Marvin Minsky – teaching a pc to think

Marvin Minsky, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, has died. As early as the 1950s, ‘he worked on computational ideas to characterize human psychological processes and produced theories on how to endow machines with intelligence.’

Born 9 August 1927 in New York, he had a Sun Leo with Jupiter Uranus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius, with Neptune also in Leo and maybe Moon in Sagittarius – so oodles of inspirational and confident Fire in his chart. His Sun was 135 degrees from Uranus Jupiter so picking up that lucky, risk-taking energy.

His Mars in hard-working and detailed Virgo was in a disciplined square to Saturn and a determined sextile to Pluto. So a solid backing for his ideas.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics were strong as was his –leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H


The Trump entourage – sweet smiles and underlying aggro

Lady Kitty Spencer – sophisticated and focused



Lady Kitty Spencer was a fashion highlight at the Royal wedding with her similarity to her late aunt Princess Diana much remarked on.

She was born 28 December 1990 in England, daughter of the now Earl Spencer and his first wife Victoria and moved to South Africa as a five year old with her parents splitting acrimoniously soon after. She studied psychology, politics and English literature in Cape Town; and in London earned a master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University. (!?!)

She is now a model, has been on several Tatler covers; and  helps with a military charity Give Us Time; and  Centrepoint for homeless youth of which Prince William is patron.

She has some chart. Her Sun Uranus Neptune are conjunct in Capricorn, with Venus Saturn also in Capricorn. She’ll be more highly strung than she appears with a prominent Uranus Neptune. Though the Venus Saturn is more obvious, giving her a cool sophistication. Certainly ambitious and keen to achieve.

Her Venus Saturn trine/sextile a Mars (Moon) in Taurus opposition Pluto with her Pluto square Jupiter in flamboyant Leo – relentlessly determined, a steely backbone acquired through an exceptionally difficult childhood. Her mother was anorexic/bulimic with heroin/alcohol problems and her father comes across as dominating and angry. Her early years must have been very tough emotionally.

Charles Spencer, her father, is a Sun Taurus with Mercury, Jupiter Mars in Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, so a heavyweight personality.


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button_aries Aries  (21 March - 20 April)
Your birth stone is diamond, sometimes ruby or red jasper. Diamonds are the stone of purity, but are supposed to be of most benefit when worn with other stones, since it enhances their properties. Ruby increases energy levels, aids intuitive thinking and like red Jaspar helps with blood disorders. Your metal is iron.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
Your birth stone is emerald, brilliant green of nature. Sometimes, because of Venus, your ruler, also the blue sapphire or lapis lazuli. Emerald improves memory and the intellect, helps overcome depression and insomnia. Lapis lazuli helps eyesight. Sapphire has great healing properties, physical and emotional. Your metal is copper.

Gemini  (May 21 - June 21)
Your birth stone is citrine, sometimes yellow agate. Citrine helps you find a direction in life, benefits circulation and helps control emotions. Agate improves natural vitality, energy and confidence. Your metal is mercury.

Cancer  (June 22 - July 23)
Your birth stone is pearl or moonstone, lustrous white like the Moon which is your ruler. Pearl is helpful with all bronchial conditions, and protects from the dangers of the sea. Moonstone promotes long life and happiness, attracts friendship and loyalty. It can also help reduce excess fluid in the body. Your metal is silver.

Leo (July 24 - August 23)
Your birth stone is ruby or tiger's eye, the colours of fire and passion. Ruby aids intuitive thinking, increases energy levels, and helps with disorders of the blood or circulation. Tiger's Eye increases self-confidence, and combats psychosomatic ailments and hypochondria. Your metal is gold.

Virgo  (August 24 - September 23)
Your birth stone is peridot, sometimes green jasper. Peridot helps insomnia, and the digestion. Green jasper improves the sense of smell, brings stillness to the troubled mind. Your metal is mercury, sometimes nickel.

