Jessica Lange – a radiant and enduring Taurus


Jessica Lange, is an actress with a long and successful career, all the more notable in an industry which tends to discard women over 40. Recently she’s been in American Horror Story, winning awards for a stage performance of Long Day’s Journey into Night, and been acclaimed for her performance as Joan Crawford in the TV series Feud.

Born 20 April 1946 11am Colquet, Minnesota, she had a peripatetic childhood with a travelling salesman father, studied photography in college, married a photographer, became a model and thence into acting.

Like Jack Nicholson she has a 10th house Taurus Sun, in her case in a charming and creative conjunction to Venus Mercury, with ambitious Mars in Aries also in the 10th. Her Mars is in a disciplined and determined trine to Saturn and Pluto; and she has an easy-going Moon Jupiter in Aquarius on her Descendant square her Sun Venus Mercury.

After her first marriage broke down, she had a child with ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov; and two more later with playwright and actor Sam Shepard from whom she separated a few years back. Her children are now in their thirties.

She’s in a changeable phase in her career with tr Uranus moving through her 10th which suits television; with a definite change of direction in 2018 as tr Uranus is conjunct her Sun Venus and square her Jupiter. Her Solar Arc Moon has just moved across her MC, to be followed in future years by her Solar Arc Jupiter. She looks as if she’ll keep working on and on, as well as publishing books of her photography.

Jack Nicholson – not olden, just golden


Jack Nicholson has just turned 80 and is to return to the big screen with his first movie in a decade, an English language remake of Toni Erdmann, which he approached Paramount to make since he loved the character. ‘A shambling, unshaven music teacher with a mop of gray hair and a prankish sense of humor, who carries a set of joke-shop fake teeth in his shirt pocket, and has a habit of disrupting the routines of everyday life with absurd and outrageous improvisations.’

Nicholson, born 22 April 1937 11am Neptune, New Jersey, has multiple awards for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Chinatown, The Shining, A Few Good Men, Terms of Endearment – and on and on throughout a long and successful career. He was the son of a showgirl, never knew who his father was; was brought up by his grandparents whom he thought were his parents, only to discover in his late 30s that his ‘sister’ was his mother. He’s led a riotous life with only one marriage but numerous relationships and has never stinted on excess.

He has a maverick, determined and indulgent Sun Uranus in Taurus in the 10th; with Venus in Aries conjunct his Midheaven and Mercury in Taurus also in the 10th – so ambitious and designed for a public career. He’s also got a powerfully confident, exact Pluto opposition Jupiter in Capricorn – ultra-determined to get his own way and good at attracting money. His Mars in feisty Sagittarius is in the performing 5th so not only an entertainer but in his day a vigorous party-goer. His Virgo Moon opposes Saturn in Pisces and sits on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Mars trine Pluto – so not an easy emotional life.

2017 looks to be a year of great highs and some lows as tr Uranus squares his Pluto opposition Jupiter and Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct Pluto later in the year and opposition Jupiter – so significant changes. I’d worry marginally about health issues with the Solar Arc Uranus on Pluto at his age.

France elections – a sugar-coated empty shell versus the rottweiler right



Inexperienced, centrist Emmanuel Macron and right-wing  Marine Le Pen are through to the second round of the French election on May 7th. By all accounts, polls and bookies, Macron is a shoe-in.

Apart from a waning Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars which has given him the impetus to rise out of obscurity to get this far, there’s not much else of note in his chart. What made me think he’d lose his mojo is tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto which is running through into mid May. That can be cunning and deceitful but can also be fairly catastrophe-prone, which hasn’t been obvious so far. He’s also picking up tr Saturn square his Mars/Uranus which is accident prone. Some of this may well be outright panic at an unexpected win. Winning doesn’t always show up as resounding glee, since the reality of what lies ahead looms ominously scary. And with no party behind him, he could find himself in power but not in control of the French parliament.

The Neptune Mars/Pluto might also be a hint of the dirty tricks going on behind the scenes, targeting Fillon and airbrushing Macron. [See short URL:]

Macron’s Solar Arc Pluto is approaching a conjunction to his Midheaven; and is exactly conjunct the France MC and focal point Mars; with his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the France Ascendant – gaining influence (with reservations) in a country undergoing an identity crisis.

