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Alexander Skarsgard is about to become the latest Le Carre heartthrob for his starring role as the Mossad agent in BBC’s The Little Drummer Girl. He’s best known for his vampire role in True Blood and playing the abusive husband in Big Little Lies along with Nicole Kidman, for which he won several awards.

He was born 25 August 1976 at 4.47am Stockholm, Sweden with an actor father (Stellan Skarsgard, one of the father’s in Mamma Mia)and a physician mother and has five younger siblings as well as two half siblings. He started acting at 7 but gave up in his teens, joined the navy and then university in Leeds, England. He said he was embarrassed as a child by his extrovert father and the hippy anarchist crowd who were around the family.

He’s got a Virgo Sun on his Ascendant conjunct a late Leo Moon in his 12th, so will be an upfront personality. He’s got a talented, lucky Jupiter in his 10th square his Sun and Moon; and in a wide, talented Half Grand Sextile of Jupiter opposition Neptune sextile/trine Saturn in the 12th and Pluto (Mars) in his 2nd.

It’s an interesting chart with a maverick Uranus in his 3rd square Saturn. His father, 13 June 1951, a fiery, hard-edged Sun Mars square Saturn, trine Neptune sextile Pluto, was experienced by Alexander as fairly inaccessible with a 4th house Neptune; autocratic with Uranus Saturn and impractical. His mother invested Alexander with confidence given his 10th house Jupiter – born 3 July 1956, she’s one of the high-octane Jupiter Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio types, so no slouch.

Alexander’s career is just hitting its stride with tr Saturn heading for his 5th, so a good deal ahead. He’s still single and living out of a suitcase but with Jupiter square his Sun/Moon midpoint, should settle at some point.


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  1. I know people who worked with Alexander in a small film early his career. They have worked with some other people who’ve made a break to international success, too. What was different and weird about Alexander and actually made them mention him was seeing him on those “sexiest man alive” lists. Yes, he was very good looking even back then, and it even was even part of the story, having looks we are used to associating with rich kids from Stockholm. But outside the set, he really was just “one of the crew”. There really isn’t that much money in film making in Nordic countries, and having grown up in the environment he blended in. So, it was strange for these people to see him on the same lists with “real” Hollywood stars who even they viewed somehow different from common mortals.

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