Cary Grant – finding solace in fantasy land


One of the Hollywood greats, Cary Grant was debonair and sophisticated, an accomplished charmer on screen, but behind the false glitter of the movie business and his manufactured persona lay a sad story. Born 18 January 1904 1.07am, Bristol, England (biography), he had an alcoholic father, a mentally unstable mother who was despatched without warning to an asylum when he was 10, though before then she introduced him to song and dance. He was abandoned to grandparents when his father remarried, joined a vaudeville theatre company, and moved to the US when he was 16. His damaged childhood left him unable to form emotional attachments and he went through five marriages in his insecurity. At one point he used LSD repeatedly to blast through his defences which he said did transform his life.

He had a 3rd house Sun Mercury in Capricorn with his Sun conjunct Moon at zero Aquarius. He had a troubled 4th house of childhood with Saturn in Aquarius widely conjunct his Moon and Mars also in Aquarius. What dominates his chart and would be his saving grace was a T Square of Pluto in the 8th opposition Venus Uranus square Jupiter in Pisces in his performing 5th house. Movie stars often have either Pluto or Neptune in the 8th, giving them great influence and the unconscious ability to project an aura; although with it comes a sense of being stuck in situations beyond their control. His emphasised Jupiter would bring him luck and optimism; and help him portray himself as a laid back, softly sweet personality.

On his astrocartography two of his Jupiter lines run either side of the USA. This isn’t quite as precise as Sean Connery, who also came from a poor background in Scotland and hit the heights in Hollywood, who has his Jupiter Pluto MC lines running through Los Angeles; and his Sun Neptune through New York. Connery’s Sun Neptune are in his 8th.


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  1. Great reading re Cary Grant. I couldn’t help but notice the pile-up of planets beneath the horizon on his horoscope wheel. For all his fame and huge public persona, there was a lot going on beneath the surface.

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