His natal Taurus Moon is exactly conjunct the France Solar Arc Sun; although his Uranus also opposes the France Solar Arc Sun, so a fit, but potentially a disruptive one for this stage in France’s development.

His relationship chart with France has an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction though Neptune lurking close by could turn good feelings to disappointment; and a ratchety, volatile Mars Uranus square Saturn, so he will meet with resistance.

Marine Le Pen’s Jupiter in Virgo falls conjunct the France Solar Arc Ascendant which is why she’s been able to get this far this time round. And her Cancer MC is conjunct the France Solar Arc Moon in the 10th. Her Solar Arc Sun Mercury are conjunct the France Sun; with her Solar Arc Moon conjunct the France Pluto and opposition Uranus. The result may be closer than the 80-20 suggested at the moment.

Macron is married to a drama teacher, Brigitte, 13 April 1953 3pm Amiens, France. She’s a Sun Venus in Aries which chimes with his Sun Venus in Sagittarius; and her Aries Moon is opposition his Pluto for a close link; with his Taurus Moon conjunct her exuberant Mars Jupiter.

One thing is certain – Macron seriously dislikes the UK. His relationship chart with the UK has a fearsome-dislike Mars Moon opposition Pluto Mercury, trine Uranus, sextile Saturn. So he won’t go easy in Brexit negotiations.

Prince Andrew & Kylie – good tabloid fodder



Prince Andrew, so reports go, is dating and consoling Kylie Minogue, after her split from her fiancé. Sounds like a celeb magazine fantasy but who knows? Maybe his nose is out of joint over Prince Harry’s showbiz significant other and thought he’d try some one-upmanship.

He’s a Sun Pisces, Scorpio Moon with Venus Mars in Capricorn; while she is a Sun Moon Mars Venus in Gemini – so a chalk and cheese, Water Air mix. His Pluto squares her Venus Sun so there could be an attraction – with a degree of control and possessiveness on his side. Her Saturn in self-reliant Aries and MC square his Venus, which isn’t so great.

Their relationship chart has a composite Moon Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn, which is downright bad news, emotionally blocked several ways; with an illusory composite Sun inconjunct Neptune; and a passionate Venus Mars conjunction. A few sparks but not enough for a forever match.

His Venus Mars is conjunct her Descendant which is good partnership material for her; and her Gemini planets fall in his 10th so good for his reputation.

What may or may not be significant are the tremors of dislike from his entourage of ladies – Sarah, Beatrice and Eugenie – with Kylie. Sort of ex-wife Sarah has tr Pluto opposition the composite Venus in her relationship chart with Kylie, exact now and recurring for two years, which could be jealousy. Ditto Eugenie: with tr Pluto square the composite Moon and Pluto. Beatrice looks no more enamoured.

His Solar Return for Feb 2017 for a year has Saturn conjunct his Descendant and Pluto in the 8th so doesn’t sound like a passion feste. And while tr Uranus is conjunct his MC this year for a sudden change of direction life-wise, there’s nothing dramatic showing up on the emotional front.

Iran elections – hoping for a reformist


Presidential elections in Iran will be held on May 19th with six candidates having been passed by the Guardian Council, who vet all applicants and refuse as suits them without explanation.

None of the three likeliest have much showing on their charts (without birth times). Hassan Rouhani, present President and a reformist, is a Sun Scorpio square Pluto, with Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus. His Jupiter is conjunct the Iran 1 Feb 1979 9am chart MC and Venus, so would be a popular choice. And his Sun is conjunct the Iran 1979 Uranus, so could for reform. If he does get in, then he has a tough road ahead around 2019/2020.

Ebrahim Raisi, 14 Dec 1960, a cleric, is a Sun Sagittarius trine Uranus, with Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn opposition Mars in a Half Grand Sextile to Neptune and Pluto, so tough and talented. He’s generally in a blocking year with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn from July onwards again, tr Neptune conjunct his Solar Arc Saturn in late May, moving back to oppose his Solar Arc Mars later in the year, as does tr Saturn in conjunction to his Sun.

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, 23 Aug 1961, a former commander of the Air Force and ex-Mayor of Teheran, is a Sun Uranus in Leo with Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn opposition Venus. He looks confident in the run up but has a loss-making tr Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn at the election.

