Khloe Kardashian – hope over experience

KK TT syn  kk tt comp  kk lo comp


Khloe Kardashian, youngest of the brash, publicity-seeking TV Reality family, is embarking on the happy-ever-after-staircase with plans for an autumn wedding to Tristan Thompson, a Canadian pro basketball player. She’s known him for six months which is a lifetime compared to her previous marriage to LA basketball player Lamar Odom, whom she hurtled up the aisle only a month after meeting. That ended in tears after four years, with him subsequently collapsing near death from a drug overdose in a Nevada brothel. Her mother Kris is evidently salivating over the prospect of a splashy TV extravaganza wedding feste to boost ratings. Prior to all this Khloe suffered severe brain damage in a car crash when she was 16.

Born 27 June 1984 10.55pm Los Angeles (ADB) she has a party-loving 5th house Sun Venus Mercury in Cancer in an indulgent opposition to Jupiter. All that fluff and frivolity are weighted down by Sun trine Pluto in Libra and Saturn Mars in Scorpio; with Venus trine Saturn Mars – so accident-prone, angry, resentful, probably quite masochistic, certainly got a taste in difficult partners. Her restless Gemini Moon opposes Neptune, so she’ll not always be clear what she really wants. And her Neptune opposes her Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, which says much the same, suggesting relationships start in a euphoric glow and end in disappointment.

Tristan Thompson, 13 March 1991, is a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius Moon, which fits well with her Cancer Sun Venus and Gemini Moon; his Venus in upfront Aries opposes her Pluto for a streak of passion and possessiveness; his Uranus Neptune oppose her Venus (and Sun) which isn’t ideal, since he won’t like being tied down. The relationship chart has a controlling/possessive/transformational composite Sun opposition Pluto; a nurturing Moon opposition Jupiter; and a hot but not always sensitive Venus square Mars. It doesn’t really look like a soulmate/love-of-a-lifetime match from either the synastry or the relationship chart. But at least it isn’t as Neptunian as her relationship chart with Lamar Odom, which had a composite Moon opposition Neptune square Venus – drugs and disappointment.

At the moment her Progressed Moon is moving through her 7th which is often a time when individuals feel propelled to find a committed partnership. Tr Jupiter is moving through her 8th house which is also positive for finding new emotional depth and bringing beneficial changes. One can only wish her better luck this time round, if she makes it to the fall nuptials and beyond.

Chris Brown – a dangerous liaison

chrisb  cb kt comp  cb rih comp


Bad boy, singer, songwriter, dancer Chris Brown has been ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran after she claims he threatened to kill her. Brown has been in and out of court since pleading guilty to an attack on Rihanna in 2009 after which he had counselling for domestic violence and anger management counselling; and was also treated for bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and past substance abuse. Last year, he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a stand-off with police. He is due to start a 33-date headline tour of North American arenas with 50 Cent and other stars on 31 March.

Born 5 May 1989 12.30pm Tappahannock, Virginia (astrotheme), he had a prison officer father, and later his divorced mother had a violently abusive boyfriend. He certainly has a heavy chart with a Taurus New Moon opposition Pluto, so very Fixed, stubborn, controlling. He’s also got Mars in excitable Cancer opposition a chaotic, highly-strung, not always rational triple conjunction of Uranus Neptune Saturn in Capricorn.

If his birth time is accurate then his saving grace is his career with a 10th house Sun Moon Venus and Mercury in Gemini. But he’s certainly combustible and on a knife edge with his temper.

His ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, 17 May 1988 LA, is another Sun and Jupiter in Leo with her Sun square Mars in Aquarius, so she’s no shrinking violet herself. Her Venus in Cancer is conjunct his Mars and opposition Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn; with her Jupiter opposition Pluto. They are not that dissimilar.

Which was the problem with Rihanna, 20 Feb 1988, who is a Sun Pisces but with a fearsomely volcanic Mars in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus Saturn (Neptune) in Capricorn.

His relationship chart with Karrueche Tran has an enthusiastic composite Sun Jupiter conjunction; but the composite Pluto is opposition the Sun/Mars midpoint; with Mars trine Uranus Saturn. So plenty of sparks flying.

His relationship chart with Rihanna was if anything even more volcanic with a composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus Saturn (Neptune).

In both cases the composite Moon is probably conjunct Venus, which is nurturing. Maybe he’s trying to re-enact his mother with the aggressive boyfriend.

