Esteban Santiago – Uranus Neptune gone off track




Esteban Santiago, 16 March 1990, is the most recent in a long line of mass shooters in the US and more worldwide. He killed five and wounded eight at a Florida Airport last week; and appears to have suffered delusions and hallucinations since returning from Iraq five years ago.

He’s a Sun Mercury in Pisces in an emotionally intense trine to Pluto (Moon) in Scorpio, and sextile bleak Saturn in Capricorn; with the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Aquarius. So quite a mix of highs and lows in his chart.

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter also had Uranus Neptune in Capricorn with Mars in Pisces; as does Dylann Roof, just sentenced to death for the Charleston church murders, who has Uranus Neptune possibly conjunct a Capricorn Moon, and Mars Mercury in Pisces trine Pluto.

Omar Mateen, the Florida nightclub killer, on the other hand is marginally more like Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. Both have/had a heavy Scorpio influence on their charts. Mateen – Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius and Pluto Venus Mercury also in Scorpio. Cho – Mars Pluto Saturn in Scorpio.

Santiago has had some tough years recently with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune; Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto. As well as the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Uranus Neptune in the past five years which would have been highly disorientating.

At the moment he’s got tr Saturn trine his Solar Arc Sun moving to square his natal Sun; His Solar Arc Sun is approaching the square to his Saturn; and there’s an excitable tr Uranus conjunct his Solar Arc Mercury; a delusional Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Venus – and a confident, power-surging tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter this month. So basically depressed and very hyped up.

Uranus Neptune can have a tinge of genius about it, and be creatively inspired; but some of that generation will suffer from mental disorders, since it tends to be fanatical and loses touch with common sense.


Donald Trump & Jared Kushner – the relationship of the decade

dt-jk-comp  dt-jk-syn


Democrats are on edge about Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, being taken on board as a top adviser because of concerns over nepotism and conflict of interest from his complex business affairs. Though that’s unlikely to have much impact. He is expected to consult primarily on the Middle East and trade deals and receive no salary for the post. There’s a fuller rundown on Kushner in previous posts on 20th October and 18th November; but what is worth focussing on is the composite Yod in their relationship chart.

Their composite Mars Neptune is sextile Pluto and both are quincunx Mercury.  Yods always have a ‘fated’ quality and are known as the Finger of God. When they occur in relationships, they indicate accelerated change which transforms the lives of both individuals, for good or for ill. They also put an element of strain into the relationship forcing each to face parts of themselves they might have preferred to avoid.

Famous relationship Yods, which make a fascinating grouping, include: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, and UK child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley. All of those had a focal point Uranus. Murderers Bonnie and Clyde also had a composite Yod onto vengeful Mars in Scorpio. Jackie Kennedy and Ari Onassis had a focal point Sun on their Yod. These were all iconic partnerships, which were locked together for a time and did irrevocably change the life of each other.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, possibly the most enduring of Hollywood’s ‘happy marriages’ also had a couple of Yods in their relationship chart onto focal points Neptune and Pluto. So it doesn’t always mean disaster and a split; though that one had its problems as well.

The Kushner/Trump Yod has Mercury as the driving planet which indicates communication is their key focus together. As Trump’s campaign manager, Kushner clearly got it right, whatever he was doing. There is always pressure on this kind of strained Mercury to declutter thinking and become more coherent.

It’s certainly a relationship that tests both of them. Kushner’s Mars in Aquarius opposes DT’s Pluto; JK’s Capricorn Sun and Mercury oppose DT’s Saturn; JK’s Neptune (Venus) is conjunct DT’s Moon and opposition DT’s Sun; JK’s Saturn is conjunct DT’s 2nd house Neptune; JK’s Mars is inconjunct and his Saturn square DT’s Mercury; and JK’s Uranus is square DT’s Mars Ascendant. So it will be a clash of wills; with major communication blocks; Kushner irritated by DT’s slapdash approach to money; and real explosion points along the way. Though Kushner’s Sun square Pluto with a history of having had a dominating father, has probably instilled in him the ability to control how and where he asserts himself. And the composite Mercury does oppose Venus Jupiter which will soften some rough edges.

There may also be another Yod in their relationship chart of Moon sextile Sun inconjunct Uranus.

If the above examples are anything to go by, this could be a hugely significant relationship. Though with a composite Mars Neptune, it’ll tend to be a one way street for credit and glory with the other feeling suppressed. This coming year will be especially tricky with tr Pluto square the composite focal point Mercury and sextile the composite Mars to the year’s end.