The President sits below the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini – and the key question is what happens when he goes, since his health has been failing for years. His Leadership chart, 4 June 1989 is under dissolving Neptune transits with tr Neptune square the Sun this year, then Sun/Jupiter, then Jupiter in 2019, along with tr Pluto opposition Mars – so a total dead-halt.

The Iran 1906 chart (old Iran) has tr Jupiter conjunct the Libra Sun at the election which might be a hint of a reformist figure winning; with tr Neptune is hovering around.

The Iran 1979 Revolutionary chart looks less sanguine with tr Saturn retrograding to conjunct Venus in the aftermath, with tr Neptune conjunct the Solar Arc Mercury. Though these influences could also point to external pressures from the USA and elsewhere.

Ilie Nastsase – Moon Mars in full flow


Ilie Nastase, the Romanian former No 1 tennis player in the 1970s has been blotting his copybook with racist remarks about Serena Williams’ pregnancy and letting fly with expletives at the GB v Romania match, where he is Romanian captain, which saw him ordered off court.

Born 19 July 1946 7am Bucharest, he’s got a volatile chart, especially where women are concerned, with an 8th house Pisces Moon opposition Mars in Virgo square Uranus – so tending to explode at the slightest trigger.

Born five weeks after Donald Trump, he’s got a hates-failure Sun Saturn in Cancer square Jupiter; with an exuberant Jupiter trine Uranus, sexiling onto a Leo Ascendant. At the moment his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter, sending him across the line of decency; with a confused/neurotic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Neptune. Tr Uranus is within days of being square to his Sun, causing upsets. Tr Pluto will be trine his Mars again in four months’ time which is enraging and is clearly hanging around throughout the year. Tr Pluto is opposition his Solar Arc MC, blocking him; and tr Saturn is in a deflating conjunction to his Solar Arc Jupiter. He should have stayed at home.

Solar Arcs – cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman



This is in no way definitive but a thought to ponder. Solar Arc Directions give a chart which indicates the stage of life an individual or country is at. Sometimes I’ve seen relationships where one person’s Solar Arcs had powerful cross overs with the other’s natal chart, which suggests a link which is significant for that phase of life but may not necessarily hang around for ever.

I wondered if it would helpful in the chawsome business of political prediction. Taking Tony Blair as an example since he has an accurate birth time as has the UK.

When he was elected in a landslide in May 1997 his Solar Arc MC was trine the UK natal MC; with his Solar Arc Jupiter Mars also conjunct the UK’s natal MC in the UK 10th; and his Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct the UK natal Libra Ascendant during his three terms in office, transforming the UK’s image (and not for the better; sorry about that partisan thought.)

Looking at the UK Solar Arc chart for 1997, his natal MC was conjunct the UK Solar Arc MC; with his natal Moon conjunct the UK Solar Arc Jupiter and his North Node conjunct the UK Solar Arc Moon. His natal Saturn Neptune were conjunct the UK’s Solar Arc Descendant. So both he and the country were at a stage where he was, if not the perfect fit, what suited that time.

It seems to work better as Solar Arc to natal; than Solar Arc to Solar Arc for some reason.

At the moment, UK PM Theresa May’s natal Libra Sun is trine the UK’s Solar Arc MC; with her natal Uranus conjunct the UK Solar Arc IC and Sun, as she steers the country through a potentially massive upheaval. The UK’s Fixed Grand Cross has moved by Solar Arc into Mutable signs, which her gung-ho natal Jupiter in Virgo opposition Mars in Pisces chimes into. And her Solar Arc chart now has that Jupiter opposition Mars in Fixed signs, hitting on the UK’s natal Grand Cross.

Donald Trump’s Solar Arc MC is now conjunct the USA’s North Node in Leo; with his Solar Arc Moon in late Aquarius which sits close to the USA natal Aquarius Moon. If a start time for 11am for the USA is sound, then his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct the USA natal IC; and his Solar Arc Saturn Venus are conjunct the USA natal Ascendant – so he’s both a comforting and a dampening force.

On USA 11m again, his natal Taurus MC is conjunct the USA Solar Arc Ascendant and Solar Arc Neptune, so his ambitions and the USA’s image of 2017 mesh. His Pluto is also opposition the USA’s Solar Arc Uranus, hinting at the revolution/disruption his presidency will bring. And his bullishly flamboyant Mars in Leo is conjunct the USA Solar Arc IC, pointing to the aggravation felt in certain quarters.