His 7th Harmonic is strong which is creative though also can be addictive and not too mentally stable.

At the moment he’s got Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Jupiter, perhaps sending him over the top, thinking rules don’t apply to him; but a depressing year ahead with tr Neptune conjunct his Sun/Neptune and Sun/Saturn midpoints.

Helen Bailey – dying for love



Best-selling author of teenage novels Helen Bailey died in tragic and horrific circumstances, calculatingly killed by her fiancé. She had already suffered an shattering loss when her previous husband was drowned in Barbados; wrote her way out of her grief with a book called When Bad Things Happen in Good Bikinis; and thought she’d found happiness again with IT expert Ian Stewart, a widower with two children. He secretly doped her for months with sleeping pills; then smothered her and dumped her body in a cess pit under the house they had bought together. She was reported as missing in April last year with her pet daschund, whose body was found beside her, and for three months Stewart ciphoned money out of her account. He’s now been found guilty of her murder.

Born 22 August 1964 she was a last degree Leo Moon square Jupiter in Taurus and opposition Saturn in Pisces so she would have problems with finding balance, being up and down, and low in self-esteem at times. She had an emotional and passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio, sextile Uranus Pluto Mercury in Virgo – so creative, slightly chaotic, highly strung. Her Moon was in Aquarius, perhaps opposition her Sun, so never quite sure what she wanted.

Her Mars Venus were square her Neptune/Pluto and Uranus/Neptune midpoints – certainly good in fantasy-land and fiction, less so in reality. And with her Neptune square her Mars/Pluto and Venus/Pluto probably didn’t have a strong sense of danger or good judgement about romantic attachments.

Tr Pluto was opposition her Venus and Mars when she thought she’d found true love again. Around the time of her death tr Saturn was just finishing the square to her Virgo planets; and tr Uranus was opposition her Solar Arc Sun and conjunct her Solar Arc Saturn, so maybe she was starting to have an inkling that all wasn’t as rosy as she’d hoped.

The police are now re-investigating the death of Stewart’s first wife which was signed off as natural causes from an epileptic fit, when only he was present.

What a sad and brutal story; and all for greed since she changed her will in his favour leaving her £4 million estate to him.

Tabqa & Mosul dams – the carnage of war

secl feb 17  seclaug17


There is a warning from the UN this week of the risk of catastrophic flooding in Syria from the Tabqa dam, which has been deliberately sabotaged by ISIS and further damaged by US-led coalition air strikes.

This follows grave warnings last year about a dam north of Mosul in Iraq that is on the verge of collapse. If it does, it could kill as many as a million and a half people. Temporary repairs have been done, but according to an environmental expert they are just going to delay the disaster. “It is just a matter of time. It will be worse than throwing a nuclear bomb on Iraq,” he said. “It is akin to putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound and pretending that everything is going to be all right”.

This week’s watery Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Neptune sits on the Descendant located to Al-Raqqah (Tabqa) and even more closely conjunct for Mosul. And the Lunar Eclipse earlier this month had Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Mars on the IC for both Al-Raqqah and Mosul. The August 2017 Solar Eclipse has Pluto conjunct MC for this location as well with Uranus conjunct Ascendant opposition Jupiter Descendant.

There are no dates for the Tabqa dam, but the Mosul Dam started construction 25 Jan 1981 and opened 7 July 1986. Both those charts look highly stressed through 2017; and the 1986 chart looks completely devastated by 2018, with Solar Arc Neptune square Pluto – which could trigger earlier.

Usually when significant events occur there are planets close to the chart angles located to that region.

Trump administration – 8 horse chariot with no driver

HRMcM  dt hm comp


Trump’s first month has been mercifully crisis-free. Of a global variety, I mean. Which given the internal chaos of his administration and appointments (and lack of them), and conflicting foreign policy utterances is a huge blessing. One commentator wrote that there is “an unprecedented degree of policy incoherence on virtually every major issue the country faces.” Trump chops and changes his opinions; and his senior cabinet lieutenants then go out into a concerned world to contradict what he’s said. The State Department has been kept out of the loop on key decisions like the Yemen raid, the travel ban, dropping a commitment to a two-state solution in Israel/Palestine. Tillerson hasn’t attended meetings with three foreign Prime Ministers and hasn’t been given, as he was promised, free choice of his staff.