Jeff Sessions – holding the scales of justice

jsess   jsess-dt-comp


Jeff Sessions is being grilled in his confirmation hearing for the post of Attorney General. He was denied a federal judgeship in 1986 after the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony that he made racist remarks. He’s now flatly denying he ever sympathised with the Klu Klux Klan. There’s no risk of him not being nominated but he looks very discouraged through this year and beyond.

At the moment he has tr Neptune in an enthusiasm-dampening square to his Sun/Jupiter midpoint till mid February; with this month also bringing high tension from tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Saturn.  February will feel worse with real agitation, setbacks and failures from tr Uranus opposition Mars/Saturn and then Sun/Pluto. That continues to be the pattern through March/April and beyond. 2018/19 look bleakly discouraging and very slow going as well as risky for him. His relationship with Trump looks increasingly separated and cold with tr Saturn square the composite Sun, Venus, Mercury in March/April and repeating in the autumn 2017; with more hitches and glitches in 2018.

Northern Ireland – facing double trouble



Northern Ireland is in political crisis with Martin McGuinness resigning as deputy first minister in protest against the handling of a botched energy scheme that could cost taxpayers £490m. It’ll most likely force an early election and given the set-up of the power-sharing government it means First Minister Arlene Foster goes as well – she was responsible for the renewable energy scheme which has been open to widescale abuse.

The Northern Ireland chart 7 Dec 1922 3.28pm Belfast, was already facing a difficult time ahead with the uncertainties of Brexit and the unpleasant possibility of a hard border being re-instituted with Southern Ireland which will stay in the EU, stoking up the old problems.

Tr Pluto will continue to square Saturn, exact at the moment, and on and off through 2017 which is discouraging, bleak, tough-going. With an undermining tr Neptune square the Sagittarius Sun from mid May 2017 till the end of 2018.

Exactly at the moment as this unwanted impasse blows up the Solar Arc Uranus is exactly opposition Mercury; and Solar Arc Saturn opposes the NIreland Moon – so a shock surprise which will dampen public morale.

Tr Uranus will square the Moon at 23 Capricorn for a final time mid March to early April, which suggests a divided electorate with tensions running high and more revelations to come.

As Brexit draws closer it won’t get easier for a few years, with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the NIreland Saturn, exact in late 2018; with a financially undermining Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Venus in 2019. And with tr Pluto opposition the Moon in 2019/2020 feelings will be running very high.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle – Virgo Virgo, Libra Libra and some cross aspects

ha-meg-syn  har-meg-comp


All the signs are that Prince Harry is moving towards a committed relationship with actress Meghan Markle. She’ll certainly connect with him at a deep level since her Leo Sun falls in his 8th, as does her Venus in Virgo widely conjunct his Virgo Sun and trine his Taurus Moon. She also has a Libra Moon which chimes with his Venus in Libra. That’s all the upside.

The downside is that her independent-minded Uranus opposes his 4th house Moon which could pull him away from his family and roots; and her Sun squares his duty-bound Saturn in Scorpio and Midheaven, so she’ll feel constrained by his role in life.

Her Mars falls on his Descendant which is often a sign of a relationship in which sexual attraction plays a large part but it can also be argumentative. Since her Mars squares her Saturn (and Jupiter) she’s likely to be fairly volatile and impulsive. They’ll share a love of travel since four of her planets fall in his 9th and a generally similar philosophical approach to the world.

Their relationship chart has a passionate and enthusiastic composite Venus Mars conjunction but it squares onto Neptune which does suggest an ethereal romance, which when the glitter wears off will prove to be a disappointment. And one or the other will need to suppress their ego needs for it to survive. A Mars square Neptune generally doesn’t allow for two successful careers running simultaneously. The composite Moon (not known exactly without her birth time) may be trine Jupiter which is supportive; but it also squares Saturn Pluto, so the heavy hand of duty will damp good feelings. The composite Sun is also square Uranus, which suggests a 24/7, stuck-in-a-box relationship wouldn’t work well. It might not matter so much with an out-of-the-ordinary life of constant travel and separation but it isn’t ideal.

There will be some hitches and glitches this year when tr Uranus opposes their composite Saturn Pluto in April/May this year and repeating on and off till 2018. With perhaps tr Uranus square the composite Moon as well.

He’s clearly very keen to settle down and start a family, with his Progressed Moon going through his 7th; and he’s also got a very romantic tr Pluto square his Venus all year. He’s also got in March tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon midpoint for the final time which tends to suggest separation rather than commitment. Though I have seen people marry on it. He’s also got tr Saturn square his Virgo Sun on and off through the year. He does look to be making domestic moves in 2018/19 with tr Pluto trine his Moon.