LibraLibra  (September 24 - October 22)
Your birth stone is sapphire, brilliant blue - the colour of Venus, your ruler. Sometimes aquamarine or jade. Sapphire is a great healer of both physical and emotional problems, bringing harmony and peace of mind. Aquamarine helps with eye problems, the liver, throat and stomach - a good luck charm if you are facing a test. Jade is especially recommended for kidney complaints, and as a good luck talisman. Your metal is copper.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)
Your birth stone is opal, the stone of hidden depths. Sometimes ruby or red jasper. Opal is a creative energy, helping you formulate plans and ideas. Ruby increases energy levels, helps your intuition, and with blood disorders. Red jasper likewise. Your metal is iron or steel.

Sagittarius  (November 23 - December 22)
Your birth stone is topaz, a fiery yellow. Topaz is supposed to help relieve high blood pressure, reduce varicose veins and prevent insomnia. Your metal is tin.

Capricorn  (December 23 - January 20)
Your birth stone is garnet, or amethyst, sometimes smokey quartz. Garnet can be a general tonic, but essentially improves self respect and self confidence. Amethyst is a spiritual stone, aids inspired thought and intuition, helps insomnia. Quartz attracts the powers of light and energy, relieves your mind from petty worries. Your metal is silver.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)
Your birth stone is amethyst. Sometimes aquamarine. Amethyst is a spiritual gem, helping those who wish to develop inner connections. It can be protective, aids intuitive dreams, and brings serenity. Aquamarine is helpful with problems around the eyes, liver, throat and stomach - and can be a good luck charm. Your metal is aluminium.

Pisces  (February 20 - March 20)
Your birth stone is aquamarine, blue-green like the sea. Sometimes moonstone or rose quartz. Aquamarine is useful in helping with problems around the eyes, liver, throat and stomach and can be a good luck charm. Moonstone is said to promote long life and happiness, to attract friendship and loyalty. It can also help reduce water retention. Rose quartz stimulates the imagination and the intellect, and helps with headaches.

Shackleton, Amundsen, Falcon Scott – Endurance

Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer, who inspired Henry Worsley to make his nearly-successful walk across Antarctica (see post below), was born 15 February 1874 5am Kildare, Ireland.

On his third polar expedition his ship Endurance became trapped in pack ice and was slowly crushed before the shore parties could be landed. Shackleton took four men in a 20 foot lifeboat on a stormy ocean voyage of 720 nautical miles to get help, returned and rescued the entire crew. He suffered, it is thought, from a congenital hole in the heart incredibly and he died aged 47 of a heart attack.

He had a Sun Venus in Aquarius square Pluto in Taurus and sextile Neptune in Aries. That Sun aspect to Pluto and Neptune is often seen in the charts of highly successful individuals – puts determination behind a vision. He also had a (so called) Mystic Rectangle of an adventurous Jupiter opposition Mars in Aries and Moon Saturn in Aquarius opposition Uranus, which was interlinked by sextiles and trines. So a risk-taker and quite autocratic. His Moon Saturn opposition Uranus was also square a Taurus North Node – tying him into the zeitgeist.

When the Endurance became stuck in early 1915 tr Pluto was square his Jupiter, triggering his Mystic Rectangle, and ensuring he had the confidence to push on through intolerable conditions. Over the next gruelling eighteen months tr Pluto opposed his Mars/Jupiter midpoint and Solar Arc Pluto squared his Jupiter – again giving him a crazy hope of survival and luck.

The Endurance was completed 17 December 1912 which made it a Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Pluto in Gemini – overloaded with a touch too much confidence, especially with the tr Saturn conjunct tr Pluto in late Gemini approaching. Tr Saturn was exactly opposition its Jupiter when it became trapped in ice.

Shackleton’s fellow explorers and rivals were principally Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott.

Amundsen, 16 July 1872 5am Borge, Norway, led the first expedition to reach the South Pole amongst others and died in an air rescue crash aged 56. He had a Sun Venus in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn square Neptune in Aries; with his Sun Venus sextile Pluto.  So again a strong visionary Neptune and Pluto. His Saturn was in a tough trine to Pluto and widely opposition Mars in Cancer. Plus he had an adventurous, lucky Jupiter Uranus in Leo.

Scott, 6 June 1868, was a Sun Gemini sextile Neptune Jupiter in Aries, and semi-sextile ruthlessly determined Pluto Mars in Taurus. With Jupiter Neptune square Uranus.

So prerequisites appear to be Sun aspecting Neptune and Pluto; a heavy Mars; and Jupiter Uranus for good fortune and a love of risk.

