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  1. Marjorie, Have you looked into the question of Ronan Farrow’s paternity? Is his father Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra, as Mia Farrow has sometimes claimed?

  2. Hello Marjorie,
    Thank you sharing your astrological talents and insights with us! I LOVE your blog!! With all the harsh reality around us these days, I was wondering if we might be in for something a little more delightful in terms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance: is it just me or does she look like she’s expecting a baby??? The photo that appears in this article seems to display a bigger tummy than Kate Middleton’s most recent showings…

  3. Buckeye
    The number one terrorist is Baron Munchausen Von Trump mate….Tom Feeley of ICH is an American hero and Mahdi Hassan is a very reputable and senior British journalist ..

  4. Marjorie: Thank you for your assessment of evolutionary astrology. It helps me in evaluating the plausibility of this concept. In his book “Yesterday’s Sky,” Forrest writes at length about Lee Harvey Oswald’s chart, ultimately concluding, “Certainly almost anyone practicing modern psychological astrology would see this chart as representing a person who was sensitive, moody and perhaps a little depressive, but fundamentally gentle–someone probably focused on the simple pleasures of the quiet, intimate life. Enter the karmic analysis, which clashes shockingly with all we have seen so far…..”

    I used to categorically dismiss the notion of reincarnation, karma, etc., finding it way too “out there” to be taken seriously, but lately I’ve been opening my mind to the possibility. Your response has definitely contributed to my view of the theory, adding an interesting and practical perspective. Thanks again.

  5. Investigators have yet to nail down a motive for Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas rampage. And there is still no definitive portrait of him as a person. A former employee of his says he was warm and kind. Others say he was aloof. Anyway, I’m wondering if a look at his south node/past life might provide some answers. According to evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest, thorough examination of the south node fills in a lot of blanks. In one of his books Forrest spotlights Lee Harvey Oswald as an example. On the surface, Oswald’s natal chart paints a picture of a rather benign soul. But close scrutiny of his south node/north node aspects presents a much deeper, fuller profile, possibly explaining his motives re JFK/Dallas. (You might want to visit Click on 20 Questions–Can you use astrology to see past lives in the birth chart?). Marjorie: I would love to know your opinion of evolutionary astrology. Do you put much stock in the south node/north node axis (Karma) as to its implications re present-life behavior?

    • When I get stuck with a chart reading – of people very stuck in their lives – I often look specifically to the North/South Node axis which has an uncanny way of describing the life pattern. Watching Stephen Forrest’s very lucid explanations of evolutionary astrology, he’s clearly not that hooked into past lives, seeing them as an unverifiable tale which illuminates present life problems.
      I’m too pragmatic to believe in past lives and it’s not necessary anyway in understanding the Nodes, though it is a helpful and exotic short-hand way of explaining ingrained habits.
      I wouldn’t have said Lee Harvey Oswald had a benign chart. He had Mars in the 8th in Aquarius opposition Pluto, so quite a reservoir of buried anger in there; Paddock had Mars square Pluto. Plus like Paddock he had a Saturn opposition his Sun (Libra) and Venus, so low self-esteem. Both have confident Jupiter Pluto aspects, stronger in Paddock’s case. And Oswald had a Yod of MC sextile Uranus inconjunct Sun – so harbouring a fair amount of self-pride. Paddock’s Yod focussed onto Mercury.
      Paddock’s Node is 7th house in Aquarius, and he clearly slid back into his Leo South Node – dominating in relationships, overly independent and again pride, pride, pride. He wanted to be someone BIG. It’s the Mark Chapman syndrome writ large. Not that Paddock intended to die since he’d clearly laid out his exit strategy. But he must have known the risk.
      What was it Ernest Becker said? We don’t fear death so much as we fear an insignificant death. They wanted their lives to make a statement, fuelled by all that Mars Pluto rage and hatred, and shake off the Saturnine put-down that had been imprinted on them early on.

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  7. Posted in the previous Comments but might not hv caught your attention…is there salience or influence to his regime with her?

    “Kim Jong Un’s sister is promoted.”

    “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s younger sister Kim Yo Jong was promoted Saturday at a key meeting of the country’s ruling party, state media reported. Kim Yo Jong’s profile has been rising since 2014, when she was made deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party. She and Kim Jong Un were born to the same mother, Ko Yong Hui…Born in 1987, Kim Yo Jong studied in Switzerland like her brother and is believed to have attended Kim Il Sung University and a western European school for her higher education. ”

    Born: September 26, 1987 (age 30), Pyongyang, North Korea (wiki)”

    • Had a skip down some famous narcissists and nothing much popped out that was similar across the charts. On the whole it doesn’t work to try for psychological diagnosis off a chart. A few scattered thoughts: – Many bi-polar sufferers have a substantially mutable chart (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Sometimes an afflicted 3rd house for schizo-affective disorders. Sadism and some sexual dysfunctions are relatively clear. But you never know quite how people will act out/live their charts and many don’t live out chunks of it at all.

    • Alex, this link goes to an article by Medhi Hasan of Al Jezeera. Every time I click on one of your links it goes to a radical, if not terrorist, bait site. This site says it “collects data on the pages you access, your computer IP address, device identifiers, the type of operating system you’re using, your location, mobile network information, standard web log data and other information.” and places “data files that may be cookies, pixel tags, “Flash cookies” or other local storage provided by your browser or associated applications”.

      I’ll be ignoring your links forevermore.

  8. I’m curious about what’ll be up for “little Bon Corker”, an influential GOP Senator Trump is currently having a Twitter feud with. I know he is supposed to retire in 2018, but his relection in 2012 saw him going from barely winning The State in 2006 to a landslide victory, so he has been popular at home. And now, he has proven he can “burn” Trump, which has had some Liberals amused and, I’m certain of it, given hope to GOP “Never Trumpers” who’ve struggled to find a tone that doesn’t sound condescending to their base. Any chance he’ll be prominant in GOP “civil war” that seems to be on the way?

  9. Hi Marjorie, the 2nd season of huge Netflix hit, Stranger Things, is going to air on Fri 27 Oct with all episodes up for the Halloween weekend. Its fame has exploded via word of mouth because Netflix stipulated before taking the show on that they would not advertise it. Can you look to see what aspects are propelling it into the popularity of mainstream culture? It certainly resonates with me because I’m an 80’s kid and it is a show that pays homage to all the classics like ET, Ghostbusters, The Thing, Aliens, The Goonies, etc as well as strong John Carpenter/John Hughes influences. The nostalgia it has captured is wonderful.

    It has been a comeback hit for Winona Ryder (29 Oct 1971, Minnesota, USA, 11.00am) as the mother of the vanished boy, Will Byers. Although she has continued working since her shoplifting shame in the early 2000’s she has stayed out of the mainstream limelight. She looks amazing for her age and seems settled for the first time in her personal life.
    Also, a breakout performance by the new child actress, Millie Bobby Brown (19 Feb 2004, Marbella, Spain) who can emote as well as some of the best adult actresses around that I’ve seen. However, I have heard some ghastly stories regarding her parents who really sound like the worst kind of stage parents, especially her father, whom apparently she idolizes. Wonder if that shows up in her chart? I’d hate to think she’s going to be another trainwreck child actor when she moves into adulthood. It would be a waste of her brilliant talent.

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