Her life certainly seems to be in an upheaval with tr Uranus opposing her Pluto in 2016/17. Though I’d worry about tr Neptune opposing her Venus in Virgo from early April to mid May, and on and off till late 2018, which generally brings romantic disappointment after a time of wonderful dreams. On the whole she looks marginally panicked and confused through this year, which would be understandable, since it’d mean an enormous lifestyle change for her, almost certainly giving up her career ambitions. For all the flak she came in for, the Duchess of Cambridge only had one ambition – to become a princess – and she didn’t give up anything in pursuing her goal. Meghan Markle would find it much more of a challenge.

Donald Trump – planetary influences ahead



Tr Saturn is just over the conjunction to his Sagittarius Moon and exactly opposition his Sun and square his Sun/Moon midpoint, until January 15th. These two transits repeat in a continuous run from July to early October 2017. Saturn tends to be discouraging and is a reality check. The Sun/Moon midpoint in a politicians’ chart does point to public popularity as well as marriage partners.

He’s facing disastrous approval ratings of 41% compared to Obama’s 72%; George W. Bush’s 50% after a disputed election; Bill Clinton’s 62%; George H.W. Bush’s 65% all at the start of their run. Approval ratings normally drop as time goes on.

He’s also been forced to face the combined intelligence report on Russian anti-Clinton interference in the election. And was forced to give a sworn, videotaped deposition this week for a court case; of which there are evidently a tranche of pending lawsuits involving his companies to follow. He has still to make clear how he intends to settle conflicts of interest between his businesses and the presidency; and many of his millionaire/billionaire nominees haven’t cleared their ethics declarations yet either.

What is worth noting about Saturn transits is that they can have a delayed effect. For example: Former UK Chancellor George Osborne had tr Saturn opposition his Sun and conjunct his Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius in October 2015 when nothing noticeable dented his confidence. Only by the following June 2016 did his star sink disastrously with the Brexit vote.

Despite these depressing Saturn transits this month Trump does have the bullishly confident tr Pluto square his Jupiter till Feb 1st, repeating mid-July to early September, late October to early December 2017. This will make him disinclined to pay heed to the rules and regulations that bind ordinary people to society’s norms and courtesies.

In late February to just after mid March, he picks up the tr Uranus square Mars/Uranus which is argumentative, intolerant, self-willed, nervy, prone to macho gestures to prop self-esteem against attacks – so exacerbating his tendencies in that direction.

20th March to 4th April tr Uranus squares his Saturn which is irritable, self-willed, kicking against restrictions; with at the same time tr Uranus square his Moon/Mars and Mars/Node midpoints – quarrelsome, quick-tempered, hitting back under provocation, angry women around.

Then tr Uranus squares his Venus/Saturn midpoint and then his Venus 8th April to 9th May, bringing emotional shocks and upsets; with tr Uranus returning to square his Venus in Nov 2017 and Feb 2018.

Tr Uranus is also trine his Moon in February 2017, sextile his Sun in March and then trine his Mars in May – so a good deal of change, domestic and career and excitement. Tr Uranus trine Mars repeats in Oct 2017 and Feb 2018.

From April 6th to mid May tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid July to end August, February, Nov/Dec 2018, which will bring disappointments, damage and loss, a deceptive mood around, undermining his enthusiasm and social standing.

His Secondary Progressed Moon goes into his 12th house in June 2017 staying there till mid 2019. This tends to be a time of endings, introspective, escapist, can produce new behavioural problems if insights about self aren’t taken on board.

The August late Leo Eclipse, of course, is conjunct his Mars Ascendant so will be a significant shake up to his image, sparking his aggressive, combative tendencies. Around August as well his Solar Arc Uranus moves onto the same degree in conjunct to his Mars, though it’s not exact until 2018. This will bring a considerable shock to his system and could lead to even wilder reactions than usual.

In Sept/Oct tr Pluto returns from Dec 2016 to oppose his Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn midpoints as well as hit the composite Mars in his relationship chart with Melania – so an aggravated, highly pressured, frustrating time.

On house transits: tr Jupiter going into his 3rd from late Sept 2017 for a year should make his everyday working relations easier. Tr Saturn moves into his 5th for three years in early 2018 which will damp his exuberance a touch, making everything feel like a slog.

In a job as tough as President there are always bound to be stressful influences on a running basis. Some of the above will get soaked up in the day to day rolling crises he encounters. But with the exception of that tr Pluto square Jupiter, there’s little of real encouragement or any suggestion that his popularity will rise through 2017. The Progressed Moon through the 12th is one to watch out for, as is the August Eclipse and that Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars.