Lulu – Mars Saturn Pluto – PTSD

Scottish singer Lulu, who has had a long and successful career, is making a charity single. She has revealed that a childhood, living with her parents’ violent relationship caused her to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder so she has sympathy for other sufferers who will benefit from the profits of the single. She says: “There was a lot of violence. My mum and father hammered each other nightly. And I was the eldest. I never slept properly. I was afraid my parents would accidentally kill each other. So that fear has ruled my whole life.“

Born 3 November 1948 1.30am Lennoxtown, Scotland, she has a quick-witted 3rd house Sun in Scorpio square a 12th house Pluto. In her 4th house of home and family she has a Moon Mars in Sagittarius conjunct and also Jupiter in Sagittarius. Her Moon Mars is square Saturn; and her Mars trines Pluto.

The anger in her childhood home is clear from an afflicted Mars in aspect to both Saturn and Pluto – Mars Saturn is cruel, bad tempered and Mars Pluto is ruthless, violent. But there was obviously love there as well with Moon Jupiter in the 4th.

Her Mars trine Pluto sextiles onto Neptune in the 2nd so she channeled her fears into a creative, musical career which earned her money.

Her optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius is in an adventurous opposition to Uranus squaring onto creative and charming Venus in peacemaking Libra.

Tr Saturn is now across her IC into her 2nd quadrant pushing her into a higher profile role than she has had in recent times. That plus tr Pluto moving into her performing 5th for many years ahead will make her more visible.

Henry Worsley – Mars Saturn pushing endurance trials

Henry Worsley, a former army office and explorer, died this week while just 30 miles short of his goal of a solo, unassisted crossing of the Antarctic. He covered 913 miles in 69 days, hauling a 148 kilo sledge and raised over £100,000 for injured soldiers.

Born 4 Oct 1960, England, he was a Sun Libra on the point of a T Square to Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps formed into a Cardinal Grand Cross by an Aries Moon. So restless, bubbling with initiative, tough.

Mars Saturn is associated with the military and also the ability to endure cruelty, whether directly or survive in cruel conditions. He also had a focal point very determined Pluto in Virgo midway of a trine of Mars to Neptune Venus in Scorpio.

His Mars Saturn Sun T square had moved by Solar Arc to hard aspect his natal Pluto this year – so bringing together the two central elements of his chart, always a significant crisis point.

His chart in aspects is not dissimilar to Ranulph Fiennes, another ex-army, English explorer, who holds endurance records for walking to the North and South Pole, and crossing Antarctica. Born 7 March 1944 he is a Pisces Sun square a Mars Saturn conjunction in Gemini; with Pluto North Node in Leo on the midpoint of a Neptune trine Uranus. So the same accentuated Saturn Mars as well as an emphasised Pluto.

Another ex-army, English explorer of hotter though still dreadful conditions was Ralph Bangold, 3 April 1896, who pioneered desert exploration and walked across the Libyan desert in the 1930s. He also had a striking Mars square Saturn Uranus in Scorpio.

Just goes to show that even the most ‘afflicted’ of aspects can be turned to good use in the right context.

Donald Trump – making ladies mad

Donald Trump continues to soar in the polls, which might make one question the value of democracy. Nothing he says or does appears to dent his popularity. He’s been slating Hillary’s personal life saying he has no secrets.

Cue a documentary out tonight in the UK – The Mad World of Donald – which, amongst other things, airs the claims that he ‘violated’ his former wife Ivana on one occasion. When this appeared in print last year his spokesman said (I paraphrase) ‘it never happened and anyway by definition you can’t rape your spouse.’ Ivana backtracked the claim made during the divorce to an ‘emotional violation.’

The documentary will also include UK television presenter Selina Scott, who upset Trump when she fronted a TV profile on him, questioning some of his business dealings. She claims that his behavior changed when he realised he couldn’t control her and he became ‘extremely abusive’ and ‘pathetic’ and he bombarded her with letters.

Ivana Trump, 20 Feb 1949, is a Sun Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn in Virgo so used to gritting her teeth and getting on through difficulties. That opposition falls exactly across Trumps Descendant/Ascendant with her Saturn conjunct his Mars in Leo – so there would be sparky arguments.