I could do all the French candidates but that can wait till after Sunday when there’ll be two not four candidates, heading to a run off.

Jon Ossoff – tilting at Trump’s windmill


In a Congressional election in Georgia, in the past solidly Republican, deemed to be a barometer of the country’s reaction to Trump’s presidency, the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff scored over 48% of the vote, as opposed to his runner up Karen Handel with under 20%. But he fell short of the 50% required for an outright win so it will go to a run off between the two on June 20th. She will now pick up many of the votes that went to the other 16 candidates in the first round. Collectively the Republicans got 51.2%.

Jon Ossoff, 16 Feb 1987, is a film maker, with a background in economics, foreign service, national security, civil rights and anti-corruption organisations. He’s a Sun Aquarius sextile Mars in dynamic Aries; with charitable Jupiter in Pisces square Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius. His Mercury in Pisces is trine Pluto, sextile Venus (Neptune) in Capricorn, so intense and charming.

Karen Handel, 18 April 1962, is a former Secretary of State for Georgia. She is against funding for Planned Parenthood, opposes same-sex marriages, and gay adoptions, against embryonic stem cell research, and against giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants. She is an upfront Sun Aries trine Uranus in Leo; with a confident Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto; and a Fixed T square of Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune square Saturn in Aquarius.

Just to make life ultra-complicated for poor predicting astrologers, they have almost similar aspects on June 20th. She has her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Sun, with tr Uranus conjunct both, which would look like a win. But then he has his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars with tr Uranus conjunct both. She has another lucky Jupiter transit; and he has tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter/ luto midpoint which probably outweighs her Jupiter transit His Solar Return is marginally more favourable than hers (without times).

This one, more than most, I fear is wait and see. But he’s clearly one to watch for the future whatever happens. He’s made his mark on the national scene and may find, even if he loses, that he wins bigger prizes ahead.

Caitlyn & Kris Jenner – those who live by the sword ……



Publicity – good, bad and indifferent – is all grist to the Kardashian mill. So how much of the outrage being voiced about Caitlyn Jenner’s about-to-be published ‘sensational’ memoir The Secrets of My Life, is being hyped for the cameras and how much is genuine personal hurt it’s tricky to say. Do the Kardashians have a private life? They confide their innermost secrets to an audience of 1.5 million.

Caitlyn Jenner, 28 Oct 1949 6.16 am Mount Kisco, NY, has now undergone full sex reassignment surgery and wants to spill the beans about the 22 year long marriage to Kris, which she (Kris) says (on camera) is the final straw.

Both Caitlyn and Kris are Sun Scorpios with Pluto in the 10th so the marriage would always have been a fight for control. Their relationship chart, though blessed with a lucky composite Sun Jupiter, has a composite Moon opposition Saturn Neptune Mercury square Uranus – so cool, confused, needing space, erratic. That chart is being upended at the moment with tr Pluto opposition Uranus, then moving back later in the year to square the composite Saturn into 2018, and Neptune Mercury in future years, so it won’t be reconciling anytime soon.

Kris, 5 Nov 1955 6.42am San Diego, CA, does have tr Uranus square her Cancer Moon and opposition her Mercury over publication so she will be upset. Like Kim Kardashian she now has tr Saturn moving through her 1st quadrant, so may be rethinking her life and wanting to move back from too much exposure.

Kylie and Kendell, the two biological daughters of Bruce (Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner, never had an easy relationship with their erstwhile father and their connection is undergoing major ruptures and outbursts over the next two or three years; with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and tr Neptune square the composite Saturn up to 2020 for Kendall; and tr Pluto square Saturn, tr Uranus opposition Mars and Neptune in 2018/19 for Kylie.

The three step children look no happier with Caitlyn. Kim is especially outraged with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and tr Neptune opposition Uranus in 2017/18; with more strains thereafter. Ditto Kourtney, who has a long stretch of disappointment with Caitlyn courtesy of Neptune.

Caitlyn is looking cheerful at the moment with tr Uranus square her 3rd house Jupiter – so plenty of chances to chatter on talk shows; with tr Jupiter moving across her Ascendant in a few months.