Hollywood – blitzed by bad publicity



Hollywood is being rattled by a full-scale media inquisition about which of the main players knew about Weinstein’s behaviour and why they didn’t speak out. Not that the press is blameless since it’s a story some have sat on for years. Shades of Jimmy Savile.

Hollywood, 1 February 1887, incorporated under Jupiter in Scorpio coincidentally, has an emotionally unpleasant and power-hungry, not to say perverse, Venus in Aquarius conjunct Mars in Pisces square Neptune Pluto. The August Leo Eclipse opposed that Venus, the effect of which is to feel unloved by everyone.

What is instructive are the relationship charts between the leading ladies whose careers benefited from his talents and Weinstein. Almost all have afflicted Mars or strong Pluto elements. Helen Mirren disliked him with a composite Mars Saturn trine Venus, feeling his cruelty. Charlize Theron and Kate Winslet were hugely unsettled by him, not able to be in the same space for long with composite Saturn Uranus Pluto Venus aspects. Renee Zellwegger was frightened of him, as was Kate Winslet with a composite Mars Pluto. Nicole Kidman had to grit her teeth, regarding his bleakness as a necessary evil. Meryl Streep was certainly aware of his controlling tendencies; and Judi Dench also sensed the power imbalance though she’d be past an age when she’d be at risk.

Hillary Clinton was less afraid of him, with a friendly composite Sun Venus, though they wouldn’t survive in the same space for long with an explosive composite Mars square Uranus.

His present wife Georgina Chapman, a fashion designer and actress, with whom he has two young children, was born 14 April 1976, and is a Sun Aries perhaps opposition a Libra Moon square Saturn in Cancer. Low in self-esteem and driven to succeed with such a strong Saturn. Her Venus in Aries opposition Pluto square Mars in Cancer would attract her to a dramatic emotional life with a powerful/dominating partner, given the Mars Pluto square added onto Saturn. Weinstein’s Jupiter is conjunct her Sun, so he or his influential position would boost her morale; though with his autocratic Saturn square Uranus sitting exactly on her Pluto square Mars, there home life would have some very rough edges. Their relationship chart has a composite Mars Pluto opposition Venus which is a touch alarming; with Venus trine Neptune hinting at illusions and delusions initially.

Their marriage from reports is holding together at the moment though I’d be surprised if it made it through the next two years intact.

Fashion designer, Donna Karan, 2 October 1948, has attracted a storm of criticism for appearing to support Weinstein and suggesting women need to look at how they flaunt their sexuality. She has the same ruthless and unforgiving Mars in Scorpio square Pluto as he does; and being a Sun, Moon in Libra may favour the masculine rather than the feminine viewpoint. Libra women, such as Maggie Thatcher, tend to idealise their father and ignore their mother. She says she was quoted out of context which is the usual excuse; but she wouldn’t get on with Weinstein at close quarters with his Saturn conjunct her Sun Neptune with his Uranus square.


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  1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, as well as Asia Argento, daughter to the Italian cult director Dario Argento, have come forward as Weinstein victims, as well. Asia Argento had an “affair” with him, and tells it was “onanistic” from his part and has caused some sexual problems to her. Asia has Pluto conjunct Ascendant in Libra (8-10 degrees) and Gemini Mars square late Virgo Sun. Angelina tells she warned people of working with Weinstein (and with Angelina, I’m just willing to believe that).

    What’s really disturbing for me is that many of the acresses who’d come out are around my age, Pluto in Libra generation, many with a prominant Pluto, and talk about happenings when they were in their early 20’s. This was during late Pluto in Scorpio years. Thinking about how I was back then, “dirty old men” were part of my life and I must have passed some job opportunities because I sensed where they were going. Still, these were not things I cared about, so telling “I’ll pass was easy”. And I wasn’t an actor – I know quite a few of them, and their training kind of makes them to expose themselves emotionally. So, I don’t know how I would have reacted if the “dirty old man” in question hadn’t promised me the job I wanted more than anything in The World. But I completely get Kate, Gwyneth, Angelina and other here.

  2. I was going to ask about Georgina Chapman. But wow, she is an astro twin to a fried of mine who had a seriously messed up childhood, and always went for much older guys. She also completely cut off all people in her life in her mid-20’s. She probably has changed her name and moved abroad, since nobody can find her. I love her enough to respect her decision, and wish she is fine. I wonder whether Georgina wants to do the same, with Pluto and Uranus aspecting her Sun.

  3. Donna Karan is proof misogyny exists in women. I see it quite a lot in everyday life. My mother’s one of them. I swear it is down to, including why Donna defends (and why women defend these men at the expense of other women) is because his (and mens) approval of her (them) MATTERS and gives them a sense of worth in the patriarchal system. When will women wake up to men like this and realize their behaviour proves there are just total crud who deserve to be alone for the rest of their lives? Especially when they lose their positions of power. Still, I wouldn’t want to be an actress who has crossed his path. I imagine he keeps a vicious back history on them that he can use to blackmail them into certain acts. A history he is spiteful enough to leak to the public.

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