests two things. One is that family restriction is felt as a major impediment, which showed up early in Meghan’s own family dramas, and now with the Royals. The second is that Saturn Pluto is always experienced as a problem bearing down from the outside. The reality is that the heavy, dark, repressive energy of Saturn Pluto is an internal dynamic in the relationship itself. That will become abundantly clear from late this February onwards until 2023 as tr Pluto starts to square the composite Saturn, then Pluto then oppose the composite Moon in 2022/23 – which will put massive pressure on their togetherness.

Their relationship chart also has a needs-space composite Uranus square Sun, which does suggest a relationship where each partner needs to be free to pursue their individual wishes which are likely to be very different. There’s also an ego-clash from another perspective with a composite Mars square Neptune, which suggests if one succeeds, the other feels diminished – so it isn’t mutually supportive.

Her Uranus falls in his 10th so she was always going to change the trajectory of his life; and her Uranus also opposes his 4th house Taurus Moon pulling him away from family security.

They are at very different times in their respective lives – he has tr Saturn moving through his low profile first quadrant for the rest of this decade so will be happy to retreat into a backwater. He has a panicky-failure tr Neptune square his Mars until late this month and then tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to his Virgo Sun 2021/22. His Sun/Moon midpoint at 22 Cancer is also catching the tr Saturn Pluto opposition exactly – which will affect his public popularity, but also indicates a good deal of inner turmoil about what he actually wants from his marriage and indeed from his life. His Solar Arc Moon is also opposing his 12th house Neptune over coming months adding another layer of emotional and family confusion into the mix.

She on the other hand has tr Saturn about to move across her Descendant and upwards in her chart indicating increasing ambition in the fourteen years ahead. She also has tr Saturn and tr Pluto about to move across her Descendant into her 7th which does suggest a troubled relationship phase ahead not only with her marriage partner but also the public.

Relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royals are all at sixes and sevens this year and ahead; with Will and Harry’s connection showing a rupture until mid decade. The Queen looks confused and disappointed with Meghan and irritated with Harry.

Odd non-astrological thoughts. I think Meghan has delusions of grandeur – she was a jobbing actress with a not-bad gig as six-down-the-cast-list in a watchable but not spectacularly successful TV series. Suddenly she’s off to a $750,000 baby shower in New York, holidaying with Elton John and partying with global celebrities, getting bizarrely precious about her privacy and the criticism of contradictions between her ‘woke’ eco-warrior stuff and private jetting around. She’s a Leo with Jupiter Saturn in Libra, both of which can lead to an over-estimation of self; and the Leo Sun also has a tendency to get overly defensive about criticism.

Prince Harry’s obsession about his mother and the paparazzi has always seemed to me to be a touch uninsightful given Diana’s enthusiastic use of the media when it suited her purposes. Often children of split marriages idealise one parent and vilify the other since it’s easier than seeing both as flawed or a mix of good and not so great. Given that he can’t see Diana as she was with pluses and minuses, he’s likely to not see the reality of any partners in adult life he is attracted to.

This story is likely to run and run.

Lunar Eclipse – setting the tone for the year


The Lunar Eclipse on Friday at 19 degrees Cancer/Capricorn is closely entwined with the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn, the only one for the year of those two heavyweight outer planets, whose effect is likely to linger. There’ll be a sombre mood with a sense of being hemmed in by restrictions. Progress will only be made after considerable effort and teeth-gritting perseverance. There is awesome strength and endurance in Saturn Pluto but little flexibility and less sentiment. It is sometimes referred to as the sign of the black magician, with an ability to wield occult power.

The eclipsed Full Moon is trine/sextile Neptune which may arguably soften the effect slightly. But it could also add a confused, delusional or megalomaniac streak. The ‘lucky’ Jupiter trine Uranus is still in orb though not tied into the eclipse.

Located to Washington, DC, it puts Mars conjunct the Descendant, stirring up a belligerent mood. There’s nothing much angular for Teheran.

The Saturn Pluto lines tied into the Midheaven fall through central United States and Canada. Saturn Pluto on the Ascendant runs through eastern Australia which makes sense of the blackened devastation there. Saturn Pluto on the IC runs through western India and up through central Russia.