Trump is, as another commentator said, not listening to the grown-ups in his political team – Tillerson (State), Mattis (Pentagon), Pompeo (CIA), John Kelly (Homeland Security). The job that pulls everything together is the National Security Adviser, now named as HR McMaster. Across the board he is well thought of but he won’t be able to succeed as long as Bannon and Kushner continue to run their own foreign policies and Trump continues to go whimsically off message.

McMaster, 24 July 1962, is a Sun North Node in Leo opposition Saturn; with Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini; with Mars trine Saturn and square Pluto – leadership qualities, serious, confident, at times scattered with a Mutable focal point Mars, and evidently not afraid to tell his superiors what they don’t want to hear.

His relationship with Trump is fiery with a composite Sun Mercury Mars and Mars conjunct Uranus square Neptune. It looks stressed and enraged between them from now till mid March with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, returning on and off till late 2018; with high-tension upheavals mid March to mid April; and constant humps and bumps the month after – and that runs on to early 2018 and beyond. So not much of a honeymoon period.

Trying to disentangle the top relationships to get a sense of the general shape of coming events isn’t easy. There are always personal and interdepartmental rivalries; and sometimes potentially hostile relationships can be forged into a workable partnership if they are facing an external hostile situation.

Trump: Feb 27th to March 19 tr Uranus at 22 degrees squares his Mars/Uranus midpoint so he’ll be more argumentative and self-willed even than usual, fighting against restrictions, accident prone.

From March 19 to April 4 tr Uranus squares his Saturn and his Mars/Node which is tense, irritable, again kicking against limitations to his freedom, and can be stressful on the health front; quarrels within community.

April 4th to April 23rd tr Uranus squares his Sun/Mars and Mercury/Pluto midpoints – reckless, impulsive, bad-tempered, overtaxing strength; and fanatical, again overtaxing strength in some cases leading to a breakdown.

April 24 to May 10 tr Uranus squares his Venus and Moon/Asc – nervy, feeling unloved.

Plus April 6th to May 17th tr Neptune is opposition his Jupiter/Pluto – disappointment, undermining of confidence and power, deception and cheating.

So nothing restful for him or the USA/world; and that’s even before the late August Solar Eclipse on his Mars; and his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars which will be within a degree of exact from three months from now; and exact in 15 months time. Even for someone who likes running on high stress, he’ll need the constitution of an ox to handle these influences.

March, April and May spark up on virtually all the top cabinet charts and relationship charts as agitated and undermining, and on the midpoints of the Term chart, so it doesn’t look as if anything is going to settle down soon.

I’ll return to individual relationship charts as they become newsworthy. The Trump/Bannon partnership looks to be hitting muddles and miscommunications from March 9th onwards; and is really on the skids from mid May to late July as tr Neptune opposes their composite Sun Saturn.

A volcanic Oscars 2017 – with Emma Stone more than hopeful

emma  octav  viol


The Oscars 2017 kicks off at 5.30pm, 26 February, Los Angeles, on an overly excitable day with a deeply buried, intense 8th house Uranus Mars in Aries opposition Jupiter square a grandstanding Pluto in the 5th, so bubbling with underground anger and the possibility of disruption. In addition Mars Uranus are trine Saturn which is edgy and bad-tempered. Plus a filmic and vague Neptune conjunct the Solar Eclipse in the 7th – so quite a day.

Emma Stone, up for Best Actress for La La Land, is a determined Sun Pluto in Scorpio, with a lucky natal Jupiter in her 10th; and a showbiz/actress T Square of Mars in Aries opposition Venus Moon in Libra square Neptune in the performing 5th She looks very much on edge with tr Uranus square her Sun/Mars midpoint but since tr Jupiter is also square Sun/Mars; and tr Uranus is trine her Jupiter/Pluto and opposition her Jupiter/Node, she should be in with a real shout.

Viola Davis, 11 Aug 1965, up for Best Supporting actress for Fences, is a Sun Mercury in Leo; with Jupiter in Gemini trine Mars in Libra maybe trine an Aquarius Moon; and Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto (Venus) in Virgo square North Node in Gemini – so quite unpredictable and a firecracker. She looks upbeat in the run up, though overly intense through the Oscars with her rewards coming in April.

