Taylor Swift – a Capricornian overload with Scorpio drive


Pop star Taylor Swift has won the first step in her court battle with ex-radio DJ David Mueller, who she claims groped her at a 2013 concert. He sued her for $3m (£2.3m), saying she cost him his job. She countersued him for allegedly groping her and is seeking a symbolic $1 in damages.

A singer songwriter, she is one of the best-selling artists of all time, having started recording in her mid teens. Born 13 December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, with an unverified birth time of 8.36am, she has an unaspected Sun Sagittarius, with a Gemini/Cancer Moon, a sparsely Venus in Aquarius; and Pluto and Mars in determined Scorpio (not conjunct). It’s an all-over-the-place chart, dominated by Mercury in Capricorn sitting in the middle of the triple conjunction of Uranus Neptune Saturn opposing Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer. Her Jupiter is retrograde and will continue to stay that way throughout her life but it clearly hasn’t held her back.

So the major aspect in her chart is that striking opposition which is perhaps why she has such difficulty settling to one partner, with a revolving-door love life.

Down into lesser aspects and Harmonics, her success becomes more obvious. Her musical, creative 7H (septiles) is marked with a super-confident Jupiter Pluto; and an innovative Uranus highlighted as well. Her get-it-together and artistic 5H also pulls together lucky, successful Jupiter, Mercury and Sun; as well as emphasising Neptune Pluto and the Node – Nep Pl always has a hint of sky-high ambitions with results  following. Her 19H is also notable – lucky in prosperity though not always happy. And her super-star 22H is also a Jupiterian feast.

The unaspected Sun will make her an independent spirit, focused on self-importance, and able to detach from the environment around her. A sparsely aspected Venus suggests a personality that is not comfortable in social situations, nor able to express her feelings in as open a way as others, so they remain under-developed. But like all planets which are not well integrated they have that switch-on switch-off quality – sometimes not operating and sometimes overly intense.

She looks serious at the moment with tr Saturn conjunct her Sun till early September, though also confident with tr Pluto trine her Mars/Jupiter midpoint. The birth time is too iffy to be usable. But the tr Saturn into Capricorn will damp her spirits somewhat in 2018/19 as it moves up to her first Saturn Return and opposes her Jupiter and Moon. Tr Jupiter following along behind will give her a lift as it is conjunct her Sun in 2019 and then moves across her Capricorn planets in 2020.

That amount of success so young must make crafting a life plan tricky. Where does she go in her 30s, 40s and 50s?


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  1. Wasn’t the Katy Perry story the other way round – that it was Katy Perry who told (?3 of) her dancers to get a month let out clause in their contracts when they wanted to tour with Taylor and mid tour pulled them to prepare for her tour, Taylor was allegedly furious – 3 dancers can wreck a floor piece and knowing that was the deal who would’ve hired them? Then Taylor wrote Bad Blood which was inferred to be about KP and KP snipes at Taylor for years at every opportunity she gets and multiple times in this last record promo. Taylor gets to 10 million sales for 1989 and releases her back catalogue to thank the fans (immediately but on the same day that KP’s album came out, KPs record bombs and Taylors old music does better than Katy’s new music), Katy Perry carries on carping and then either talks to Taylor and they hash things out, or realises that she just looks sad carping at Taylor so she now talks about how much she loves Taylor and wishes her all the best in life.

    If you dig beneath the gloss Taylor has substance, her testimony this week was by all accounts pithy and frank and no nonsense, she has great crafting skills, her contemporaries talk about how her beats are bangin’ (Will I Am) or that she has the full skill set, is a musical savant, the real deal, a rainbow in a swamp.

    Given that DM sued her I don’t see what else she could do but take the stand – in her position she can’t pay someone off because she prefers not to go to court because that signals that she is ok with being groped and making payouts.

    In interview she has previously said that she wrote music to sort out what she felt and say things she didn’t manage to say at the time. Here she has spoken in real time at the time and pithily and to the point. If you work hard enough and she apparently works overtime to make sure she is professional, then in the end everything is grist to the mill. Saturn could possibly signal consolidation and a change of path if it is also her saturn return?

    I am probably too old to be a fan (at 52) but I have a great admiration and respect for what I have gathered about her, and her music is definitely amazing. My mother was a great musician and I play the piano a little, and Taylor’s music is always interesting and ‘effortless’. If Taylor has a cancer moon that would also add to explain why she is so loved, musical, and witty?

    Can’t bear the knee jerk prejudice. It was the same with Vanessa Paradis for years – another good hearted frank woman of quality sneered at and derided. Why?

      • Also KP has her own talent – ?she may have seen that to work at that is more important than letting her energy get stuck in bad feeling

    • ?12 Aug 2017 signature: Venus conjunct Ceres. opposite magdalen and trine child in my natal chart if that is relevant? Also my parents wedding anniversary (Mother: cancer moon, great musician…)

  2. J-bird. I do not pay much attention. I was thinking more in terms of nasty things she said about Katy Perry, and the fact that Perry did not retaliate. It is a visceral reaction to things she has said in the past, that I heard in passing. Not something with deep knowledge. No did not realize that she gave 250,000 to Keisha. If you have millions and millions of dollars and give $250,000 to someone else, why is that considered generous? There is no sacrifice in doing that. Exposing a rapist is a good idea, though.

    • I understand, JAS. Her public image is like the popular girl in a high school clique. Gag! Nevertheless, earning the position of the top charitable celebrity takes a mountain of cash, and has to come from generosity, at her young age. At 21, she started giving big bucks to victims of floods, tornadoes, and mass tragedies. I had to give her props for this.

  3. Looks like Pluto in Capricorn has treated her kindly, and she ran with it.

    Notice the Sun and Neptune in the 12th house! Marjorie has been discussing the Sun in the 12th with us, and here pops up another. This should lay to rest some of the the gloom and doom fears of those who have it; Taylor is as bright and shiny as a new penny.

    • Nice is a relative term, certainly colored by generational and demographic expectations. I don’t listen to her music…nor do I follow her exploits and spending habits. Madonna is highly successful but also has a controversial lifestyle. Joni Mitchell was quite successful. Karen Carpenter was generally overlooked as a successful drummer while her brother took front stage. Everyone has quirks.

    • She has a generous spirit, has given Kesha 250k to help with her expenses suing the rapist record producer. Taylor has topped the list as the most charitable celebrity in the world four years in a row. The Whole World. Because of her donations to people needing money for cancer treatment and seeking help on GoFundMe, they changed the maximum donation rule from $15,000 to $50,000.

      Now, tell me, JAS, what is not nice about that, even compared to other singers. Google her charity donations, google other singers, and come back at me.

      And I’m not even a fan of her music.

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