Jean Seberg – lies, smears and fake news nothing new ++ Add On


Seberg, out in UK cinemas this Friday, isn’t a straight biopic about Jean Seberg, the actress once described as “the golden sunflower girl” from the Midwest who went on to become the darling of the French New Wave cinema after Jean-Luc Godard immortalized her in Breathless. Its focus is her deadly entanglement with the FBI who admitted days after her suicide at 40 that, under J Edgar Hoover’s instruction, they had plotted to ruin her reputation because of her involvement in political causes and her support of the Black Panther Party. They planted the false rumour that Seberg was pregnant by a Black Panther Party member to “cheapen her image” with the American public. Gossip columnists followed the false leads and her life started to come apart, with the baby she was carrying, arriving prematurely and dying.

She had a stream of Hollywood hits including Otto Preminger’s Bonjour Tristesse but she became increasingly tormented by the FBI smear campaign. She was found dead from an overdose in her car in Paris aged 40, her body badly decomposed. It was written off as suicide though there were questions about whether she’d been helped.

She was born 13 November 1938 5.15 am Marshalltown, Iowa and started acting in her late teens. Her emotional life was complicated – with a brief early abusive marriage; then she hitched up with novelist Romain Gary and had a son; then she had a daughter who died by a student revolutionary; followed by a third husband whom she left for an Algerian who persuaded her to cash in her flat and give him the money before she died. There were stories of multiple failed suicide attempts before. Romain Gary blamed the FBI for her deteriorated mental state.

She was a Sun Scorpio opposition a 7th house Uranus, which would go a long way to explain her constantly revolving partners. That opposition squared onto Jupiter in Aquarius so she did have confidence and would have felt no inclination to put limits on what she wanted. She also has a harsh, hard-edged Mars opposition Saturn, which would be why she kept attracting herself into abusive relationships. She also had an intensely possessive and controlling Moon Pluto in Leo on her Midheaven.

When she died tr Uranus in Scorpio was hovering around the opposition to her natal Uranus and moving to conjunct her Sun which would make her excessively restless. But more than that it was emotionally a very stressed and depressing time with her Solar Arc Venus square her destructive Mars and Saturn; and tr Saturn exactly conjunct her Solar Arc Moon (and Pluto).

Such a muddled life with a tragic and sordid end.

Add on: J Edgar Hover: 1 January 1895 7.30am Washington, DC.

Hoover’s deeply unpleasant and cruel Mars in Taurus opposition Saturn Midheaven in Scorpio squared onto her Moon Pluto Midheaven which would certainly set her up as a target for his destructive impulses and make them implacable enemies. His Capricorn Sun squared her Mars opposition Saturn which had already attracted to her abusive situations – and this was just another one of a different order. His Uranus was conjunct her Sun upending her life and image. And his scandal-prone Neptune Pluto fell in her 8th for behind-the-scenes smears. A mismatch made in hell.

Adele – streamlined for the 2020s

Adele having left a failed marriage has also shed three stone (42 pounds) to be a lithe shadow of her former self. Despite the usual snowflakey howls of fat-shaming about making comment, she does look much better and happier.

Born 5 May 1988 8.19 am London, she’s a Sun Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Pluto square Mars; with her 6th house Moon opposition Venus in the 12th. Taurus is a great lover of food; Moon Venus will reach for sweet treats when emotional lacks loom large; and often women with Mars Pluto in their charts use weight as a defence against perceived threats.

She has had a rocky relationship with her father who split from her mother when she was three and in later years succumbed to alcoholism and a few years back made ill-advised remarks about her lack of a love life, after which they haven’t been in touch.

Her marriage to financier Simon Konecki, 17 April 1974, would be fraught and at times scary with his Mars Saturn in Gemini conjunct her Venus and opposition her Moon; and their relationship chart has an angry and frustrating composite Mars opposition Pluto which would make for exceptionally challenging chemistry. She also suffered from post-natal depression and anxiety disorder after the birth of her son seven years back. Her 6th house Moon will make her especially prone to somatising her emotions, so her body will take the strain of what is bothering her.

In 2016 tr Saturn started to move into and through her 6th house of health which is always a time of getting serious about fitness, physical lifestyle and health.

She’ll probably always fight a battle of yo-yo-ing weight with Taurus and a sugary Venus Moon, but she must be pleased with herself at the moment.

Tr Saturn immediately and then tr Pluto next year will move into her 8th house which will be a more sombre phase with a good deal ongoing either financial or in terms of other restrictions. She’ll need to battle on. By 2021 tr Uranus will start several years of hard aspects to her Fixed T Square of Pluto, Jupiter, Sun and Mars – there will be highs and lucky breaks as well as forced changes which she won’t find easy having such a Fixed chart.

Pic 2016: Mark E