He certainly has a terrible relationship chart with his daughter Ivanka from that marriage, 30 Oct 1981 – a composite Sun Mars Saturn Uranus conjunction and that is hair-raising.

Selina Scott, 13 May 1951, would certainly fall outside his comfort zone, since despite her sophisticated charm she’s quite a toughie – a Sun Mars in Taurus square Pluto. Her Sun Mars are conjunct his MC so definitely competitive. And her Saturn in Virgo squares his Gemini Sun so not a match made in heaven.

Russia 2016 – a slippery slope

Russia is not having a great start to 2016 with tumbling oil prices creating an economic crisis. Plus Putin being ‘probably’ held responsible for Livtinenko’s death and the US treasury now calling him corrupt.

The Russia 8 Nov 1917 2.12am chart, does look lacklustre through most of the year with tr Neptune square the 10th house Jupiter and tr Saturn back for a final opposition to Jupiter in August. So panicky, uncertain, financial enthusiasm damped sharply.  Solar Arc Mars is also catching the tr Saturn square tr Neptune hard aspects which is also not progressive.

The Russia 8 December 1991 7.45pm chart (astrodienst) is, if anything, more stark with tr Pluto in a devastating, confused tr Pluto conjunct Neptune and Moon till early this December. Plus a road-block Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Sun, exact in four months but having a major effect now. Tr Saturn is also conjunct the Sagittarius Sun Mercury and square Jupiter across till late this year which again is a financial downer.

The Bank of Russia chart, 13 July 1990, has tr Uranus square the Sun Jupiter opposition Saturn this year from April onwards which looks upsetting and high-tension, with only a few glimmerings of relief. Tr Uranus is exactly opposition the Sun/Neptune midpoint now which is nervy and indecisive; followed within days by tr Pluto square the same midpoint which is chaotic, disappointing, prone to scandal. Then tr Pluto will conjunct the Saturn/Neptune midpoint from March onwards till late 2018 which is painful torment, very discouraging and not pro-active.

Rooney KKK – a potential for family war

Footballer Wayne Rooney, who plays for Man United and captains the England team, and stars in celebrity gossip columns, has become a father for the third time with his wife Colleen.

Depressingly enough they are following in the Kardhashian footsteps with Kit now joining Klay and Kai – all boys. There’s no birth time for Kit but he was born 24 January in Liverpool, sometime during the day before 8pm.

He’s rather like first born Kai in aspects, in that he’s an Aquarius Sun opposition a Leo Moon square Mars in Scorpio. Kai, 2 Nov 2009 1.45pm, is a Sun Mercury in Scorpio opposition a Taurus Moon square Mars in Leo. So both will experience their parents as argumentative and very different personality types.

This one could be quite a go-er with a Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries trine a Leo Moon, focussed widely onto the Sun – so a powerful personality, entrepreneurial, bubbling over with self-esteem and inspiration. He has a confident Pluto trine Jupiter as well as that steamroller ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio.

It’s not going to be a peaceful family, that’s for sure since Pa has a Sun Pluto in Scorpio square Jupiter which will clash with No 3’s mighty Mars.

The middle son, Klay, is the odd one out being a Gemini Sun square Neptune. Though he’s got a controlling and private Moon opposition Uranus square Pluto.

The emotional storms in that family must be something to behold – from a distance.


Michael Bloomberg – a wild card maybe

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire, former Mayor of New York, is considering whether to run as an independent for the US Presidential election. An independent candidate has never won but his reasoning appears to be if it turned out to be Bernie Sanders versus Trump or Cruz he might have a chance.

Born 14 Feb 1942 3.40pm Brighton, Massachusetts, he has an 8th house New Moon in Aquarius square a 10th house Mars Saturn Uranus in Taurus. With Mercury and Venus also in Aquarius with Venus opposition Pluto in Leo. So tremendously Fixed. He did run New York for three consecutive terms on a bi-partisan basis, so has more experience certainly than Trump.

He’s got a lift from tr Uranus conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint late Feb through March, which is when he is expected to make his decision. But that then disappears and he’s got the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting his Jupiter at 11 degrees Gemini from mid April through till September which will dampen his enthusiasm.