James Mattis – wrong-footed before he starts

dt-mat-syn  dt-mat-comp


James Mattis, Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense, is reportedly unhappy about selection for other positions in his arena being made without his input. Billionaire Wall Street businessman Vincent Viola had been named as the pick for secretary of the army. Viola’s high-frequency trading firm has a record of violating the rules of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act, the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange and other exchanges.

Mattis, 8 September 1950, who despite his nickname of Mad Dog, and forthright comments about fighting, was the one nominee whom the Democrats and Republicans alike deemed a sensible pair of hands, likely to rein in Trump’s wilder impulses. He never did look remotely happy moving ahead. A serious Sun Saturn in Virgo, with his Saturn square Trump’s Gemini Sun opposition Sagittarius Moon and trine DT’s midheaven, he’d certainly act as a check on the President’s scattergun, off-beam and provocative approach to foreign policy. Though whether that would be welcome is a different matter.

Mattis’s Venus in Leo is conjunct DT’s Ascendant which will help to soften relations – but both are getting elbowed sharply by the August 2017 Leo Eclipse.

Mattis looks enfuriated this month with tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars and highly agitated as he contemplates disaster with tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn. The former repeats until January 2018. He’s also got a depressed, uphill-slog tr Pluto trine his Sun/Saturn and sextile his determined Mars in Scorpio in 2017/18 from this February onwards. Plus a loss-making tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which sometimes undermines careers through 2017. What will rattle his cage significantly is Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun late in 2017 or early 2018. Plus an even tougher and discouraging two years of challenge with tr Pluto trine his Saturn in 2018/19. Not a happy camper.

His relationship chart with Trump has an intense composite Pluto conjunct Venus on one side, Mercury Saturn on the other, so lashed together by circumstances which tends to cause resentment, though is fitting for a war-partnership; but there’s also one-wins-the-other loses composite Mars Neptune conjunction, so not an easy match.

Obamacare – Cardinal Grand Cross attracting crises



Obamacare was signed into being at 11.56am 23 March 2010 in Washington, DC. It has a crisis-ridden Aries Sun Mercury in a Cardinal Grand Square in opposition Saturn square Pluto opposition Moon Ascendant – so was never going to have a smooth transition into everyday operations. What’s showing this year is tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Midheaven from mid February on till January 2018 which will undermine its forward trajectory.

But a growing number of Senate Republicans are evidently resisting the idea of repealing it without a concrete replacement proposal, which would leave 20 million without health cover, complicating GOP plans to undo the health care law immediately. Sen. Rand Paul on Friday said Donald Trump “fully supports” his plan to simultaneously repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

There’s nothing that looks terminal on this chart this year, but it’ll be a bumpy and uncertain ride through 2017.  2018/19 has tr Saturn square the Sun and starting to move round the Grand Cross which could bring it to a halt, though with a good deal of angst as tr Pluto is also square the Venus. Two years from now looks its least stable time with the Solar Arc square Moon and Pluto.

Angelina Jolie – Moon Mars Pluto + Saturn



Angelina Jolie, 4 June 1975 9.09 am Los Angeles, had a wreckage of a childhood, with her parents splitting when she was one; a mother who abandoned her to babysitters, then in her early teens gave her the master bedroom to share with her live-in boyfriend and used her daughter to live out her own dreams of stardom. Not surprisingly Angelina got into hard drugs, lived as a goth, self-harmed and attempted suicide, and in later years proclaimed her mother as wonderful, blaming all ills on her father Jon Voight.

It’s well-accepted in psychology, that those who don’t face the reality of their early years are more likely to repeat the cycle of damage.Self-harming can be the loathing and anger which the child turns against itself and its body rather than place it where it belongs on the errant parent.

Her chart certainly indicates an evasive, uncommitted father with a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune; who wasn’t available as a male role model with her 12th house Saturn; and was unpredictable with a 4th house Uranus. But it is her mother who comes out worst with an angry Moon Mars in Aries in a controlling and destructive opposition to Pluto; with Moon square Saturn which is cold and unemotional and trine Neptune which is a shape-shifter, tricky to pin down. Plus a drama-queen mother with Jupiter exactly on her midheaven.

Angelina lives an extraordinarily bizarre lifestyle – ‘ rarely stays in one place for more than a week, travels with a huge staff, because of her six children, five of whom joined her family in only three years. While the family was staying in France, Morton lists “nannies from Vietnam, the Congo, and the U.S.; four nurses; a doctor on permanent call; two personal assistants; a cook; a maid; six French former army guards”. URL –

Brad Pitt may not be an angel but she’d be next to impossible to live with.