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The raging force field around Trump caught another victim in Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent, when he was slapped down for asking awkward questions at the first POTUS post-Mid Terms Press Conference. An intern tried to take the microphone away from Acosta and he was then accused of laying hands on her with a doctored Infowars video then retweeted by Sarah Sanders. His Press pass got revoked.

Acosta, born 17 April 1971, with a Cuban immigrant father, has had a long and successful career in the media in various cities, covered the Iraq War in Baghdad and Hurricane Katrina, worked for CBS and then CNN. He’s a go-getting Sun Aries square Mars in Capricorn, inconjunct Pluto in Virgo – so he’s heavyweight and not scared to get into an argument.  His Mars opposes Trump’s Saturn so it is a very scratchy and bad-tempered interface; and that doubles up with Acosta’s Saturn on Trump’s midheaven square Trump’s Mars. With Acosta’s Pluto square Trump’s Sun, which will make the president feel controlled or put down.

Their relationship chart has a volatile and high-octane composite Uranus square Mars Jupiter; with a bitter-debate composite Mercury square Pluto; and the composite Sun conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol, which appears to follow Trump like a stalker.

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  1. Acosta is going to be involved in a lot of skirmishes with Trump over the 2020 elections. That is when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will be applying pressure to his natal Sun/Mars square, which also aspects Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction.

  2. Acosta does seem to have elected to be more of a tormentor/ heckler/reporter in his role. It seems more theater than gathering information when it comes to these exchanges. It’s a waste of time for all.

    • Yes, this is a game. Acosta is definitely playing a role, too. But it’s not a new role. Every major news outlet has both journalists “gathering information” and ones making tough questions in pressers inside WH. What’s new is the utter shamelessness POTUS and now WH Staff treat this press with. Previously, Press Secretaries and even POTUSes actually were often quite friendly with their fiercest public opponents. Not now. Yaminche Alicindor, who is an amazingly well respected journalist for PBS, apparently asked a “racist question” when he pushed Trump on the fact his remarks have enboldened “White Nationalists” (Nazis, for Europeans).

      I’ve actually seen opinions on Trump making a mistake by being such a bully towards the press. Sooner or later, Americans will remember they are fundamentally nice people. Outspoken and sometimes loud, yes, but my experience with Americans is that fundamentally, they do want to be decent and get along with each other.

  3. Wow.

    What’s coming up for Acosta?

    Does it look like he’s getting is WH pass back anytime soon? Or possibly moving on to better things?

  4. Trumps nemesis, of course he is wanting to shut him down and how better than to imply he assaulted a young female intern. I hope the whole Press corp goes out, than Mr Trump you won’t have ‘fake news’ you will have no news, maybe that is what you wanted all along…the world to just read your tedious tweets. The Soviets were good at that kind of thing with their one party daily newspaper.

    • Yes I think to make a point about the road the US president wants to go down and to the world the press should all have walked out to support their colleague. But they seem somewhat spineless against Trump. As they allow him to get away with his shocking behaviour.

  5. There’s some speculation here in the states that this was a set-up. Apparently Jared and Sarah Sanders were off to the side laughing as the weirdness went down with the intern (who looked massively pissed by the way) and Acosta.

  6. I’ve followed Acosta for a while. He hasn’t been anything but polite and composed, even attending Trump rallies with people calling him “fake media”. But, maybe following Trump has taken toll on his personal life, since he separated from his wife of 23 years (yes, married very young, something you would not expect from a Capricorn Moon) last year.

    And, this is not necessarily related to Acosta, but something he made me think of, because he is so much more effective in challenging Trump than most politicians. In Europe, it’s relatively common for journalist to pass to politics, and sometimes even the other way around. It doesn’t seem to happen that much in The US anymore, even if most journalists would make much better candidates than Sarah Palin.

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