September 2016

This month starts on a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) with a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) following two weeks later, so it will be a month filled with anticipation and challenge. Eclipses tend to produce a slightly edgy, nervy mood and the Virgo New Moon on the 1st will be especially so since the Sun squares Saturn and opposes Neptune the next day. Saturn damps down Neptune’s dreams and in retaliation Neptune undermines Saturn’s sense of stability and realism. Imagines will run riot and situations will tend to look worse than they are. By the 7th the practical Virgo Sun will be back on its feet in trine to Pluto for a get-a-grip day when problems will be solved and a new direction taken.

Venus in Libra till the 23rd will smooth round rough edges and add a gloss of sociability and tact. Even better Jupiter moving into Libra on the 9th for a year ahead should produce even better results. Fair minded Libra likes balance and justice for all and Jupiter is expansive so relationships of all varieties should flourish with better agreements.

The Saturn Neptune jitters come back with the direct aspect on the 10th – on the upside it can produce a hope for a better society and a creative surge, but it will also bring worries and anxieties, and a swampy sense that nothing is quite what it seems.

A ratchety few days follow with a jealous Venus Pluto square, and bad-tempered Mercury and Sun square Mars. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces comes on the 16th and the challenge here is to find a better sense of balance in life between opposites – bring independent and sharing more, focussing on detail while keeping the big picture in mind, time for home life as well as career ambitions, friends as well as loved ones.

A sparky Mars trine Uranus on the 17th will throw up new ideas with the courage to follow them through; and Venus will add a touch of romantic stardust on the 18th and 19th.

Mercury goes direct getting rid of irksome delays on the 22nd, the same day the Sun moves into Libra for four weeks, bringing (hopefully) a milder, less hard-working, more sociable mood. Venus then moves into passionate, secretive Scorpio on the 23rd for several weeks. The Sun makes an upbeat, successful conjunction to Jupiter on the 26th. Then Mars moves into ambitious, practical, money-minded Capricorn on the 27th staying till November 9th.


1: Solar Eclipse in Virgo – challenge to start a new beginning

2: Virgo Sun square Saturn and opposition Neptune – setbacks, delays, low energy, worrying more than is necessary.

7: Sun trine Pluto – hands on the steering wheel, back in control. Venus in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius – sophisticated, emotionally cool, practical and charming.

9: Jupiter into Libra until October 2017 – positive for relationships, justice, finding balance.

10: Saturn square Neptune – creative, caring and prone to anxiety.

11: Venus square Pluto – sociable, jealous, manipulative.

12: Mercury in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius – impatient, outspoken. Sun conjunct Mercury – in mental overdrive, chatting constantly.

13: Sun square Mars – go ahead, impulsive, argumentative.

16: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – pulled in two directions, needing to balance opposites.

17: Mars trine Uranus in Aries – lively, exciting and excitable, innovative, brave though not necessarily sensible.

18: Venus opposition Uranus – flirtatious, not good for possessive relationships, wants freedom.

19: Venus sextile Mars – passionately enthusiastic.

21: Mercury trine Pluto – deep thinking, persuasive.

22: Mercury direct in Virgo – communication glitches and delays disappear. Sun into Libra for four weeks – sociable, tactful, relationship-oriented.

23: Mercury trine Pluto – ditto as above. Venus into Scorpio until October 18th – sexy, seductive, possessive.

26: Sun conjunct Jupiter – morale boosting, good news, confidence. Pluto direct in Capricorn – subtle shift, maybe some progress in negotiations on money or organisational matters.

27: Mars into Capricorn till November 9th – ambitious for money and status, hard-working and practical, not necessarily sentimental or sympathetic.


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