Octavia Spencer, 25 May 1970, is a Sun Gemini trine Uranus in Aquarius maybe trine an Aquarius Moon; with Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra – so a communicative Air chart; with Mercury Saturn in Taurus and Pluto in Virgo giving her some practical ballast. Like Viola David she has little showing over the Oscars (without a birth time); and gets better news towards May.

Enda Kenny – a determined Taurus under pressure

ek  ek pm


Enda Kenny, the Taoiseach or Prime Minister of Ireland is under pressure to resign as party leader because of his handling (or lack of it) of the treatment of a whistleblower into malpractices in the police force. The scandal has already led to the resignation of the Police Commissioner in 2014 and the Justice Minister.

Kenny, 24 April 1951, is a tough-minded, stubborn Sun Mercury Mars in Taurus; with Mars square Pluto, so he’ll not be budged quickly. He does look devastated with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which is a catastrophic setback this month; plus a jolting Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus this year. But he’s also got decidedly bullish transits as well of tr Pluto trine Jupiter/Uranus and later square Sun/Jupiter so he won’t be completely down and out. He’s also got a very confident tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter in 2018/19 so he’ll be roaring back to form.

His term chart, 6 May 2016 2.22pm Dublin, always did look crisis-prone with a 7th house Neptune opposition Jupiter square Mars Saturn in the 4th – so major domestic aggravations with evasiveness and over-confidence compounding the situation. But it also has a lucky and solid Earth Grand Trine of a 5th house Pluto trine a Taurus New Moon trine Jupiter so nothing is certain.

His two putative successors Leo Varardkar and Simon Coveney don’t have anything showing (without birth times) which look upbeat.

Pakistan – corruption scandals but a growing economy

sharif sharif pm  pak


Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is embroiled in family scandals involving allegations of money laundering; and has also been embarrassed by the return of 44,000 Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia in the past four months for terrorist or criminal activity. But surprisingly for a country which was written off in the not too distant past as a failed state, it is growing economically and part of that is due to Sharif’s policies.

Born 26 Dec 1948 4.15am Lahore, he will be hit by this February’s Solar Eclipse opposing his 10th house Saturn and his Solar Arc Uranus, which will be jolting and a sobering reality-check; and perhaps land him with blame for the actions of others in the family. He looks deeply insecure through March; and is anyway in a less than vibrant phase of his career with tr Saturn now moving through the central section of his first quadrant. Always a time when banana skins grow longer for career politicians. 2018/19 will be financially tight times for him.

His Presidency chart has the enthusiasm and confidence dampening tr Saturn opposition Jupiter this month and again later in the year. But that apart, not much of note. Though the Feb Pisces Eclipse is conjunct the 4th house Neptune of that chart which again points to an undermining family situation, eroding his power base.

The Pakistan chart has tr Pluto opposition the Cancer Moon picking up this month and running till late 2018 which will arouse outbursts of strong feelings from the population, affecting the government since the Moon is 10th house. And this February Eclipse will also be conjunct the Solar Arc Mars MC Uranus, so a volatile time.

Algeria – chums with Russia, wary of USA & France

alg  alg us comp


Algeria largely missed the Arab Spring, partly because they’d already had their uprising two decades before which was a searing experience. Although an Islamic country, the government, under a lifetime president, has a policy of keeping the radical elements at bay. There is close military co-operation with Russia who supplies arms and equipment, so it is regarded by the USA with some suspicion.

A recent spoof piece allegedly by Le Pen suggested building a wall round France and getting Algeria to pay for it was exposed as a joke; but there is anxiety in France about Algerian immigrants, second and third generation, who remember the brutal suppression by the French in the Franco-Algerian War fifty years ago which left a million dead and many tortured. Those living in France now face marginalisation and high unemployment and some have turned to terrorism.

Algeria gained independence on 3 July 1962 at 10.38am Algiers.

In 2017 tr Neptune will conjunct the 7th house Jupiter bringing financial woes, loss of confidence. 2018 will be unsettled with tr Uranus square the Moon and trine Uranus, so the population will be more likely to demonstrate and voice their disapproval.

Relations with the USA are on a downhill slide in 2017 with high tension and a turnaround of diplomatic policy. It’s just possible that Algeria comes into Trump’s eyeline since his even-more-control-freaky-than-usual Pluto MC line runs through the country. Certainly relations with France look stressed in 2017; and highly discouraging in 2018/19. But the riskiest time for the country looks like 2021/2022 when tr Pluto is trine their Mars in Taurus.